Mafia Raised

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Chapter26: Fluffy

Scarlett had just shot the wooden pillar by Jasper’s head, both men stopped and looked at her. Seeing that she was just in her bra and panties with the garter belt holding the black stockings in place. Their mouths dropped open as they looked at her body, her body was in shape with a full bust and hips with some scars visible. Jasper couldn’t help himself and howled at her and blushed when he realized what he did.

“Cute, we have some questions for you to answer, if I don’t like the answers I’ll kill you,” she looked down at him, with a cold and emotionless stare.

It made Jasper’s heart ache a little as he looked into those eyes, the same eyes he looked into as they made love. Gernhard stood straight and walked over to her wrapping an arm around her waist kissing her collar bone.

“Kätzchen sind Sie sicher?” he asked as she held her gun tightly in her grasp.

“I’m sure my love,” she told him flatly before turning on her heel and walking to the office again. This time they followed behind her, Jasper couldn’t help but to stare at her ass since he was right behind her.

Scarlett’s mind was going a few hundred miles an hour, she felt so happy to see him and she wanted to shoot Gernhard for hurting him. The relationship between her and Gernhard had gotten better and they were open towards each other now. They’ve even schedule a trip to go out to Berlin for a nice vacation together. Well another reason is that he wanted to take her to a few clubs that are pretty kinky. Scarlett smiled happily thinking about it and how his knot tying skills had gotten a lot more better since then.

Clearing her throat Scarlett fully undressed in front of both men clearly torturing them, she walked into that bathroom of the office. She had a bathroom and a bed installed here at the club after they had bought it. For a reason that her and Gernhard might get into a fight and or that they needed a place to lay low if any means possible.

“So what do you wanna ask me beautiful?” Jasper asked with a smile on his lips, though he was just a little nervous he watched her naked walk into the bathroom.

He gulped watching her body seeing that it was craved from marble, that’s how perfect her body is to him.

“That night we fucked, you bit me and I still have the scar...” She told him as she stood under the hot water.

“I know and I didn’t want another man to have you, but I guess I was late for that ship had already set sail.” He grinned sadly looking at her with sadness in those amazing green eyes. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked into them.

“You’re a werewolf aren’t you?” she asked looking down at him.

After she was bitten they had to visit her father Angelo for a family lunch at Ricci’s. When he saw the bite mark on her all the truth had come out from her family and the reason why all the members of their family have black eyes. It was curse brought on by a werewolf centuries ago while the Sergiaino clan had been murdering the werewolf race. Her grandfather was making an army of them before her father had stepped in making all those who were forced into such a way was freed.

But they stayed being loyal to her father for showing kindness to them and freeing them. Alex her father’s right hand man was a Zeta, she didn’t know what it was at first but they’re incredible soldiers with outstanding loyalty. Not only that but they were also the highest ranking soldiers to only take orders from their Alphas. But they were also brothers by bond and not by blood where her grandmother had raised the two men as boy together as brothers. Where they ran around together causing trouble behind his father’s back.

Jasper had marked her as his mate and she couldn’t break the bond he had put on her, if she did there would be a chance she would break his heart. A broken heart wasn’t really that much, but where as Alex had pieced it together it sounded like he could died from it.

“Scarlett I know I might have messed up by marking you, but I don’t think I have because of that night we shared I needed to touch you again.” Jasper took a step closer to the shower as where Scarlett took a step back a little uneasy were just a glass shower door separated them. Gernhard grabbed his arm keeping him a comfortable distance for her.

Well mostly for him actually, he didn’t want this mutt to get any closer to her than he had that night a year ago. He would still remember her face as she tried to fight her tears in that bathroom when he saw the mark. The scar was still there and it bothered him, he didn’t want to share Scarlett with anyone, she’s his wife for God’s sake.

“I can tell big boy here doesn’t want to share or let you go with out a fight, but I honestly have nothing to go back to in England and I’m the black sheep of the family here,” Jasper finally said to them as they all felt the tension.

Scarlett sighed and turned the water off and wrapped the towel around her body, before opening the glass door.

“You’re right, but also I couldn’t get you out of my mind either after that night. I love my husband even though he had cheated on me, we gotten through it and our relationship has gotten stronger.” Gernhard took in a deep breath and let it out almost sounding pained to her, Jasper heard it and his ear perked at the sound almost giving him the appeared of a puppy.

“Kätzchen, if you want and I have a feeling that you don't want to end the bond between you and him along with ending our marriage and being with him. I guess we could try a polyamorous relationship..." he rubbed the back of his neck.

Scarlett gasped looking at her husband and smiling loving this man, smiling she nodded and grabbed both men's hands holding them.

"So let's go home?" she asked looking at them with her hair still wet from the shower.

Scarlett had laid between two huge men in the king sized bed they both held onto her almost as though she was stuff animal and the two men were children. As she laid there looking up at the canopy of the bed she thought of why Gernhard agreed to the whole poly thing. She looked over at him seeing he was sleeping soundly with a trail of drool and pooling on his pillow. It made her smile and she laid a hand on his cheek rubbing it softly careful as to not to wake him up from his slumber. Though it did make him stir in his sleep and wrap his arms around her waist pulling her closer to his body.

She was being crashed by his grip and it didn't help very much that Jasper had his arms around her as well, squeezing her nearly crushing her rib cage in his death cuddle. Groaning she wiggled out of their grasped quietly and walked to the bathroom silently. As she tipped toed to the bathroom, before entering the room she looked back at the bed to see that Jasper and Gernhard were fighting in their sleeping hugging her pillow. Both must have thought that the memory foam pillow was her body. As she rolled her eyes at the two she closed the door behind her with a soft click and turned the lights on blinking she looked in the mirror. Some guilt had its grasp on to her stomach as she thought about all the events that had happened in the year that had just went by in a blink of an eye.

After a month of being marked by Jasper she was going through her family's library only to find found an old leather bound book that had once belonged to her mother. Come to realize her mother had turned out to be a witch that was in a line of powerful grey magic user. And to find out that her father was being called the God of Zetas for helping the wolves who were imprisoned by her family. Pretty much there was a lot that had happened during that year. As she sat on the toilet she thought about how Gernhard was so open to letting another man in her life.

She washed her hands in the sink, but as she looked up at the mirror she thought about the bar, more and more about that that night, maybe he still felt terrible about the whole cheating thing. Or he's trying to make her happy after he had just almost lost her by almost letting her die when she was shot in the head after they had just come back to the states. Moving the hair away from her temple showing the scar from the bullet, it didn't penetrate her skull which was scary lucky for her. Scarlett opened the door and turned the light off seeing both men awake and watching her.

"Are you okay?" Gernhard and Jasper asked in unison as they sat at the edge of the bed.

"I'm alright you two, but why are you both awake?" she asked with a smile on her lips as she walked to them wearing her silk nightgown that felt like butter on her skin.

They pulled her into bed with them, guess they needed to have their arms around her body to be able to sleep. Once she was in the bed they had their arms around her body kissing her neck softly lingering trails of their lips made her senses tingle as they snuggling into her. Smiling she ran her fingers through their hair as she was sitting up in bed as she was propped up by pillows. A black mist appeared at the doorway and snaked its way towards the bed. Soon a form was on the bed she saw glowing red eyes watching her the face was hidden by they shadows but she could see the fangs in its smile.

As she blink a few times the form has gotten more clearly, now seeing what was it was a man shirtless with leather pants and bare footed at the foot of the bed.

"Hello fire," a very familiar voice said, it was her ex fling and now president of the Saints a motorcycle club that works under her father to sell and distribute drugs.

"Bones...what are you doing here and what the fuck are you?" she asked her brows furrowed as she looked at him. It made his smile grew more larger the fangs poking out from his lips.

"Seven years ago you wouldn't believe me but now that you're mated to a mutt. I think you'd believe me now," he told her as he crawled up the bed towards her.

She felt like prey being stalked upon by a deadly predator, and this predator is damn sexy covered in tattoos, one of which was her name tattooed on his chest with a small flame at the end of it. It some how made her heart swell seeing that had still have it on his body and didn't get it covered up, which was a little surprising that they had ended what they had. As she had her eyes on his chest that moved with each movement he made towards her, Jasper stirred in his sleep and saw Bones. Jasper's eyes widened before shifting to a different shade of green and he growled seeing Bones making his way towards his mate. Jumping out of the bed Jasper grabbed Scarlett by the wrist and had her get behind him.

Acting as a shield to protect her from Bones, she didn't know what was going on and clearly neither did Gernhard that woke up groaning and cursing in German.

"The fuck is going on?" Gernhard groaned as he switched on the nightstand light. The room was flooded in the warm yellow light from the lamp and Gernhard saw Bones on the bed, rage filled his chest and he grabbed his gun and pointed it at his head.

"Hello Gernhard still mad I showed up at the wedding?" Bones asked with a toothy grin as he disappeared in puff of black smoke. The smoke smelt like decay and death making her gag a little, covering her nose and mouth coughing Bones appeared behind her. He grabbed her by the waist and sank his fangs into her neck where Jasper had marked her.

A silent scream escaped her lips as Bones gulped down her blood.

"No!" Jasper yelled and grabbed her holding her close to him. Bones only gotten about a pint of blood from her and stood licking his lips of the crimson liquid dripping onto his bare chest.

"Thanks for the drink Fire I'll see you in another month." He smiled before going in a poof of smoke leaving the trio. Scarlett was light headed as she looked up at the ceiling.

"A fucking vampire...what is this Twilight?" she asked before her eyes rolled back and passed out.

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