Mafia Raised

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Chapter21: The Detective

Jasper Williams Sat at the bar with a scotch in hand, he had just woken up with the realization that he lost his partner of five years to that fucking under cover work. After that he had been drinking nonstop, he even lost his job as a criminal detective in Whitehall, England. He didn't have anything left for him there, his father left him and his mother when he had found out she had cancer. He had nothing left there and he hadn't found his mate after so many years trying to find her. He gave up and moved to America in a little apartment that was just enough for him.

He was known as the black sheep of the family and decided just to distance himself from them, he didn't want to be around his father after what he had done. Breathing in that's when he caught her scent he sniffed the air, vanilla, honey and roses. Oh lord so sweet. He felt drunk as he drank what was left in the glass tumbler. She walked up to the bar and took a seat just a few chairs away, she sighed softly her eyes looked off into the distance as the bar tender filled his glass before making his way to her.

Scarlett crossed her arms on the wooden bar top with a lot on her mind, should she have stayed? Or should she just back and apologized for what she done. She shook her head, no he brought this on himself and deserved every bit of it.

"What would it be Scarlett?" Chuck the bar tender asked her before she went too far into her mind.

"Oh you know the usual what I get, a bloody mary garden," she smiled softly side glancing the drunk that was sitting just a few seats away.

He has dirty blonde hair that sweeps in loose curls, dark peircing emerald eyes that looked right through her. He looked as though he could rip a log in half with those pythons. For some reason she wanted to be squeezed in them.

"Here you go Scarlett, everything okay?" Chuck asked softly enough for her to hear only. But if she only knew how good his hearing was, he could everything including her beating heart.

She looked down at her drink and grabbed the pickle and bit into it before dipping it into the drink. The taste of the crisp tang of the dill was nice, she didn't eat anything yet so that helped.

"Gernhard cheated on me with a harlot, probably from the strip club," she told him softly her eyes looked down at the red drink. The Mr Hollywood sputtered coughing on his drink and in a coughing fit after she said that. She was pretty sure she said it quietly enough, or maybe it was something he was thinking. She slipped her red leather jacket off and set it on the space next to her before eating the veggies and taking a long sip of her drink.

It hit the right spot and made her feel warm when she was feeling cold for the past few months. Where did she go wrong in the marriage? She wanted her husband but she couldn't get a hold of herself. She was emotionally guarding herself again she needed an outlet and looks like drinking would one of them. She was in her own little world with he heard someone clear their throat right next to her.

She looked up and was starting back into those emerald green eyes, she felt herself blush. She downed half her drin hoping to gain some courage to talk to the guy. His eyes were going to focus to no focus looking at her with drink in hand.

" are you?" He smiled looking into her eyes. She tensed up and felt her panties get wet, this guy was like a combination of Chris evens an Liam Hemsworth, complete with the sexy as fuck British accent.

She was looking at this beautiful man and she felt her cheeks heat up.

"I am now," she smiled telling him as she looked up at him, her dressed was hugging her curves perfectly. She couldn't remember what underwear she was wearing today.

"I'm glad to hear it beautiful, uh...may I sit here?" He asked with a slight slur. She nodded before she could get ahold of herself. He had a great home structure, she wanted to touch them.

She was drinking the rest of her drink and Chuck have her a refill with more veggies, he even set a small plate with them next to her glass.

"I'm Jasper Williams, I'm a detective. Well I was actually," he told her looking at his glass then her with a pitiful smile. Her heart hammered against her ribcage.

"I'm Scarlett Sergiaino," she kinda regretted giving him her last name but just went with it.

"That's a beautiful name, what part of Italy are you from?" He hiccuped blushing looking into her obsidian eyes.

She smiled softly at him and moved her jacket so he could sit with her.

"I'm born here, but most of my family is from Sicily," she told him openly. Why was she even telling him this? It was very certain that she didn't know the guy from Adam or Eve, so why was she even telling him this?

"I've never been there, but since you said family is from there it must be beautiful as you."

Even when just a little drunk he was still smooth with his words. He just hope he didn't mess this up, he could have just found his mate. He couldn't stop staring into her eyes, they were like a black hole sucking him in. It made her smile with a light blush, he couldn't tell if it was from the cocktails she was drinking or his flattery. Hopefully flattery.

She tucked a strand of that copper hair behind her ear, what he wouldn't give just to nibble on.

"That's very cute." She looked at him from over her glass taking a sip. She called it cute, he felt a little defeated but he wasn't giving up.

"Would you mind telling me about yourself?" She asked leaning in closer where her scent overwhelmed his nostrilss. He smiled big a bright like a child it made his heart swell along with something else.

"Of course, would you like to sit at a booth so it'll be more comfortable?" He stood almost stumbling but was able to stay on his feet and held his arm out to her for her to take.

"I'd like that very much," she told him smiling taking it. It felt like electric was running through them. And she liked it.

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