Mafia Raised

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Chapter13: The call

She had the towel wrapped around her body as she grabbed her phone from her purse while Gernhard was piling the bodies up. Dialing her father’s number he had ended up calling her, the classic ringtone of an old time telephone. She raised an eyebrow and answered her phone as she sat on the bed.

“Hey pops something happened here in the house we rented here in Italy,” She told him as she watched Gernhard sigh heavily and sit on the other side of the bed. After they had sex in the shower he washed his body off and started to clean up the mess.

“Scarlett apparently someone is after you for some reason but we haven’t found out why,” her father spoke hoarsely, he must be hung over from drinking so much at the party.

She had a slight smile but it soon faded, someone is after her? How could that be she’s married to a now made man, wouldn’t she be safe under his family’s and hers protection? The more she had thought about, she guess not as she looked over at the dead bodies.

“There’s been an agreement at the council to protect you both while on your guys honeymoon, has anything happened?”

“Well if you count five armed men running into the bedroom while Gernhard-”

“Aye I don’t need details about my daughter’s sex life.” She laughed smiling softly as she looked in the corner with one of the last remaining man tied with her silk scarves and his ties to a wooden chair.

“I have to go pops we’ll talk more.”

“Okay dear ciao.”

She hanged up and Gerhard grabbed the man and dragged him to the bathroom and set it in the tub so they could interrogate him. Scarlett gotten dressed in shorts and a tank top as she walked barefooted in the bathroom Gernhard had ungagged the guy. Angry shot through Scarlett and she bitched slap the guy so hard blood had spattered out of his mouth and along with a flying tooth. The heard the chunk of calcium it the tiled wall and drop down into the drain.

“You fucking bitch, that was my tooth!” the guy snarled at her and tried to rip out from the silk scarves and ties.

Kätzchen, that was damn fucking hot," Gernhard groaned wrapping his arms around her waist his lips and his teeth against the skin of her neck and should.

She felt his bulged against her ass, she grinned and turned to face him. She grabbed his crotch and rubbed making him lean his head back forgetting the man bound in the bathtub.

"Later focus my darling husband," she grinned pulling away. He groans whining like a little kid that doesn't get their way, and his way is wanting to pound the living hell out of now. She sighed softly and looked up at him.

"Gernhard leave the room I’ll handle it since he can’t focus you little horn dog," she shooed him out the door. He nodded and left her to her devices.

Within moments of him closing the door he begins to hear nothing but the man screaming and her yelling at him in her sexy Italian tongue and of course the man's blood splatter on the walls. At least it would be an easier clean up. What he wouldn't give to have her forgetting English and her in bed withering under him begging in Italian for more. When Scarlett finally emerges from the bathroom she is covered in blood again, Gernhard grabbed his black and sliver gun before going to the bathroom to end the sorry bastard snitch was squealing like a pig.

"Please...let me go I won't tell them where you are! Please!" The man's face was covered in blood but for the white lines that ran down his face from the tears his eyes was pouring.

He felt sorry for the man but he and his men rushed in with guns blazing while they were having sex and interrupted them. He pulled off the safety and fire a single bullet in the man's skull killing him instantly. He walked out and they started to clean themselves off in the other bathroom. After their shower Scarlett looked at him as his back was to her, she bit his lip looking at his toned tight ass. Finally he pulled on underwear ruining her view, it still wasn't a bad view but she preferred the bare ass better.

She had put on panties and a bra before finally draping her body in a white cotton sundress. He was watching her standing in the living room now he rushed to her and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him hard and rough, he soon ripped her panties off and threw away the now ruined cotton panties onto the floor. He was shirtless her nails dragged across his back leaving rather deep marks. He unzipped his pants as he put her on the couch and climbed on top of her kissing and sucking on her neck and collar bone.

As soon as he was about to take out his cock from his underwear plunge into her tight pussy. Her father Angelo Sergiaino storms into the rather small home with thirty men all with guns out taking aim ready to fire at anyone.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Scarlett yelled pissed off.

"Again?!" Gernhard and Scarlett both yelled looking at her father and the army of men in the home. With Gernhard being on top of Scarlett still and with his faded jeans below his ass.

"Oh, are you both okay?" Angelo asked calmly looking at them both seemly unfazed by seeing his daughter pinned under a man.

It almost made Scarlett wonder how many time he had walked in on Bones and her while she was well jumping his bones. He probably walked in on Clementine and her lawyer husband.

"We have things to talk about..." Her father told him trailing off slightly. It made her worry.

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