Mafia Raised

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Chapter14: House Call

Gernhard was dressed, well he had pants on but he didn't put a shirt on, so he was just showing off his beautiful tattoos and those muscles of his. He is in amazing shape and worked out daily and he even had a gym installed his office of the fashion house. His father and mother are both designers of beautiful suits, and gowns of any kind and type. She was caught staring a couple times, where either her father or him would clear their throat at her to get her attention. She bit her lips with her cheeks a light crimson, she wished her father and his men rushed into the damn home.

He was always complaining about wanting grandchildren, so he would be getting his wish come true.

“Okay pops how did you get here so fast?” she asked crossing her arms as she leaned back on the wall as her father was sitting on the couch.

Alex must be back home watching things over, but it was probably also because of the restaurant as well.

“I went on a plane after you left the party, and I had to go to Sicily because my father, your grandfather is dying,” her father sighed telling as he leaned forward on the couch. Her heart sank down into the pit of her stomach hearing those words. Nonno dying.

Shaking her head she choose not to believe it, she always thought that man was invincible, but he was getting older by the passing years. Gernhard saw how shocked she was as she sat down in the armchair that was in the corner, he went to the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of wine. With all the tension of the room he thinks everyone could use a drink including Scarlett. As he poured the wine he heard Scarlett sigh loudly.

"He's dying, the most powerful man that is apart of the council is finally dying after all these years of people trying to take him down."

She let out a stranded laugh as she held her head in her hands as Gernhard emerged from the kitchen with the glasses of wine on a tray. Walking up to her father first he handed him as glass of a lovely red wine, Angelo took it and nodded his thanks, before going over to Scarlett.

"Here my love you could use a drink," Gernhard said as he handed her the steamed glass filled with the red wine.

Her personally wasn't a fan of red wine, but she loved white wine, because if you drink too much and spill it on you none of it will show up on your clothing. As she looked down at her glass down into the wine, it reminded her of blood. Her mind started to play with her as she saw a hand appear for the glass.

She screamed and threw the glass down and stood panting.

"Scarlett are you okay?" Gernhard rushed to her side as laid a hand on her cheek having her look into his eyes he saw she still had some dark circles under her eyes. She wasn't wearing make up as heavily around her eyes today, well she wasn't much make up really beside her mascara and lip tint that made her lips look like plump cherries. Cherries he wanted to suck and bite to get her to moan the way he likes.

She sighed nodding softly, " just a little tired my love. I think I'm gonna go lay down for a bit, with all the excitement I think I should take a nap and hopefully get my mind right." He nodded with a soft sigh he kissed her temple as he held her hand. He held it until the last second when she pulled away before she walked into the bedroom. With the door closed behind her, she leaned against it softly she could hear the two men talk, she didn't feel like listening in.

They must be talking about her sudden outburst, she must be going crazy from the lack of sleep, maybe her medication is acting up on her. She knew that there was sometimes side affects from them if she takes one with the wrong combination. Last time she done that that she collapsed on the ballroom from a charity event her father and the family was attending for the governor. She mixed an anxiety pill with her bipolar medication that caused her to pass out. Either that or it was the guy's breath that knocked her out. His breath smelt of raw sewage and she gagged remembering the scent.

She grabbed the scented candle that was the closest thing that could smell nice off the nightstand and inhaled deeply smelling it. The candle was honey suckle, it was another one of her favorite flower, she was thankful for the people they were renting the home from. Maybe she could leave them a gift after the honeymoon. Well other than the master bedroom smelling like it was deep clean. They can thank the bastards that held the guns to Gernhard's face.

Remembering the guy she beaten to a bloody pulp, it was pretty bad that she thinks the guy could use reconstructive surgery, she thought of going to see if he was still breathing. He probably wasn't. Her hand was on the bathroom's door handle that separated her and what the huge what if there could be a dead body behind this thin door. She stopped herself from turning the knob and shook her head instead of checking up on him she just turned around and crawled into the bed and covered up with the green duvet. As she closed her obsidian colored eyes after she wrapped herself in the blanket's soft fabric. She didn't fall asleep, but she simply just laid there as a burrito.

It was hard to fall asleep when you had just gotten used to sleeping with someone by your side. She imagined the blanket burrito was Gerhard's arms and she soon drifted off into sleep.

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