Mafia Raised

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Chapter20: Birthday dinner

Seven months later...

Scarlett was sitting in back of the car with her husband Gernhard going to out to dinner for her birthday. She was looking down at her hands, she was dressed in a long sleeved cocktail dress and a red leather jacket on. A white scarf wrapped loosely around her neck over her pearl necklace. The same necklace Gernhard surprised her with on the plane to their honeymoon. She sighed softly looking out the window of the car it was raining outside the lights from the city made it look beautiful.

Gernhard looked over at her and his eyes wondering her body from her legs to her face. His eyes just lingered on her legs, the black pantie hose made him want to rip them off her legs exposing them. He softly growled in his fist trying to stop himself, since coming back he hadn’t really felt like having sex. Well having sex with her since she had distance herself from him. So he slept with different woman but he just wants to work things out with Scarlett.

She sighed and looked over at him her eyes that had so much fire and passion behind those dark iris’ now they were cold and distant. Just like they were on their wedding day, he felt guilt hit him like a ton of bricks.

“You’ve been sleeping with other women,” she said bluntly to him with a deadpan stare at him. He opened and closed his mouth and looked down nodding as he intertwined this fingers together.

“Yes...I have, how did you find out?” he asked softly looking back up at her.

“The lipstick on your silk boxers weren’t my shade of red,” she told him as she uncrossed her legs.

His breath was caught in his throat as the car finally stopped outside of Ricci’s her father’s right hand man Alex Ricci’s restaurant. The driver stepped out the car and opened the door for them, like any other man Gernhard held out his hand for her to take to get out. But she didn’t take it as she stepped out all the men that was outside on the sidewalk. She turned heads and the men that was with their wife or girlfriend had to have a look at her. He knew he didn’t deserve her but he might have fucked up this whole marriage. After following her inside Alex was talking to an employee before he saw the two supposed love birds.

He smiled at the two walking up to them with opened arms, Scarlett smiled softly as they embraced kissing each other’s cheeks.

“There they are was traffic bad?” he asked shaking Gernhard’s hand as he looked at her.

“It wasn’t all that bad but it was rather stuffy in the car,” she told him with a fake smile. No one knew it was fake but her, she was traying to pull an act up and hopefully it doesn’t fall through the cracks. During the months that Gernhard had be unfaithful she had to keep up an act that everything was okay. When really it wasn’t.

Alex lead the two to their table that was a private booth in the back in corner of the restaurant. It was their table from the very beginning of when it first opened up. When they weren’t there the table would go to the people who were waiting for a table. They only time it would be empty is when they call and reserve the table.

“A server will be with you guys in a few minutes here’s some menus and they take your order,” Alex told them before he left.

Scarlett grabbed a menu off the table and opened it up going through the dishes. Her face was hidden behind it, he saw the top of her head as she made little movements. The curls she down for her hair made them look like copper instead of her usual fiery red hair.

“I’ve dyed it if that’s what you’re wondering Gernhard,” she told him as she looked over the side at him before closing the menu.

“It looks very nice kätzchen." He smiled nervously as looked at him with narrowed eyes.

She smiled at him. Don't get him wrong he loves her smile, but something behind that smile have an evil intent. She hummed softly crossing her legs under the table and then, thud. Her foot went between his legs on the edge of his seat close to his manhood. He let out a small yelp and jumped, looking at her with such shock he was almost about to piss himself.

He gulped looking down at her shoe, she was wearing her red bottom black silettos this time. She just grinned her elbow on the table and her chin resting on her palm.

"Gernhard I'm leaving," she told him as she stood from their table.

"Kätzchen please you can't leave this is your birthday. Let's be happy together please," he begged as he grabbed her hand. Guilt was truely eating at the pit of his stomach now.

It might as well be an alien from those Skully's Sullinger movies. She looked down at him with a sudden coldness ran through him. He let her go of her and he still felt cold. What was that? He looked down at his hand and it was a light shade of blue.

"I'll see you later. I wanna celebrate by myself Gernhard."

And she was of to the exit passing Alex as he was greeting new patrons. Gernhard went after her but was stopped by him. A firm hand was on his chest. Sadness was breaking his heart as he watched her raise an arm up hailing a taxi. The yellow cab stopped and she opened the door, she looked back at him before disappearing inside.

Once she closed the door she let out the breath she was holding when he touched her. Something made her think of ice and when looked down at his hand it was blue.

"Where to red?" The driver asked as he looked back at her in the review mirror.

"Vicki's bar," she told the man. Vicki's was owned by Clementine's mother, they weren't close at all but the place was left to her. Clementine made it into a nice one, it was quite and the alcohol was strong.

She could use something strong like that. Or someone.

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