Mafia Raised

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Chapter 10: The backseat

They laid on the back seat of the Rolls-Royce together as he kissed his neck and collar bone before nibbling on her flesh making goosebumps form. Slipping a hand under her dress his thumb rubbed against her sex outside of her lace panties. She bit her lips as he grinned feeling her moisten.

“I know you’re not a virgin Scarlett, and neither am I, but seeing you as a blushing bride is pretty damn sexy,” he told her and he smiled fumbling with his belt.

Fuck. Sex on the backseat of an expensive car, it never really cross her mind as he moved her panties to the side. She saw the bulge in his pants, her eyes widened he’s fucking huge, bigger than Bones’. She leaned up and unzipped his pants and slipped her hand in his boxers. He groaned as her hand wrapped around his garth as she kissed his neck biting leaving a good size hickey as she jerked him off. Her hand squeezing slightly when she reached his head when her thumb grazed his tip and came away wet with his precum.

He bit his lip and pulled her close to him and kissed him deeply his tongue grazed her bottom lip wanting entry. She opened her mouth allowing him in, she closed her knees together but her grabbed them and pushed them apart. The kiss got intense as she felt his tip slide across her entrance but missed it by a hair. She moaned in the kiss annoyed before she finally guided him inside her. With a quick thrust he was deep inside her, Scarlett gasped surprised and a rather loud moan escape her lips.

He groaned kissing her neck taking a handful of her hair in his fist he kissed and nibbled making her senses feel as though they were being shocked into her core.

“F-fuck,” he groaned into her neck his other hand gripped her waist as he pumped himself into her. She moaned as her eyes rolled in their sockets, she rolled her hips meet up with his pace.

“Fuck me.” Soon as she said those words he was balls deep into her, she almost screamed and just bit his shoulder. Hard. She might have just left a good deep bite mark, but she didn’t care. Just to muffle those screams of hers just to not freak out the driver as he moved inside her.

He pulled out and just when she was about to bitch at him for when it was just getting good he pushed in deep, she almost slide on the leather back seat of the car and hit her head on the door. If he hadn’t have a good hold of her she would have. He ran his teeth and lips on her neck making almost loose it, got down to her collar bone. She wrapped a leg around his waist as he pounded into her while her virginal muscles clenched around him as she was reaching her peck. As she looked up at him his eyes were rolled up looking like he was fighting not to loose by being the first one to cum.

He was gonna get his wish because with a scream of pleasure escaping her crimson painted lips she let the flood gates open up and came. Her vision was hazy as he let out a deep groan he filled his load inside her, he collapsed on top of her they were both out of breath. Their juices dripped onto her dress, his pants, and the leather seat of the Rolls-Royce.

“Unholy fuck that was amazing,” Scarlett smiled lazily up at him as he grinned down at her. They shared a sweet kiss before she passed out tired from the fucking.

She should try to drink an energy drink before they have sex, would they have sex again? She didn’t know but she knew she would need it more. Gernhard looked down at Scarlett as he held he her close, pulling out her he fixed her panties and stuffed his cock back into the chicken coop. Zipping up she stirred slightly under him, kissing her cheek he laid beside her. With even a minute going by she curled up by his side resting softly, she was like a feral kitten, while she was awake she was like it.

Now as she laid by his side in the back seat of the car resting she was calm before the storm. He kind of like it, she was his storm and he wouldn’t have it any other way. His kätzchen was finally his and no one would touch her. Not even that low life Bones would have her. He knew of them seeing each other in the night, and then the time he saw them exiting a clinic.

Gernhard later found out that she was pronate with the bastards child, he was happy she had the thing aborted. Because the only children she would carry would be his and his only. If another man would touch her let alone look at her he would simply kill them point blank. Without a care in the world she was his and his only. He was never good at sharing, even as a child.

He would often get into playground scuffles as they would fight over who would get to go down the slide first. When it came to the girls he would allow them to go first before he would go. The teachers called him the perfect little gentleman as he would turn in his homework on time. His father had slept with a few of his teachers while in primary school. Even flying a few to Berlin to take on a fucking spree and set them free when they gotten back to the states.

Sighing softly at the memory he would look over his beautiful wife Scarlett. He thought at the first time they finally met one on one, it brought him joy, but also pain as well. After all she was the one who kicked him in the balls. He found it funny and a game at the most part. A game of cat and mouse finally ended after a couple years of course. He lift his hand up to her face his knuckles brushed against her cheek and softly he whispered to where only he would hear, "mine."

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