Mafia Raised

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Chapter18: The Hospital

Scarlett opened her eyes to the bright florescent light of the hospital room. The light stung her eyes making them water, she raised her arm covering her eyes. As she laid there in the over sized bed she tried to remember what happen. They were in the car going somewhere probably to her grandparents home. She sat up her entire body ached with the movement she made, she groaned and looked around to see Gernhard in the bed next to awake and sitting up with his arm in a sling.

He was looking straight ahead at the wall his jaw locked, it looked like he had some scratches and bruises on him, besides the banged up arm.

“What happened?” she asked as she looked over at him her brow furrowed.

“I was taking you to your grandparents home, before he gotten hit by a drunken mad woman who thought we were her husband and mistress,” he snorted as he told her as he went back to looking at the wall again.

“Wow, never thought you’d be the husband to cheat.” She said as she looked over at him with a smile, but nothing. He wouldn’t even crack a smile at her, guess it’s back to being stone cold again.

She sighed softly as her grandfather and grandmother came into the room, her grandfather was in a wheel chair while her grandmother was behind him pushing.

Nonno, Nonna what are you guys doing here?” she asked surprised that her dying grandfather was here. She saw that he was wearing a hospital gown and a wrist band.

“I heard you were here and I needed to see you before I pass Scarlett,” his once loud and powerful voice that she remembered was now quite and horse.

She felt a sudden sadness wash over her as she watched as her grandmother pushed her dying grandfather to her bedside. It’s both sad and funny while she should be sitting at his bedside as they talked.

“I know you would want to be a made woman and be like your father. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am stuck in my old ways and that women should just stay home take care of the children and do the cooking. But you have more balls than most men and I’m proud of you, which is way you are a made woman the council allows it.”

She held his hands and they felt cold and he smiled warmly at him before he was having difficultly breathing.

“Amore mio are you okay, do I need to get a nurse?” her grandmother asked as she kneeled by his side her hands on his arm.

“No I think my time is coming il mio sole,” he told her as he smiled laying a hand on her cheek.

Tears streamed down her cheeks and she held his hand tightly in hers as she cried out. Begging him to hold on just for a few more moments, his eyes drifted close as his hand felled limp in her grandmother’s hand.

"Amore mio Carbone!" she cried out as her tears were a river falling from her chocolate brown eyes begging him not to leave her. His body hasn't but his soul has, perhaps ascending to heaven to watch the rest of the family. Or going into the depths of hell itself, the thought wasn't as so much as scary to her as she knew that what her faith would bring her.

Nurses rushed into the small room and gathered her grandmother off the floor taking her to another room while the other draped a white sheet over his body. Her heart had broken into a hundred pieces for her grandmother, she knew that she wouldn't have a relationship like that. Today was just a really shitty day. As she leaned back in her hospital bed looking at the wall she felt empty. Yes, she did want to become a made woman, but now it just felt like a dream as she laid there in pain.

She ran a hand down her face and a bandage came off her nose, there was a mirror near her. As she looked she found that she had a cut that ran across her nose that's four inches long.

"A piece of metal cut your face, that's how you gotten it." The doctor told her as she walked in holding a clipboard in her hand.

"Oh thank you..." she trailed off and looked over at Gernhard again he was still looking at the wall.

"He's fine just a fractured Ulna so he'll heal in about three months."

"And it'll take a year to remodel," she said softly were she couldn't hear.

They were in the hospital for the night, she gotten out of the bed and taken the IV out of her arm. She done it so many times that it didn't hurt, or that she was just used to the pain. She limped over to Gernhard and climbed into his bed with him and gotten under the covers with him. He looked from his book he was reading at her with a raised eyebrow.

She grabbed the book by the spine and marked the spot he was reading with a tongue depressant and set it on the side table.

"And what do I owe this nice surprise?" he asked with a shit eating grin on his face. She rolled her eyes at him as she leaned against him. At times she wanted to just beat the hell out of him, fuck him, or make out with him.

"I just didn't want to be alone okay?" she told him as looked off to the side.

"I know Scarlett, listen since you're a made woman and you're not happy in the relationship just tell me and we can just get the marriage annulled."

"No I'm okay with it. Really I am." She forced a smiled. He nodded and wrapped an arm around her, as she closed her eyes she rested her head on his shoulder.

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