Mafia Raised

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Chapter19: Funeral Shoot Out

A weeks later...

Their was soft crying in the background of the funeral home, for the service of her grandfather. Things had to be done and made to where things were sent in place by her grandmother. The elder woman looked so much in pain that she could die at any moment. Though at least she would then be with her love, they’ve been together since high school and even his father didn’t want him to marry her. But ended up wed for so many years and had raised nine children together, owning a restaurant, winery and farm.

Scarlett sat in the pew with Gernhard on her right holding his hand on his lap while her father was on her left holding a handkerchief. It was a soft pink color, as she gotten a better look at it she saw that it had embordered initials in red. A.B. they could be her mother’s name, or it could be the name of another woman he was with. Clementine and her boyfriend had came, Ben Chafer was a high time lawyer her father has on stand by when police get too close for comfort. He was only couple years older than her, but he was good to her Scarlett made sure of it.

Before the two made it known to their father he was suggesting to Clementine that they should date. And that’s when things came out for them both. He doesn’t cheat on her and the last woman he was with shattered his heart, his ex wife was cheating on him with the judge and he instantly filed for a divorce. She gotten the house and everything, while he just left with his nice car and all this belongings except for the gifts she gave him. Their father gave him a room to stay in because they because such close friends.

While he was taking a walk in the garden he stopped at the water fountain looking at the cherubs holding vases while water was pouring out. He even threw his wedding band into the fountain, it was almost like a weight was lifted from the limb. That’s when the ring hit her in the eye as she was walking passed and the rest is history. It was a cute love story that wasn’t forced and it came slowly into a burning love. Scarlett was a little jealous of her sister, but she had Gernhard who was becoming cold again.

She looked up at him wearing small rounded rose colored sunglasses she’s been having a killer head ache. Since the crash she’s been having them none stop, just the littlest of sounds made her head throb. She leaned against Gernhard as she closed her eyes, he looked down at her and kissed her cheek with a slight smile. Maybe there will be hope for them just yet but they have to get through the service first before they can go back home. Home. Where will their home be?

Just as people stood walking out to their cars her grandfather’s casket was loaded into the back of a black hearse with silver flowers air brushed on the side. It was a custom painting for their family only, which isn’t surprising. As they soon pulled up to the family’s graveyard she saw the tent and chairs ready for them. The hearse parks and the Paul Barres gotten out of their vehicles to carry the casket out and onto the pully system that lowers the body into the ground.

As the family stood there a group of men dressed in trench coat appeared and tommy guns were pulled out aiming at anyone and everyone.

“Get down!” Her father yelled as her pulled out his own gun starting to fire back. Some of those who were unarmed started to disbursed taking cover where ever they can. Even behind the casket, good thing it was bullet proof but it was knocked over and her grandfather’s body rolled out.

Gernhard held Scarlett close to him as he fired at the trench coat men. Bullets hit the ground and head stones, car windows were busted out and people were screaming. A distant aunt was shot in the head and her body felled to the ground. In horror her husband and two children had watched her murder. Scarlett grabbed Gernhard’s spare gun and pulled out her own out of her thigh holster starting to join in the gun fight.

Getting out of her husband’s grasp she started running towards the gunfire screaming like a banshee.

“Ci vediamo all’inferno!” Scarlett cried out killing five of the thirty men. Some of them started to back away of run when they saw that she wasn’t standing down or running and hiding like the rest of them. A bullet went through the side of her leg, she screamed in pain, but it didn’t stop her. She ran forward on firing at them, another one falls.

The men started to grow scared seeing she wasn’t backing down and one of a hell shot. One of Scarlett’s bullets went into the guns barrels and made the gun blow up in the man’s hands and face. He felled back screaming pain.

"Courir, nous allons perdre plus d’hommes!" one of them yelled as he was the one that started to run back to their van. Dragging the one that's gun blew up in his face into the van screaming. The tires squealed kicking up gravel with the side door still open.

Her father pulled out a grenade from his jacket and threw it into the van after pulling the pin. After about a few feet the van exploded, after the shoot out her grandmother was crying. After having her grandfather put back in the casket and buried all the wounded was taken care of and the dead buried. Only two were dead counting her grandfather. She was being stitched up in the car as it was taking them to the air port.

The honeymoon was cut short all thanks to a death, a shoot out, and a fucking arugment...

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