Mafia Raised

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Chapter22: Cocktails

They were in the corner booth giggling like a couple of high schoolers, both were drunk off their asses. It was probably about almost one in the morning if not later.

"And he...he has the nerve to cheat...on me!?" She yelled drunk and hiccupped as she leaned against his strong tight chest. The place was pretty much empty except for the bar tender, the passed out drink that might be dead from alcohol poisoning across the bar. And then there was them having a party between each other.

"No way!" He gasped as he slammed his fist on the table with enough force to knock over his drink and spilling it on her ten thousand dollar designer dress, that yes has pockets. She gasped standing up in a rush along in the process hitting the table in the process of getting on his cheap suit.

He stood and looked down at his crotch at least it was black, the two looked at each other and started to laugh.

"Oh my God," she laughed so hard she started to cry completely loosing it.

"I am so sorry love," he apologized grabbing a cloth and started dabbing the wet spot on her breasts. She felt her face heat up a hundred degrees, she grabbed his hand and looked at it. They were rough and big but at the same time seemed protective.

He watched her as she took his middle finger in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, sucking it. He felt his cock go hard in his trousers this women wanted him and he needed her. Swallowing hard he watched he could see her breast from under the black dress, she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were pierced. Good god what had he gotten himself into?

"Your place?" she asked taking his finger out her mouth, a line of saliva from her lips to his finger made him want to just fuck her right here in this booth.

Scarlett looked up at Jasper with lust swimming in his eyes she could see the outline of his cock from the spilled drink. Fuck Gernhard was bigger than him. She bit her lip as she watched it twitched to life she felt her panties get soaked.

"Y-yeah." he leaned down his nose grazed her cheek to her neck before back to cheek before his lips hovered over hers. She couldn't help herself she grabbed the hair that curled at the nape of his neck and pulled him in for a deep rough kiss.

Static, no lighting ran through them as they made out in the corner both he laid her down as they carnivorously kissed, it was feverish and it needed to be quenched. His finger rubbed her pussy from the outside of her panties, getting a moan in the kiss.

"My apartment is on the second floor here love," he told her as he picked up going to the steps in the back. She nodded lost in a daze as she looked into his eyes he saw the lust in those obsidian eyes.

Once they were at his door they were kissing he unlocked the door and kicked it open as he was kissing her. His hands went under her dress gripping her ass hard and tight. Her eyes rolled back in the kiss with a moan as their tongues fought in each others mouths. Before he could even close the door he ripped the lace underwear off her making her yelp in surprise. He spun her around and closed the door and unzipped his pants and pressed his erection against her ass.

She tilted her head back her breathing became ragged she wanted him in her now. She grabbed his throbbing cock in her hand and stroked it, a deep throaty groan escaped his lips. She whipped around and got on her knees licking up and down his shaft as her hand was busy with massaging his balls. Wouldn't want to forget those now would we?

"Oh Fuck..." he groaned running his fingers through her hair gripping the fiery locks tight.

She took as much as she could of him in her mouth, she moaned and left it with a pop catch her breath. Precum started to drip from his tip she sucked it off giving him a mischievous grin. His mouth dropped open as he looked down at his soon to be mate. He picked her and ran to the bed nearly ripping his clothes off on the way there. As he set her on the bed her took his boxers off his cock fully erected he climbed on top of her.

She slipped her dress over her head throwing it across the room with a thud. Her phone must have been in her pocket. Oh well she had it turned off. Jasper laid her down as he climbed on top of her he guided his head in her velvety folds teasing her by gliding his length against her entrance.

"Oh fuck yes," she hissed through her teeth welcoming the pleasurable sting of pain her pussy felt. He grinned before shoving it in with a quick thrust, Jasper tilted his head back groaning.

He went hard and deep as he pumped himself inside her. As he felt her walls clench around him he groaned encouraging him to go faster.

"I...wanna be...on top," she told him as her hands grabbed his shoulders. Groaning he grabbed a hold of her abdomen and flipped them over to where she was on top. She moaned and rolled her hips leaning back as she gripped his thighs.

Her nails digging into his skin, made him love the pain he inflicted to her. She grabbed her breast squeezing it and tugged on the piercing as she rode him.

"I'm so fucking close Jasper," she told him as her breathing became rugged.

"Fuck yes!" He groaned grabbing her hips and thrusted upwards his crotch slamming into hers. Her eyes rolled back into the sockets of her skull and her tongue was out as she gasped cumming.

He grunted slamming into her one final time cumming inside her filling her completely up. She panted looking down at him her skin a light sheen of sweat. He smiled at her as he laid her down and pulled out before laying by her side.

"That was wow..." She smiled telling as he pulled her in his arms.

"Hmmm." He smiled nuzzling her cheek breathing in her scent, he just couldn't get enough of it.

He smiled and just couldn't help himself. he kissed her neck before biting down. She moaning gasping best before her body tensed up and went slack in his arms passing out. She's his now. He soon joined her in slumber.

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