Mafia Raised

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Chapter16: Something bitter and somthing sweet

Gernhard had dragged her to a little family own bakery that was small, but it was homey and looked something that they could open up back home. Maybe they could open one up, and with her with a little bun in the oven while she wears an apron. She'll look so cute, he had an idiot smile that was almost creepy if she wasn't his wife. That word is going to take some time to get used to while they're married. That's another word she's going to get used to. She stopped walking and did a small pout while her brow furrowed while she thought. Would he still love her if she told him she was still nervous?

She wasn't nervous about the sex, she absolutely loved and thought maybe they could do a quickie in the restroom of bakery. But what she was nervous of was the thought of children pretty much scared her. She saw those health class videos and honestly just the screams from the poor woman made her not want any children herself. But Gernhard had his own thoughts, she knew that he wanted children but she didn't know when he would want one. The thought made her uncomfortable, and wanted to take the plan b pill.

Gernhard looked down at his wife seeing the uncomfortable look on her face, maybe she had to fart.

"Are you okay?" he asked leaning down whispering in her ear. She jumped slightly and nodded before she sighed pulling her hair back from her face. Her hair was pretty long it was down to the small of her back, honestly he always had a thing for women with long hair. Kind of gives him something to grab on to while they do doggy. He bit his lip thinking about it, maybe they do that tonight, but right now they needed something sweet.

Scarlett was leaning over the display case at all the desserts wondering what she'll get. Tiramisu, occhi di bue, mocha almond, biscotti, strawberry filled soft cookies, canestrellie, Amaretti cookies and her favorite uncinettis, was filled and baked fresh in house. She bit her lip trying to decide which treat she wanted. They were all her favorites in all honestly and she needed something sweet after hearing the news about her grandfather. He was a well respected man, but he was also scary at times, even that one time Scarlett beaten the hell out of the farm's help when she caught him peeking into her bedroom window while she was getting dress.

She looked down and felt her heart clamping down with a huge weight as she thought of the man. How bad has he gotten in the last year she had visited him? It must have been serious. While she wasn't paying attention Gernhard ordered the uncinettis and the strawberry filled soft cookies. The baker's wife handed him a pink and white poka dot box with the sweets inside.

"Let's go back to the house and I'll make us some tea with these," he suggested as they walked through the door making the track back.

"That sounds pretty nice actually, wait you know how to make tea?" she asked as she looked up at him with a fake surprise look.

He simply smiled softly at her and kissed her temple sweetly, it made her stomach fill with butterflies. Just the simple gesture feel all girly and like she was going to puke butterflies.

"Yes I know how to make tea, I used to make all the time with my nanny and for my mother when my father had beaten her." He revealed a part of his past to her that he hadn't yet told anyone, well beside Bradly. He later found out that he had raped her sister and wanted to kill him himself, but he never got to him. He never even found him at all when he went looking for him.

She stopped walking and watched him as he walked, his life wasn't that glamorous as she thought. Given to the fact that he was in the mob just like her. Though she grew up with nannies and her father taking her to some meetings. But he kept his guns away from her while he did, and no mother he went through hell with his mother being beaten to the man she married just because. She hoped if she would have a child that they wouldn't go through the same thing.

Gernhard stopped walking and looked back at Scarlett who was looking down slightly with a thoughtful look on her face. She probably has a lot on her mind from today, he smiled softly and walked back to her and kissed her forehead. She blinked and looked up at him and touched the spot where his lips were.

"Sorry..." she mumbled looking away, it was cute just like the time she apologized to him after she kneed him in the balls. He grinned and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her close to him.

"You're perfect."

"I'm not perfect if anything this place sure is."

They shared a smile as they held hands going back the house, maybe they'll buy a little home here. It was a nice thought a place where she was familiar and where she was partly grew up. The thought of a mini Scarlett running around the yard with the family's dog laughing while she played. Though he would like to have a son, but the thought of a little girl like her mother would be all the more perfect. It might be scary as well he didn't know much about her childhood and how she was raised. All that he did know about her is that she was born in the Italian mafia and that's all he knows.

As they walked up the cobble stoned pathway to the home, their home they're renting for the next two weeks. So far the first couple days has been crazy, but it wasn't nothing they couldn't handle. Men in suits barge into their room while they were having sex, killing those said men, questioning one of them, and when they were going to have sex again in the living on the couch her father rushes in with an army of men while he was just about to enter her. He might end up having blue ball if they get interrupted anymore. He looked down at her and saw the pearls around her throat, smiling softly he remember those very same pearls belonged to his grandmother.

She had given them on her death bed to give to the woman he loves, though on the night Sara was murdered he was going to gift them to her. But they way things turned out he ended up giving them to Scarlett, he just hopes that she doesn't break this one.

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