Mafia Raised

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Chatper 9: Cutting the Cake

His hand was over hers holding it softly as they cut the four tier white cake with icing flowers, while his other hand laid on her hip. With a small slice she took it in her hand and smiled up at him as they shared a look of admiration, before covering his face with the slice of cake, red velvet and icing covered his face. She burst out laughing bending over, he looked at her in shock and started laughing before grabbing a fist full of cake and covered her face with it. She went silence and started laughing again, everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves as they ate the cake.
Red velvet was always a good choice it was moist and so good, the bakers done an amazing job it was like having an organism in her mouth as she ate it.
"Hmm so good," she sighed happily as she was finally able to have food in her stomach.
"I'm glad they went with red velvet instead of vanilla," Gernhard said as he took a sipped of white wine.
"So am I it's my favorite, and what's wrong with a vanilla?" she asked looking over at him as the DJ played music.
"So blend and boring, I like something exciting."
"I can see your stand point, but you are vanilla," she grinned at him teasing him.
He gasped dramatically and stood up before grabbing her hand pulling her to the dance floor for their first dance.
"Hey my cake!" she yelled as he laughed smiling down at her as he swayed her side to side.
She laughed smiling dancing with him as they shared their first dance as a married couple. He held her close as he breathed in her scent, he caught the faint scent of vanilla, roses, and honey. Funny how such sweet smells could be worn by someone that could be so cruel, but he had done it to himself for being in love with her. While he was in his daydream she had a misstep and stepped on his foot snapping him out of his daydreaming and howled in pain. Those heels were weapons to her at least he was wearing thick socks, but even with the socks it still hurt like hell.
She stepped away from him knowing she stepped on his foot a little to hard when she almost felled.
"I'm sorry I didn't to step on your foot," she checked on him as he was bent over holding his foot. Bones watched with a smile on his lips, it was one of those smart ass smiles. Fucking prick, she cared about him still and glad things ended on good terms and that they're friends. That smile just sent a heat to her core as Gernhard kissed her neck surprising her making her blush. It's gonna wait until the honeymoon.

The party kept going until one in the morning where her father gotten drunk and forced Alex to dance with him. It was a funny sight to see the city's most powerful man drunken off his ass and pretty much throwing his second hand man around. She laughed as she stood by the wall while Gernhard talked to his father privately. Out of the corner of her eyes someone stood by her side, lifting the wine glass to her lips she took a sip.
"Hello Bones enjoying the party?" Scarlett asked him as she gave him a side glanced him.
"Pretty much, it's just a little too fancy for my taste but I'm happy that you're happy. How have you been?" He asked looking down at her with a whisky in hand, he always had a choosing for the stuff, he was always so picky about it.
That's one of the many reasons why she liked him so much, another reason was that he understood what it was like and meant to be a killer. She told him how many kills she done on the first night they'd spent together, he was surprised and he done his research on her and found her dangerously hot. Then the pregnancy scared the living crap out of her, she thought of raising the child then giving it up for adoption. But then the best option for her really was an abortion, she still regretted it as she still thought it over. They could never be a couple or parents for that matter so it was the best option after they talked it over.
She sighed and looked up at him, "I could be better, but this is end of us and the beginning of just me and him. I would probably be just a housewife and watch as he would cheat on me. But I could always divorce him when I catch him, because men always cheat at everything." Hearing her say that surprised him, sure he slept around with some of the clubs whores, but he was honest with her when they had to keep thing under wraps. She wanted to show she was his, but in the end they crashed and burn.
"Yeah you can say that," he said draining the rest of his drink before walking away from her. She felt part of herself leave with him a ghost of her held his arm as he walk. Shaking her head coming to her senses she looked at the half empty glass of a white wine. She poured the rest of the drink into the potted plant next to her on her right.
Pushing herself off the wall she made her way to the stage where she would toss the bouquet for some lucky woman to catch. She tapped on the microphone catching everyone's, they all stopped and gathered to the front.
"Alright ladies gather on up to catch the bouquet!" she yelled smiling as she held up the red and white flowers in her hand. All the women got up front laughing and giggling as they got up front as she turned around. She faked throwed it to get them ready before actually throwing it.
Two young women fought for it before the blonde girl with the blush color dress stood in triumphed holding it above her head laughing in victory. She smiled at the girl wishing she would fall happily in love with the person of her dreams. Knowing that herself she isn't married to him as he appeared out of no where and kissed her cheek.
"Ready for the honeymoon?" he whispered in her ear, she blushed almost forgetting that they would leave for almost two weeks to enjoy being happily married.
"Yes," she said the word sounding strand as she said as his hand wondered down to her waist guiding her off the stage.
Stepping off they were seen off clapping and cheering some were drunk and buzzed. Once they were in the car he pulled her on his lap and smiled, he smell like beer. She hated the smell but she sighed and kissed him deeply, it surprised him as he kissed back laying her on the seat and climbed on top of her with a bright red blush on his cheeks. She smiled and laid a hand on his cheek rubbing it with her thumb time to give in to him.
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