Mafia Raised

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Chapter 11: The honeymoon

They were on a private plane flying god who knows where, she looked out the window wearing her dress still. Gernhard walked up to her seat and kissed her temple sweetly, she smiled and looked up at him to see he took her jacket and tie off. With a couple of his buttons unbutton she saw that he had a few tattoos playing peek-a-boo with each movement he made. Biting her lip she stood and pushed him onto the seat across from her and pinned him to the seat.

“Whoa Scarlett,” he said surprised as he saw lust swimming around in those the onyx colored eyes, a sudden heat was felt on his cheeks as he looked at her.

She grabbed his shirt and ripped it open, button flew everywhere in cabin and she saw them. His tattoos, all are beautiful, roses in his pectoral left, a pocket watch, and there she saw it over his heart her name with a magnolia. Her heart swelled with emotions as she looked down at it, she ran her fingers over. Gernhard looked at his wife and reached up holding her hand on his chest, looking into his eyes he had a smile on those pink lips. A familiar heat rose up to neck, ears, and cheeks.

Fuck he knew how to make her temperature raise a several degrees. Her grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles each one sweetly, of course this man can act sweet all he wants but damn he’s a beast. He looked up at her and grinned a toothy grin flashing those canines at her, remaindering her of a predator. And she was his prey. She smiled wickedly and playful at him as she kissed him rough and hard grabbing his face.

He groaned in the kiss grabbing her waist and lifted her up almost as though she weighted nothing. Running to the back of the cabin to the bedroom bridal style, she hit her head on the doorway with a loud thud sound.

“Ow son of a bitch!” she yelled holding her head, “be careful you idiot!” she looked at him hatefully. He winced knowing that he did run pretty fast and it did sound like she hit the corner pretty hard.

“Yeah I know my mother is a bitch,” he smiled and kissed the spot where she was hit. She sighed softly and kissed him softly.

“Just get me in bed and fuck me already.” That horny wicked side returning her and he couldn’t say anything due to being shocked, but he just smiled and walked in the bedroom carefully this time.

She laid on the bed as he climbed on top of her kissing her deeply and feverishly as he kicked off his shoes. His tongue invaded her mouth wrestling with hers as he fumbles with his pants. She huffed and pulled away from the kiss and pushed him on his back and grabbed his pants legs and pretty much ripped them off of him.

“Ficken,” he whispered as he looked up at his wife, he couldn’t get enough by calling her that. “My beautiful wife.” She smiled those pearly whites down at him as she pinned his shoulders with her knees. He got a full view of her white lace panty covered crotch.

He chuckled and grabbed her, now he was the one pinning her to the comfortable full sized bed. He unzipped her beautiful dress that was once her mother’s and she slipped out of it. He hovered above her marveling her body seeing she worn white lace bridal lingerie with blue ribbon bows on them. Letting out a deep chuckle escape from his throat as he looked at them.

“Something blue?” he asked with a devilish smile.

She smiled and sat up unclasping the bra and setting her breasts free from their booby trap. He caught a full view of some her own ink. She had the areolas tattooed to look like she had nipple hearts, his jaw dropped. Scarlett grinned up at him and wiggled her hips in anticipation waiting for him, snapping back to the moment he took his boxers off as his erection sprang out like a jack in a box. She clawed at his back and pulled him closer to her body as if she needed him like a drug.

Honestly he could just live off a her instead of the occasional joint or line of coke. Opening her legs and wrapping them around his waist like python. Reaching down his fingers grazed her warm sweet entrance she was wet, he watched her seeing that her eyes had rolled back in her head in a feverish ecstasy.

"Mine,” he told her as he smiled taking her panties fully off her beautiful body. She was a perfect ivory though she had Italian in her she was a little pale but seeing her pink nipples and pink pussy drove him to a new length of crazy.

Scarlett looked up into his eyes and held contact with his gaze as she laid a soft hand on his cheek cupping it. These hands had murdered but now they were delicate and innocent in the dirty deed they will do in these sheets.

“And you’re mine,” she told him with sweetest smile had had every seen on her lips, so sweet he could become a diabetic if he kissed her. And he did, she slide her hand down his toned body to his manhood, that ached so badly for her if he wasn’t in her now he would go insane. As she angled him inside her he did a quick thrust and he was finally in her, he groaned in satisfaction.

He didn’t move instead he looked down at her watching her as she looked up at him her cheeks were the perfect shade of well scarlet. He could feel her tighten around him, she done it on purpose urging him wanting it so badly, so he gave it to her. Pushing into her, allowing himself weighting her down she he could thrust easier into her. She moaned her breathing becoming labored he was getting close to going over the edge, he wanted to cum so badly, but not before her.

She drew her legs tighter around him like a snake squeezing its victim’s last breath out. He was breathing a little heavy as he thrusted quickly, she pulled him closer.

“I’m gonna cum,” she told him panting as she had a dazed look on her face. Oh fuck yes.

“Come on kätzchen come for me." And with those words being said she let out a cry of ecstasy fulling the cabin, and right after her not even a second he came giving himself more into her pussy. Pleasure cascaded on his body, as he rolled off her and pulled her into his arms with a lazy smile on his face.

She was in such a daze she felt so tired and felled asleep in his strong arm, she felt safe in them and the smell of sex was heavy in the air. Almost reminding her of the perfume area of the mall where exotic perfumes was so overwhelming. But this smell was intoxicating and she loved as she drifted off. As he watched his sleeping wife he smiled holding her and soon felled asleep with her, until they finally landed to their destination.

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