Mafia Raised

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Chapter 12: A woman and her pearls

They had just laid a few hours ago in Manarola, a beautiful city in Italy by the ocean. She’s been to the city several times with her grandmother to pick up ingredients for wine or to pick up something for her grandfather. Normally she wouldn’t bother looking around but now she was able to. She was going to be tourist with her now husband. She smiled at the thought just a newly wed marry couple in Italy taking in the sights and food. Gernhard hired a driver for the trip that was taking them to their air BNB.

In the beginning she didn’t know where they were going for their honeymoon until they had just those hours ago. She had swapped out her wedding dress for a red sundress and scandals instead of those god awful painful heels. Don’t get her wrong she loves her heels as much as the next woman, but there was limits. Such as As she looked out the window seeing people on scooters and bikes, they were in Italy alright. Hardly anyone drove a car on the busy streets, it was either best to walk, ride a bike, have a scooter.

She was daydreaming as she watched the people out on the streets as they finally pulled up the little villa. It was a beautiful home with a clay title roof, cream stucco, and red shutters with a garden in the side yard. Gernhard gotten out and opened the door for her as the driver gotten out and unloaded their suitcases from the trunk. As they walked through the gate walking up the pathway to the red wooden door, before she could grab the door handle he picked her up, again.

“Don’t bang my head on the door frame again,” she warned him as she looked up at him with a glint of evil swimming in those eyes.

He gulped looking down at her and soon smiled at her with a winner smile and he kissed her neck. “I’m sorry about that Mrs. Schneider,” he grinned nibbling her ear lobe. She bit her lips as he pulled away, she could loose herself in those piercing, cold as ice blue eyes. They were like the ocean itself, while hers was almost as though they were a bottomless pit of black. They often reminded him of black obsidian at the way they would often sparkle.

He loved that part about her, when they sparkle when they see something amazing like a brand new gun he gifted her on the plane. The handle was inlaid with mother of pearl, to match the pearl necklace, he had slipped it around her neck before they had landed. She was reading a book in one of the leather arm chairs on the plane while she was in her own little mind. She gasped at how cold the pearls were against her skin and when she saw how beautiful they were, she was lost for words.

He had remember that pearls were her favorite besides the ever so popular diamonds, though maybe he should change her ring to a pink pearl. Funny how that was also her favorite color, yes a grown woman that can be a stone cold killer a moment and in the garden smelling roses. Soon he would be doing it with their children, a wonderful picture.

“Gernhard are you okay in that brain of yours?” she asked knocking on his head with her knuckles. He shook his head and smiled down at her in his arms.

He suddenly had a flashback where he was holding a former lover in his arms and she was bleeding out due to his father shooting her in her stomach rupturing it. It was a slow and painful death, what caused it all as when he had almost successfully moved on from Scarlett. The woman had made him feel so much love towards but his father hated that he was moving on with his life and ignoring the plans to marry Scarlett.

He had walked into the library right when his father shot Sarah, he couldn’t believe that he had done. But anymore he couldn’t believe anything he sees anymore. Blinking he looked at Scarlett and smiled kissing her as he walked in through the open door. The driver set the bags down leaving them alone in the home, he went right to the bed. She smiled up at him holding on to him and laughed the gun strapped to her thigh.

A woman and her pearls, he was smart knowing that mother of pearl was her favorite pearl, other than a pink one. As they were in the bedroom he threw her onto the bed and started to undress in a hurry. She unstrapped the gun from her thigh putting it under the pillow, she slipped the cotton sundress off her body just wearing panties. He stopped looking at her his pants and boxers just dropped at his ankles his erection in full view, kicking them off he climbed on top of her. She grinned up at him and kissed him deeply as she bit and sucked on his bottom.

Gernhard groaned before pulling away he glanced down at her panties. He wanted to taste her and to be inside of her again, the sex with her is just like a drug he could use all the damn time. His eyes lit up with lust, his hands softly gripped the waistband of her lace panties and began to drag them down her legs. His tongue softly licked his lips as he stared at her. She blushed as she watched him, she wanted to feel him inside her and she wanted to be devoured like prey. She’s his prey. He softly began to kiss from the top of her breast and down to her stomach.

His lips soft and warm against her skin. Soon his lips would stop at the top of her hips. His tongue softly began to lick towards her pussy softly. She let out a soft moan as her stomach quivered from the touch of his lips on her skin. His tongue softly flicked her clit. After a few seconds, he slid a finger inside her, then two. His lips now sucking on her clit as he fingered her.

She moaned Blushing panting gripping his hair pulling him closer.

“Fuck Gernhard, don’t stop please!” she begged as she began to breath heavily. He devoured her as though she was last meal on Earth. After a few minutes he stopped, then removed his fingers from her entrance as he kissed her deeply. He then plunged his large cock into her pussy.

With five thrusts inside her as she was close to an orgasm when the bedroom door was kicked opened and men in suits ran in with guns pointed at them. Talk about be in a tight spot and he was actually. One of the gunman grabbed Gerhard and pulled him out of the bed as well as out of her.

“You mother-!” He groaned with still a hard on, “come on it’s my honeymoon can’t I at least finish?” he asked as they pointed a gun in his face.

One of them looked at the guy that could at least be the head of this mess, "uh should we boss?" one of them asked with a French accent.

"Fuck no we have our orders," the leader she guessed told him with an English accent.

Scarlett scanned then and saw that there was only five of them in the room. She started to shake as she sat up still naked she bit her lip and blood started to drip. An old habit she had thought she had ended has come back.

"This is my fucking honeymoon!" she yelled at the top of her lungs before she grabbed her gun from under the pillow and started to fire. The gunmen wasn't prepared for her, she had shot them each in the throat spraying their blood on the white walls along with Gerhard.

She was pissed as they we both covered in blood with the rest of the room. One of them was still alive she grabbed a quartz geode and bashed his head in and dropped it to the ground.

"Bathroom right now," she ordered getting out of the bed and went straight to the bathroom. He still had the hard on and ran to the bathroom after her as she had the shower running and under the warm water. As he stepped in he kissed her neck and bent her over and his member rubbed against her entrance he plunged into her from behind and started thrusting. She moaned blushing and started moving her hips with his movements and they found their perfect rythem.

She moaned biting her lip as she was drawing close to actually being able to cum. He groaned and slammed his crouch into her ass and grunted coming and came soon after him panting happy to be able to get off after killing those fuckers. She'll have to call her father and tell him what happened.

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