Mafia Raised

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Chapter23: The Morning After

Scarlett's head and body ached as her eyes fluttered opened, blinking slowly she was looking up at the textured cream ceiling that looked as though it had sustain some water damage. She groaned as she closed eyes and rolled over in the bed into the arms of the sleeping figure next to her. The arms wrapped around her body and she was gently being kissed. She cracked open her eyes and looked excepting to see Gernhard but no. But it was clearly another man. She gasped her eyes widened and she jumped out of bed naked, freaking out.

She cheated on Gernhard her husband, she tried to remember some of last night. Her head was throbbing, right she had too much to drink. Slowly it came back to her and she remembered his name. Jasper Williams a detective from Whitechapel England, as she looked at him she found he was rather easy on the eyes. She sighed and crawled back into the bed.

"Fuck it," she whispered under her breath before drifting back to sleep.

Jasper rolled over to see her bare back facing him, she gotten back in bed with him and didn't leave like the rest of the women he slept with. Sometimes he would hope or wish they would just stay until after he made them coffee and breakfast. He felt his heart swell as he watched her breath, as he reached out to touch her she rolled over facing him. Her eyes fluttered open as she looked at him with those obsidian eyes. He could say that his heart stopped as he couldn't help but to stare back at her.

A small smile form on lips that he couldn't get enough of kissing them last night. The were so soft, plumb and it felt right and in another way wrong for some reason.

"Morning," she said as she looked at him the comforter was over her shoulder making her look innocent. If only he knew who she really was, he was only new to the town for a couple months. Her left hand slid on the sheet and that's when he saw the ring, a sliver ring with a pink pearl and the ring wasn't lonely either. There was also a thin silver wedding band accompanying it.

Fuck he just slept with a married woman, and if it wasn't hell enough he marked her in his drunken state. Shit why couldn't he just left her alone?

"My husband has been cheating me," she told him as she looked down at her rings and sensing his panic. He looked at her as she was being open to him, even though they had just met last night.

"I'm so sorry Scarlett," he told her as he laid a hand on her cheek and he saw his mark on her neck. Did she know about werewolves since she had the scent of a witch on her as well with his scent.

She smiled and laid a hand on his that laid on her cheek as she looked at him.

"Thank you Jasper, I should probably leave before he worries. though he might not be alone right now."

"I'll call you a cab," he told her as he grabbed his phone off the charging dock.

Gernhard sat alone in the library of their home as he had stayed there all night Princess the Eastern Asian Water Monitor was by his feet. She was a rescued from a pet shop that had been shut down for the cruelty of its animals. She was a spoiled thing really, she loves boiled eggs and chicken nuggets on some days with chicken wings.

"I really fucked up girl," he talked to the giant lizard as he looked at the fire. Last night the woman he had been sleeping around with came over thinking to get some money.

He became furious and fired a warning shot if she ever came near him or his home he'd kill her. Terrified she ran out knocking down a bust of Eros he sighed and threw the gun onto the couch sitting back down.

"Scarlett please come back," he begged sinking lower in the velvet arm chair. Princess climbed up his leg and laid on his lap like a puppy. Sighing for the hundredth time he scratched the lizard's back peeling some of her shedding skin. For him it was very satisfying and calming to do, something helped.

As he was in him mind he heard a door open and close, what he wouldn't give for it to be Scarlett.

"Hrmm Scarlett!" He cried out freaking Princess enough to jump off him and scurry off somewhere.

"What I can home didn't I?" Scarlett stood in the doorway with heels in hand. He looked at her and jumped out the chair running to her. Once he stood in front of her he grabbed her face and kissed her deeply and passionately.

Scarlett was surprised pretty expecting a full out argument but no he kissed her. She closed her eyes kissing him back with just as enough passion.

"I'm so sorry kätzchen I nearly killed that girl last night. I only want you my beautiful wife, the flame that burns my heart." He told her kissing her cheek, jawline, and neck. She blinked and wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek softly.

He held her hand and planted feather light kisses on her knuckles as he looked up at her with admiration towards her. That familiar twinge of pain her in the chest made her feel guilty as she looked at him and she wrapped her arms around him. He pulled her hair back off the skin of her neck revealing the bite mark on her neck. He gasped seeing it and Scarlett's eyes widened as she looked up at him. Of course Jasper bitten her last night but she didn't know how bad it was until she looked in the mirror in the taxi.

Scarlett looked at him her heart racing as icey fingers dug into her stomach.

"Scarlett what happened?" He asked worried but also scared.

"I slept with a man last night and he bit me like a vampire, but I don't think he is one. They aren't real." She tried to laugh it off but it sounds like she was going to cry.

And she didn't want to cry not infront of him, she felt like she was gonna break at any moment.

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