Mafia Raised

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Chapter 1: the family reuion

The thick heavy smoke of his cigar filled the dimly lit room, the end of the cigar could be in the shadows. Lighting his face up when he inhaled the Cuban tobacco smoke. While the stained glass Tiffany lamp hardly put out any light. His large mahogany desk was cleaned and polished before the meeting with this prick. Angelo Sergiaino was one of the city’s most powerful crime Lords, which was sectioned into five different parts.

“Boss all I’m saying’s is that we should move disputation to the piers,” one of his lackeys said almost like he was begging him, it was starting to piss him off. He doesn’t even remember the pricks name. As each moment passed as the grandfather clock tick, so did a nerve.



He chewed on the end of his stogie from Cuba, the only time he chewed on the end was a habit he done when he was holding back not to hit someone, or was annoyed. He was annoyed on this one. The cigars weren’t cheap, let alone legal, but the shit was a damn good smoke. Better from the smoke shop near by, that had the fake shit.


“Son of a- SCARLETT!” her father yelled standing from his desk as he saw the familiar shine of a certain silver pistol. The gun was a present for her when she had gotten into the academy. The academy, one where she was supposed to be at now. It was across the state away from home. His now seventeen daughter walked out from the corner in a shadow pocket into view where he could see her.

She was a spitting image of her mother, but that of her mother, but that once strawberry blonde hair was now a fiery red. He couldn’t help, but to smile, so he doesn’t want her living this life no matter how many times you had told her to stay away from it. She would always show that she wanted this life. Just like that night she killed a man with her stiletto high heels she gorged out the poor guy’s eye with the heel. So far at the age of seventeen she had killed twenty-eight men now. Sighing heavily leaning back on his arm chair pinching the brim of his nose the chair made a straining creaking noise as he leaned back.

Fiore you just can’t kill the men that work for you,” he told her as he crossed his arms in front of his large chest. He stands six foot and five in a half inches tall, built like a tank.

She set her gun on top of a stack of papers on the mahogany wooden desk just so she doesn’t scratch the wood.

“Easier said than done pops, when you can’t even trust your own men,” she told him as told him as she kicked the man’s corpse on his back with the toe of her black combat boots.

“What are you doing?” He asked as he soon trailed off into silence when she ripped opened the dead man’s shirt. Buttons of the blue collared shirt popped off and flew everywhere, guess he’s gonna have to have the maid clean up in here again. On the body’s chest was a wire tapped to the cadaver. Since as a child she was able to notice things some people would over look and ignore, not her.

“Ya losing it pops,” she would tell him as she dangled it in front of his face with a demented type of grin.

He had noticed she wasn’t in her school’s uniform that consists of a plaid knee length skirt white button-up dress shirt a cranberry red vest and matching jacket with the school’s Crest on it. What she was wearing was an all black outfit that was a black long sleeve cotton dress, a black leather jacket, and black stockings with black socks on top of them and of course her black combat boots. In her mind she couldn’t help, but to hum and smile as she remembered her first kill. It was something about her mother and it made her father mad, making her want to grab that gun. And she had done it, pulling that trigger was all so satisfying to hear that fucker crying agony, though they have to throw away that rug since it was ruined with the bastards blood.

She grab the metal ball paperweight off her father’s desk, the same one she had gotten him too and crush the wire with it she hummed a familiar tune they both know as she done so.

“So did ya miss me?” She smiled as smugly as she held her arms up at her sides. That made her father chuckle, and then go into a coughing fit. It was good to hear him laugh, though since when did he start to smoke? She must have been gone for too long for him to pick up the nasty habit, it’s been three years already since he had sent her to the academy.

He just smiled shaking his head letting out a small chuckle after he finally regained his breath from coughing so much.

“Of course I missed my daughter. What kind of father would I be if I didn’t?” He told her as he put out his cigar in a crystal glass ash tray on the desk. Just as his office doors slammed open to reveal a brunette girl with tits the size of melons.

“Hey dad when’s the prom for...” Boobs Mackenzie asked, only to be stopped trailing off as she looked at Scarlett. Scarlett’s head snapped towards the intruder her temper was starting to rise.

“What the fuck is this bitch and why did she fucking call you dad?” Scarlett asked as her temper was starting to seethe.

“You must be Scarlett! Hi I’m Clementine your sister,” the bitch said all the way to damn cheery.

Her left eye starting to twitch, at that word, sister. Could her father have cheated on her mother, it wasn’t uncommon men of the mafia cheat on their wives and girlfriends. But she thought her father was different from them. The bitch could be older or the same age as her, biting her bottom lip Scarlett usually do this when she tries not to set herself off the deep end. She bit too hard as blood started to drip off her lip, as her hands at her sides turned to fists and started to shake.

“Scarlett keep a level head, I’m warning you!” Her father yelled standing. She started to breath heavily, but before she could or would regret anything. She dashed out the poorly lit room leaving her father and new half sister alone.

It had been five hours since Scarlett has ran out the house and off the property, it made Clementine and their father worry what she could’ve been out doing. She had left her gun behind. Angelo Sergiaino ran a large hand down his face, he hated how Scarlett had reacted to finding out she had a sister. Though he had found out not even a week ago he had another daughter, she was like her mother as well stupid. Clementine felt terrible as she was sitting on the other side of the desk from her father, her leg bouncing anxiously about the situation, and how she could have acted. She was still figuring out how she could had defused the bomb, the bomb she had ignited, she didn’t know anything about Scarlett, nothing of Scarlett Sergiaino other wise known as the most cold hearted, black eyed girl known to most of the underground crime ring. Would she soon come to terms and be as accepting as the man who sat across from her? But before she could have a change she ran off to God who knows where.

The burner cell phone that sat on the desk that laid lifeless soon vibrated to life, snapping their attention to it. Please let that be news about her. Clementine pleaded in her mind.

“You found her? That’s great....wait she’s covered in blood?!” At first he sounded relieved but the second part of the conversation made him stand up knocking the chair over as he stood also banging his fist on the desk, making his newly gained daughter jump frightening her almost out of her skin. He ran to the door in a hurry. Oh God, what happened to her? Did she get into an alley fight, gotten raped and dying? Running after her father, she was scared, but she would be scared of more than who her sister is.

Scarlett was covered in blood as she sat on top of a wooden crate inside the warehouse, where a bunch of pot smoking snitches go to meet. She was smoking a joint, she was in a bit of pain from the fight but there wasn’t nothing too serious. Besides a couple fractured ribs, some bruises a huge one was starting to form on the side of her face. Eight bodies of the cops screamers laid around her with busted open heads. Like an idiot she left her gun at her father’s on that fucking desk. Tilting her head back she let out a surpassed scream that she was holding back since she found out about having a damn sister. Then the doors was kicked in, no doubt it was her father’s men, they had heard there guns drawn when they heard her. Thinking she was in trouble, but nope she was angry, hurt, a little sad.

Alex Ricci her father’s right-hand man walked up to her, checking for serious injuries before scooping her up in his arms carrying her.

“Fuck Scarlett, what did you do?” he asked as his voice was soft and quite. Scarlett just started to laugh like an insane person, as a demented smile was plastered across her face.

“I’m at my breaking point Alex,” she grinned up at him before hot tears started to fall from her black eyes. Crying in front of people was what showed weakness, but given her current state she looked insane.

The car ride back was solemn, as she looked like a mess as she saw her reflection of the tinted windows of SUV. What was left of her eyeliner, and mascara ran down her cheeks in black streaks. She didn’t want to go home knowing her father had basically replaced her. The business wouldn’t go to her, she wouldn’t be able to get it, and she won’t allow that bitch to control it. How could he, she was the best, and always gotten the protection fees on time and on the dot every month in the past.

Blood was drying up and flaking off her skin, as she closed her eyes and sighed. A deep scrubbing in a nice hot bubble bath was in order.

“I take it that you’ve already called pops?” She asked with her eyes still closed hiding her black iris’s. Earlier Alex was on the phone after he had set her in the back of the SUV for a good twenty minutes, before getting in and driving. No answer just silence, that was the only answer she gotten. It was a half hour before the blacked out SUV pulled into the gates drive way and her father had ran out almost getting close to getting ran over by the car.

Bimbo was with him, of course. Great this’ll be so much fun. All the anger, dread and hate had been drained out from her, all that was left behind was emotions she didn’t know she could have or feel for that matter. They were sadness, jealousy and one not even a Sergiaino could even feel. Afraid. She wasn’t afraid of anything, but what she had done tonight, she was afraid of being forgotten. Her father had raised and taught her everything she knew, could he just replace her like it was nothing.

To her surprise her father just hugged her tightly in his arms once she exited the car.

“Oh thank God you’re safe,” he said holding her face in his large calloused hands, hands that had she’d so much blood and crushed skulls. She couldn’t help but to close her eyes and breath in his scent. He smelt of tobacco smoke, and bourbon whiskey.

“Uh um S-scarlett?” A tiny voice spoke from beside her father. Knowing herself anger started to sink in and she was about to go off but the lock on her emotions wasn’t going to break open again.

“Listen whatever it is your name is I’ll just call you Orange, I really like to just be calm after what happened tonight,” Scarlett told the food taste before making a trip up to her bedroom.

The maids had already gotten worried about her return and gotten a bath drawn for her and change of clothes. A pair of shorts plain gray shirt was on the sink. stripping out of blood and dust caked clothes stepping into the tub. Closing her eyes she sigh when she figured that the school suspending her for punching the star quarterback in the notes for grabbing her ass. She threatened to file charges against it but then the name calling. It made her snap ended up busting his nose.

The next morning everything’s seemed almost normal but then all of the last night’s memories flooded into her brain and that brought on a killer headache.

“Ah, what the fuck was I even thinking?” She asked herself, as she covered her eyes with her arm. “This’ll be a fun day, I should have just ran away.” she rolled out of bed and ended up falling onto the floor like the floor was carpeted. She groaned and got up last night’s actions caught up and made her wince from the pain.

She staggered into the dining room and slumping into one of the chairs at the dining room table rubbing her face as she rested her head on the table.

“Ah, good morning Scarlett, how are you doing today?” Her father asked as he stood by her pretty much appearing out of nowhere.

“Like I had gotten ran over by a semi hauling cement,” she told him honestly as she looked up at him. he looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep at all you still was wearing the same suit from last night.

“I know you’re not exactly happy with Clementine, but I had just found out about her aa about a week ago, before your mother and I was with another woman so in other words your mother by Amelia was The other woman.”

Suddenly her breath got stuck in her chest and she made a pained groan sound not forgetting about the pain in her ribs.

“I guess you’re going to kick me out?” She asked as she looked up at him. When he looked down at her he saw that the hurt she has caused him. Guilt started to eat at her, biosurgery rise up in her throat. “I’m a terrible daughter, hell I should have just ran away instead of killing all those pig Screamers.” Her father just sighed putting his hands on her shoulders.

“If you want to be a part of the business you will not leave this house unless you go back to school and that is that young lady. Although you did a great job breaking that bastard boy’s nose.” He smiled at her, showing everything was going to be okay, hopefully.

So the school did call the house, well so far for her telling him herself, and to keep out of more trouble. Though she figured she would with the stunt she done pulled last night. Grimacing she sighed heavily, releasing all the air out her lungs, it made her ribs hurt more.

“Hey pops, I’m sorry about last night.”

“Don’t be, it was my fault, I should have just told you, about having a half sister.” She nodded biting her lip thinking, but she coughed and ended up biting it to hard and blood dripped on the table.

After breakfast or brunch in her case she was shopping with Clementine for a sister’s day so they can get to know each other. It ma be nice.

“So what’s your school like?” Clementine asked as they walked side by side.

“Uh you know filled with snobby fuck heads, jocks, and cheer leader whores, and all that crap.”

“So any cute guys you’re interested in?” She smiled as she asked that one. Was there?

“If you count the start quarter back, but he’s a man whore slut and he has a broke nose and two black eyes now. So not anymore.” She grinned remembering how hard head butted him when he grabbed her shoulders. As she was walking Clementine was just standing the spot they stopped at still and she was looking at something pretty intensely.

“Eh? Orange, what are you doing?” Scarlett asked as she walked back to her half sister.

Scarlett looked in the direction Clementine was looking in and her heart started to accelerate and your face started to feel feverish what was happening to her. She could tell that orange was looking the same way as she. Fuck do they like the same guy? Wheat like. Her face paled she thought of it. Like when has she ever heard like anyone? She growled and walked away turning our back on the handsome stranger. Clementine regained her senses and went after her.

“Call? Hey Scarlet wait!” Clementine called after her as she ran to catch up to her even though she was wearing heels. The guy they were both looking at had just black hair that was a little on the long side and intense blue eyes. But what really caught her eye was the muscles that could belong to a football player, with how big he looked sitting down.

As the girls retreated the handsome stranger, caught a glimpse of the two, but his main sights was on Scarlett with her fiery red hair. His buddy slapped his arm getting his attention again.

“Yeah?” He answered his voice was husky coated with a bit of annoyce in mix.

“Dude I saw you looking at that redhead, do you even know who that was?” Bradly Marks, his friend hissed with the broken nose made his voice sounded all nasaly and funny.

“She’s hot,” he pointed out deadpan before a smile would creep up on his lips.

“That’s the bitch that done this to me!” He pointed to his broken nose that was in a cast of some sort. That only made it all the more funny to him.

Bradly snorted, but held his nose in pain from it and he started to laugh at his friends pain, causing a few people that surrounded them to look in their direction.

“That makes it even more funny that a chick had done that to your cheatin’ ass. You deserved every bit of it, though can’t say that Brittany is no angel either in the relationship.”

“Scarlett Sergiaino is a bitch that’s ruthless.

“Scarlett? Hmmm it suits her,” he grinned in the direction she left liking her name and the name was all too familiar with the Italian Mafia.

“Don’t try it Gernhard, unless you want to have a death with,” Bradly warned him. But of course Gerhard ignored him, Ashe grinned to himself.

Scarlett just stood in the gravel by the mall’s outdoor water fountain, the sound of people talking and laughing echoing inside the mall kind of made her head hurt. But she needed to have some air. Inside was crowded and the echoes of laughter and chit chat, not to mention the overwhelming smells of foods and perfumes made her head spin and gag. She was never really the type to wear perfume, unless she was gifted to her by a family member or a fancy dinner her father has once in a while. A couple walked passed holding hands, the two women looked happy as the short one kissed the buzz cut’s cheek, it made her happy in a strange sort. They were both totally different, one was short with long auburn hair wearing a yellow sun dress, while the other was punk with black creepers, ripped pants, a heavy metal shirt, and a lot of piercings.

Why does seeing A lesbian couple made her a little bit happy, was it that they were care free, or were they happy to show off their love? She shook her head kind of annoyed that her newly gained sister was in the public restrooms. As she waited a figure appeared before her line of sight, blocking the view of the fountain.

“Huh?” She looked up, damn tall people they can all go to hell like this bastard. Right when she was about to tell the fucker off it was Alex Ricci, honestly it was good to see the tall bastard, but he looked uneasy for some reason.

“Alex, something happened?” Scarlett asked her brow furrowed.

Alex was always with her father, unless he sent him to go get her from almost anywhere, including the night she went on a rampage killing all those police informants. Honestly she didn’t know what caused it, but she could still remember the feeling of their skulls being bashed in with that long Crow bar she found outside the warehouse. It must have been pretty much the whole family were looking for her.

“Where’s Clementine?” He asked as he looked frantically around them.

“She’s in the toilet, is there something I should know about?” Scarlett asked as was not liking the way Alex was acting, it made her uneasy.

Right when he had opened his mouth to answer her, the police and a squad drove passed the two towards the directions of the restrooms. They both shared a worried look and ran after them. At the time Scarlett didn’t think that anyone would know who they were, but it looks like she was wrong, which was a first.

“Merda, I didn’t think this through, I thought no one would had know who we were!” Scarlett yelled reaching the restrooms before Alex. Guess it was a good thing she ran track, though Alex used to be in the Italian army. What she saw made her blood run cold. Her sister was on the floor her clothes ripped and bloodied, near a certain area. She was raped no doubt about it, her lips pulled back into a snarl, the demon inside was coming back out for an encore.

One word was replaying in her mind over and over, she knew she was going to go on another rampage. Not because of her father hiding the fact that there was a chance her father cheated on her mother and had a child with another woman. But she has to worry about her half sister, no her sister.

“I’m gonna find out who done this to you, ” Scarlett vowed to her sister as she held her hand. Her nails were once nicely done in blue now they were broken and chipped, at least she didn’t go down without a fight. Holding her hand tightly in hers she felt like a failure.

“Scarlett please you don’t have to,” Clementine started to say, but Scarlett held up her hand to stop her from talking anymore.

“We’re sisters, isn’t helping one another the deal?” Scarlett grinned, as a smiled formed on Clementine's lips, she was calling her sister. Clementine pulled her into a brief hug but she held her sister's hand.

"Tell dad, please," she begged before she let her hand go as the EMTs carted her away and into the ambulance.

Later at the house Angelo Sergiaino was in a raging fit when he had gotten the news from Alex, Scarlett watched as her father was pacing in his office from the corner as she cleaned her gun. She didn't even need to look down at it as she placed the pieces together, she was scary. He saw the look of revenge in those evil black colored eyes of hers, at least it was a good thing she cared for her sister, but it came at a terrible time. Click. The sound of the gun in her hands her nails was painted blood red, her and Clementine must have gotten their nails done, it was terrifying.

"I'll find the sorry bastard, and send him straight to hell by the demon herself."

Fear engulfed his nerves, he hadn't heard her use that name for herself in five years. She gotten the nickname due to the family's black colored eyes, the cold stare was very much earned let alone not showing any mercy to her victims. Poor unfortunate souls those lot was.

"You go back to school soon Scarlett, we'll keep him in the dungeons," he told her seeing that she was heading to the office's doors.

"You better old man..." Her voice was cold and vacant, the demon is back.

Walking down the halls of her childhood home was calming, but it wasn't enough to calm her to where she won't shoot a sorry son of a bitch in the hallway. Though she had a two week suspension, her father had some how gotten her to go back tomorrow. She wondered what kind of dirt he had on the dean. She help but to grin, he probably done a set up with a stripper. The cleaning lady was mopping the halls with lemon cleaner, taking a deep breath to also smell the bleach that lingered in the air. Blood must've gotten on the floor, or an early flu season.

Pops always did hate getting sick so having it all scrubbed and properly sanitized at least twice a week. The home she always known was dark with a type of gothic feel, there was portraits of her family members who were made. One day her portrait will be on these walls.

"One day.." she spoke softly as her shoes clanking on the hard wood floors to her bedroom to pack again. She didn't look forward to going back and wearing those annoying uniforms. Girls had to wear skirts, long socks or black panty hose, she didn't have anything against the skirts but she would rather wear pants.

Once in her room she started to pack for the trip back to the academy, taking a deep breath she went to her closet and rummaged through it until she found her upright roller suitcase. The bedroom was a decent size with a full sized bed, with black bed sheets. The grey wall paper had darker grey paisleys on it. The room might as well be a hotel room, her shelves had hundreds of books on them, couple was hollowed out holding her weed, or a knife, or a gun in them. A few of them were sketch books that she forgotten all about until she started to take a walk around it. Weird how she's just going to missing, knowing she'll come back again.

On the shelf was a dusty old picture of her mother, she didn't know much about her really. Just that she was an Irish American in the city, she used to have a cart where she would sell flowers to business men to bring home their significant others. Her father told her the story so many times she knew it all by heart. Often times when he would tell her there would be a sad soft look in his eyes as he would remember the tale. It kind of made her wonder if she was the reason her mother had taken her own life. Anger gripped at her stomach, no of course not her mother loved her. Or was it something else?

"Why did you do it ma?" she asked the photograph, a knock at the door interrupted her train of thought, "huh, uh come in."

Margrett opened the door, she was standing at the height of five foot and nine inches tall, scars littered her body from a house fire. Her family didn't help her as she was found on the streets, the funny thing on how the two meet is that she had stolen from a much younger Scarlett and Alex was with her. Normally thieves would had paid the price by having their hand cut off, but though Scarlett has the evil cold gaze that of a demon's she let her keep her hands, and her life. For exchange by working for her, being her personal maid. There was times she had tried to escape, eventually she got the idea in her head , that she if she left she would die on the streets. At least she had food, clothes on her back, and a bed to sleep on. But she also had gained a friend, Scarlett was known as the demon and had a heart cold as ice but she showed kindness towards her.

She saw Scarlett by the shelf holding a brass picture frame with a far away look in her eyes, then she saw who picture was of. Her mother. It made her wonder what goes on in her mind at times even though it was clear something was on her mind.

"Oh hey Margrett, care to help me pack?" she asked with a light hearted smile.

"What happened?" Margrett asked, to her Scarlett was basically like a family to her after seven years being at the house. She knew something was up and hearing what happened to Clementine today, was she blaming herself.

She wants to talk but she held her tongue keeping her words on the inside of her throat, nervous about the strange atmosphere.

"Margrett was it my fault it happened?" Scarlett asked as she had her back turned towards her as she stood at the open closet doors.

"Miss Scarlett I don't think what happened was any at all your fault," she told her honestly as she started to pack. A smile crept onto her lips as she turned around with her clothes.

"Margret have I told you, you're amazing?"

"Okay who are you and what happened to the scary Scarlett that's always out for blood?"

That caused them both to break down and laugh at the silly question. The strange atmosphere quickly went away causing the tension to cool down several degrees.

"You know I'm going to miss these talks, until I come back that is." And it's true, trouble always seem to find her, maybe it was the family name or her temper. It also didn't help the temper part being part Irish and a red head. She honestly didn't like long car rides, but it couldn't really be helped.

It took an hour to pack her bag, the look on people's faces when she comes back would be perfect, including Bradly's face would be hilarious. Alex came around to the room to carry her bag out to the car. It was a black SUV with tinted windows.

"Dad isn't seeing me off?" she asked knowing the answer already. He hardly ever really came to say goodbye to her.

"Business Scarlett you know how it can be at times," he told her as they walked down the halls. Her father must be out checking the territory to see if they are still paying the protection fees like they are supposed to. Though it was only Thursday, probably just to see if anyone skipped town without paying it had happened before.

Alex opened the door for her as she got in he closed the door once she was inside. She sighed heavily and grabbed the seatbelt, pulling it across her body and buckled it with a click in the silent car. He put the suitcase in the back, he was like an uncle to her, and he would often think about trying to get her out of the life, change her mind. But she was in far too deep to leave. He faltered behind the car, before going to the driver's side door, his hand lingered on the handle. Shaking his head he opened the door and hopped in the driver's seat.

She was looking down at her phone typing, the sound of the device pinging. Clementine aka Orange texted her.

Thnx for sending a teddy bear.

Np just thought u might like it.

I do I'm feeling tired so i might get some zzz's.

That's fine just check in evry once in awhile, k?

I will.

With a heavy sigh Scarlett pocketed the phone in her jacket's pockets as the car started up. She didn't even noticed that Alex had even gotten in, guess she was too interested in her phone that she didn't pay attention.

She yawned tired leaning back in the seat and rubbed her temples. It was gonna be a three in a half hour drive to the academy, maybe she could just take a nap on the way there. But something was keeping her mind running like it was training for a marathon. Scrunching her nose at the image of her brain jumping out her skull and sprinting towards a finish line.

"Is everything okay back there?" Alex asked looking in the rearview mirror at her his brow furrowed. She shook her head the loose strands of hair danced around her heart shaped face, she looked too much like her mother.

"Just imaged my brain jumping out and making a mad dash for it," she told him as she laid a hand on her forehead.

He shuffled a laughed as she drove out the property's gates, the things that come out her mouth is sometimes too much like her father. He remembered when they were children and how they would run a muck back in Italy. They had stolen an expensive bottle of brandy, Alex only taken four drinks straight from the bottle, but Angelo had drunk most of the bottle. He spent four hours rubbing his back as her father vomited in the alley. His mother wasn't all that too happy with the two of them. It was pretty scary and their asses hurt after the whooping they've received they couldn't even take a shit.

She yawned looking out the window again watching the people on the sidewalk, some had dogs, others on bikes, or those annoying electric scooters. She always hated them, but they always do help when she needed a quick get away after a fight. She messed with the electric powered windows and ended breaking it, Alex cursed aloud about it in Italian. She knows the language, and could speak it fluently, but what he said she didn't feel like processing it. Though she knew what he said a couple fucks was in there. It was funny at times, she could teach the idiot girls how to say "I'm a stupid whore," Letting them think it was something fancy. She had a wicked grin grow across her face, at the thought of that idea.

She's gonna have some fun when she comes back to those idiots. Though her classes might get changed around a bit due to the issues of Bradly, he was in three of her classes. History, English, and gym the classes were easy, but it was just being taught by ignorant teachers that didn't know how to teach. Most of what they teach in history is about slavery and the Jim Crow laws. The shit was so damn annoying , sure it was a terrible thing, but couldn't she learn about how the government, came to be or war. It's funny how violence makes her happy, the sound of a man screaming begging for mercy is like the wonderful sound of a violin.

She bitten the inside of her cheeks as she pondered about the grades that might have dropped in her absence. College might be out the window, but she may be lucky to get those grades up.

I'm coming back. She texted a number of a student she had helped for in return of a few favors.

To school? But I thought it was a 2 week suspension not a 3 day 1. Sage answered, it was around the time of day she would be at the academy's west library studying.

I managed to pull a few strings to make a come back. Surprised? She grinned down at the phone.

Shocked really Scarlett, but do you think it may be a bit much? Mafia or not.

Do I have to remind you I saved your ass at that fucking party?

I'm sorry please I need this scholarship.

Good I'll be there in a few hours at must.

She tossed her phone in a mess of a purse and laced her fingers together on her lap as she crossed her legs. Oh what fun this will be for sure an evil laugh escaped her lips. Sending chills down Alex's spine, a huge muscular man scared of a hundred pound teenage girl. It wasn't right, with her kill list, she should be in federal prison and on the FBI watch list. Lucky for her she wasn't. Things in this family is really just fucked up and he's been in some fucked up situations , and tied up a hell of a lot of loose ends, that was either served and tied up. Or those loose ends were at the bottom of the river, or in the city's water treatment plant.

The highway was riddled with pot holes and discarded orange barrels left by city workers. Sometimes it would be nice in the city other times it was suffocating the life out of her. It would sometimes feel no matter how hard she would claw at her throat just to be able to breath was exhausting. Often at times she would claw at her own throat gasping for air, the only two people who saw her in that state was Margrett and Alex. The scars on her neck could be seen if she didn't wear a scarf, a collard shirt, or even a choker necklace. He started feel himself sweat, this isn't going to end well. Trying to remember if he prayed today the armpits of his suit is probably stained.

Her stomach started to tighten and the lunch she had was starting to come back up, burning her throat.

"Ugh," she covered her mouth and swallowed the bile back down it kind of wanted to come back up and cover the leather interior of the SUV.

"Car sick already?" Alex as he seen her turn green in complexation in the mirror.

"Just a little bit I'll be fine in a bit. It's been a while since I was on a long car ride," She told him as she took a drink of water from a pink water bottle. She was getting tired of being in the car already, wishing she was at home, or already at school, although she couldn't drive herself. She didn't have a license at least not yet anyway.

The thought of her driving helped her smiling to herself thinking, stealing one of her father's most beloved car.. She always did like that blue Nova. When she was a kid she would sneak into the garage late at night. They would find her asleep in the back seat hugging her plushie and covered up with her pink panda blanket. That was a damn good time , probably the most innocent thing she'd done in her life. Good times those were, she kind of miss it really at those times her father was around more.

Well at least her father was still in the picture, he was a made man after all and if someone has the guts to try and kill him she would have the army after them. That's what her father calls the boys, hell they might as well be with some of them coming from the military. An army at his finger tips ready and willing to lay their life on the line. Try poetry at it's finest really, she grinned imaging herself with that power, she could rule all the surrounding territories. Being a made woman sounds amazing, even though she's a Sergiaino.

Sergiaino that name is fear itself, people back in Italy treated the family with the upmost respect. Even the president of Italy himself respected them. But here you get dirty look, muttering, and people view them as criminals. Most of what the family has done was illegal to American standards. After all there's bills to be paid and issues to be resolved. What was that saying again? America is where dreams come true. Wait that was Disney, wasn't it? Oh wait land of the free that was it.

Scarlett sighed softly and now saw the academy's iron gates from the window of the car. In the 1800's the school used to be an informatory for the criminally insane, it was like a sick joke to her, but it was like a second home to her since she started. Silly stories of the buildings being haunted crept into her mind, stories of a murderer that wrote the names of his victims on the walls towards the West, some of those stories were a little over the top and just plain insane. Although it was a mental hospital in the past and also a prison, it was a type of building that needed to be protected. It was soon turned into a private school for the rich and those who gotten a scholarship. Or if their parents were desperate enough to make a deal with the devil.

Scarlett was let into her dorm once she went through the protocol after every student does once they return from their suspension, she had one strike on the list. If it happens again she may never get to come back. Though her father was a mafia boss, he was still a father to her, even though that one time he came to her piano recital making most of the auditorium run out during her first set. The other students parents rushed backstage pulling their children away. At the age of nine she still thought it was normal until it was later explained to her that what her father does isn't what other father's do, his work is dangerous, but she doesn't feel like she could be in any danger at all.

She would often wish that her family were more normal that she was normal maybe she would be more...decent. That thought made her scoff at herself, there's no way in hell that she could even change, throwing her suitcase on the bed and that's when Sage her roommate walked in with her backpack and phone in hand. A grin broke across her face as she turned towards her, it was good to see Sage pallid once she was fully facing her.

"Sage good to see you again, so what did I miss?" Scarlett smiled looking at her with a chilling smile.

"A shit ton really Scarlett, but you caught the attention of the Germans now that you've done and punched Bradly in the face!" Sage hissed as she closed the dorms door.

Great the Germans was here and found an interest in her, though Bradly wasn't German at all now she needed to find the German in this huge ass school. It was getting close to night fall and with the rules here she can't wonder campus at night. She'll have to wait until tomorrow, Scarlett unpacked her suitcase and change into her sleeping clothes. Laying in bed she checked her phone for any news or texts from Orange. And...nothing. There was nothing not even a notification from candy crush. This would become a stressful school year, or week already as she laid in bed. Closing her eyes, she entered a dream where she didn't know what could happen during tomorrow...

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