Mafia Raised

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Chapter15: Sad news

Gernhard walked into their bedroom after showing Angelo out the door, they’ll have to take a cab to go to her grandparents house later. He thought all business would wait until after the honeymoon, that tune of his changed when Angelo said that Eliseo Sergiaino was dying. The man that created the Sergiaino legacy from just nothing, the village her family was from was almost on the verge of collapsing if he hadn't stepped in to help. Now the village grew to a wonderful flourishing town and the wine there was the best he had ever have, that being said as a twenty three year old.

He looked over at Scarlett's sleeping figure on the bed, it was rather cute to see her wrapped up snoring up a storm. She wasn't really a loud snorer, but if she was in deep sleep she could be. A smile formed on his lips and it was nice to see her having some peace from this disaster of a honeymoon. The only good thing that had come from this mess was the sex, it was carnal and full of lust. There was something else there but he couldn't quit put his finger on it, at least not yet.

Gernhard crawled into the bed careful as to not wake her up from her nap, her face was uncovered and some of her fiery red hair was peeking out. It reminded him of carrots poking out of the ground before they could finally be picked for a nice stew. Or even a fresh made from scratched carrot cake. A cake actually sound pretty good, they barely eaten any of the red velvet cake at the reception and he did drag her away from her slice to dance with her. The sound of her laughter and that flawless smile was something that played with his heart strings as she thought of it.

Scarlet rolled over on her other side facing away from him as she slept she must be dreaming. He simply smiled and wrapped his arms around her sleeping figure and closed his eyes to join her in the realm of dreams. He'll take her to a nice restaurant in the town and order desert after their meal. Maybe they have those desserts she loves so much. What were they called again? He strained his brain to remember the name of it. Scarlett mumbled in her sleep and his thoughts stopped speeding as he looked over at his sleeping wife.

She rolled back to facing him and it was pretty silly to see a terrifying woman asleep at his side and with a little drool dripping out of the corner of her mouth. He reached over and grabbed his phone off the night stand and took a picture of her. And like a dumbass he didn't check to see if the flash was off. And it wasn't A bright light woke Scarlett up from her slumber. Blinking lazily she saw Gernhard had gotten into bed with her and was holding her.

Smiling at him her eyes focus and she saw the green phone case in his hand. Her eyes widened at him and she frowned, he paled and jumped out of the bed and out of the room. Phone in hand.

"Get back here!" she yelled struggling to get out of the blanket burrito. After about ten minutes she was freed from her blanket prison, jumping off the bed she ran out the bedroom. She stood in the hall ways looking, she was pretty mad. He did just take a picture of his sleeping wife, shouldn't he have known not to take of picture of her asleep.

She wondered around the house and she couldn't find him at all in the house. Sighing she stepped outside into the garden and breathed in the smell of dirt, flowers, and herbs. But something made her stop in her tracks she grinned softly to herself as she walked around the corner of the house. She smelt his cologne, she mesmerized it the day she bumped into him in the academy's hall ways. Apollo Creed, it was good scent. There was a pully system where there was a small platform about six foot off the ground.

She looked up and saw him crouching down on it looking down and sighed in relief thinking that she hadn't found him yet. At least that's what he thought. Grinning she grabbed the rope forcefully as she looked up at him and the slight of movement made him look down in her direction. His eyes widened as he saw the rope in her hands.

"Fuck Scarlett I'm sorry!" he yelled drawing people's attention to the little house a small crowd formed on the street watching them.

Murmuring was heard through out them as they watched the newly wed couple.

"Arrivederci, my love," she said as she winked up at him with a mischievous grin on her lips before letting go of the rope. And the platform felled to the ground with a crash. He groaned laying in heap his phone felled out of his pocket and was laying next to him. She walked up to him and leaned down grabbing his phone, she turned it on and found that it was locked.

She groaned, of course it was locked, what guy in this day of age would leave their phones unlocked when they're with w crazy person. She made a face, wait did she just call herself crazy? She asked in her head, of course she did. Sighing she handed him his phone helped him up. Well the people that were watching them in the streets sure thinks she did.

After all she did just probably caused serious injuries to him without even thinking. Well she was thinking, but she was thinking about how to get to him. Granted the idea was a bad one she held his hands.

"You're crazy, you know that?" he asked her as he looked down at her with a smile.

"You love my crazy," she retorted with a grin.

"Yes but...I love you." Her heart pounded in her chest and she smiled at him before kissing him deeply and passionately.

"I love you too," she told him before they went inside the house

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