Mafia Raised

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Chapter24: Bubble bath and Kisses

Gernhard pulled Scarlett into his arms where he had soon sweep off her feet, carrying her to their bathroom. As he didn't utter a single word as they walked through the homes halls, their home that they had for in the Victorian age of town. Once he was inside the masterbath he set her on the counter, he gave her a quick peck on the lips before walking over to the huge clawfooted bathtub. He put the plug in the drain before running the warm water. Once the water was running he walked over to the cabinet he took out an bathbomb, scented oils and bubble bath.

A little oil, a bit of bubble bath and he tossed in the bathbomb making the room smell like honey and roses. She smiled softly the man knew what she likes and it shows or the maids does, but she hasn't seen not a single soul except him and Princess.

"Where is everyone?" She asked softly as she watched Gernhard test the water while he was on his knees by the tub. Sitting up straight he looked at her with some sadness but swallowed it down like a bitter pill.

"I gave them the day off, I wanted to be alone because of what happened last night,"he told her as he stood up and walked over to her.

She held out her arms to him, as he stood in front of her he wrapped her arms around her and she hugged him tightly. He stood between her legs holding her, he breathed in her scent smelling the other man. He wondered how many times she had hugged him and smelt the other woman on him. He slowly pulled away from her and grabbed her dress by the hem and pulled it over her head. He was surprised to find she had no underwear on at all, biting his lip he resisted the urge just to drop his pants and fuck her on the counter.

Scarlett watched as every muscle under Gernhard's tight fitted dress shirt tense up, she bit her lip watching him. He grabbed her by the thighs and picked her up carrying her to the bathtub. She smiled as he set her in the warm water gently, the rolled up sleeves of his shirt gotten wet when the water splashed.

"Gernhard, can you join me?" she asked him softly as she leaned on the of edge of the tub water splashed out getting his pants leg. He smiled down at her and started to unbutton the dress shirt and kicking his shoes off.

She blushed watching him and bit her lip enjoying the show he's giving her. He grinned and stepped into the tub with her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Let's work things out with each other." She curled up in his arms and it made him smile and he nodded softly happily kissing her cheek. She smiled up at him feeling as though they can fix all the broken pieces, though their might be some small missing pieces.

With that intimate moment Princess came running into the room with her ball in her mouth.

"Oh no Princess don't do it!" Gernhard yelled at the large retile, only it was too late she had climbed into the tub with them. Scarlett screamed from the shock and started to laugh seeing the adorable lizard poke it's head from the bubbles. Gernhard sighed to himself before he had started to laugh, it felt good to finally be able to share laughter with her. He brushed her cheek with his hand having her look at him, she had a soft blush creep onto her cheeks.

It made him smile even more as his lips inched closer and closer to hers. She bit her lips as she closed her eyes ignoring that Princess was crawling out of the tub making a mess. As they shared a much needed loving kiss all her nerves went away and she felt calm. All do to the fact of what happened yesterday and on her birthday, today was a new day and she won't let anything like that happen to them again. The kiss grew more intense as their tongues were now fighting each other.

The kiss turned feverish as they were in each others arms craving one another. Scarlett leaned back into the tub, instead of leaning against the edge she was in the middle of tub. She let out a quick scream pulling Gernhard back with her both submerged into the water. Gasping they looked at each other when they sat back up, causing them both to break down laughing again. Gernhard pulled her back into his arm with a smoldering smile on his lips.

As Scarlett stared into those piercing blue eyes she still felt as though something was missing as she looked at him. From that moment in the tub she hasn't seen not heard of Jasper Williams again. Though some part of her wished that she could be a just shook him out of her mind and focused on Gernhard and her, but she couldn't. Could it be that he had bitten her like a bug, was he a vampire? Fear was more than happy to grip its icy hands around her chest she was scared honestly, but she knew that they weren't real.

No what he really was, was something so integrally different, a different race really. One that particularly howls at the moon if you must know. There are secrets that Scarlett has yet to find out, for herself and will she fully open up to Gernhard and bare a child of their own and have a normal family. Though they are made man and woman of the mafia they will seek out the answers together. But first they dig into her mothers belongs in her childhood home, and finally find out as to why she had hung herself in front of a young baby Scarlett.

As Scarlett was in the bath she thought of how her life had played out so far now and she was forced into a marriage she hadn't even want to be taken place, she had been running away from it for five years before she had finally married Gernhard Schneider. Finally she had finally agreed to her fate and ended up marrying him. Though things were shaky during the first few hours of their wedding night they had fallen for each other, while on their way to their honeymoon. The sex was intense and perfect for them, while one day they were in the middle of making love the rival French mafia was trying to kill them. Surely it had pissed the new bride off and she killed them.

Though their honeymoon was cut short due to the death of her grandfather Carbone Marcus Sergiaino death and a shoot out.

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