Mafia Raised

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Chapter27: A Fucking Leech

The next morning Scarlett was forced to lay in the bed sitting up with a dozen pillows behind her to keep her propped up. She felt as though all of her energy had been sucked out of her. Although she remembered that she felt this way while she was still on the run with Bones when she was younger, just her and him on his motorcycle seeing the country. Of course even back then he was drinking her blood, but she didn't know or felt it. He must have been doing it during sex or while she was in deep sleep. Fucking leech.

Though she didn't know what he was doing while she was sleeping he must have been drinking it. Because she would wake up drained but after she ended things she felt refreshed and healthy again. Gernhard walked in with tomato soup while Jasper followed behind with flowers, it made her smile seeing the two go out of their way to help her. And some how oddly getting along without any fighting. As of what she knows of, they actually fight down in the gym until one of them gets knocked out.

"Come here you two," Scarlett held her arms out to them.

They set the soup and flowers aside before they crawled into bed and wrapped her in their strong arms. As she breathed in she smelt Gernhard's cologne, pine she felt like she was in the middle of a calm forest. She also smelled something sweet like sugar cookies, so warm and so at home. Closing her eyes she snuggled closer to the two men, she was able to be vulnerable to these men and not have to worry about them running out on her. Or make fun of her for it.

After a few hour she was able to get out of the bed and go for a walk in her green house to check on her roses. She had grown a total of twenty types of roses in the green house. Some with and without scents grew large and beautiful, it was a rather calming place for her to go when she has just about a million thoughts running through her brain almost like an express way going no where.

"I see you gotten into gardening as a hobby?" Sage walked in with a smile as she plucked a rose smelling it. An apricot tea rose with a light and soft scent was always her favorite.

Scarlett smiled seeing her closest friend from school, she was even one of her brides maids in her wedding to Gernhard, now she was actually thinking about having their vowels renewed. The dresses were a blood red color, though the color didn't exactly go at all with Sage's complexation she had a spray tan before the wedding. Though the fake tan looked great on her the dress on the other didn't look that great as to when she had tried it on without the tan and it pissed her off, and only her. The other women loved the dresses, but not just the color or style they loved. It was because the dress had pockets in them where they were able to hold their condoms in them.

"Hey how's life as a sage?" she poked fun at her still messing with her after finding her in Gernhard's father's basement eight years ago for the arrangement wedding dinner.

"Actually I'm not a cook anymore. I done it enough that I was able to leave that life behind and open up that cute sex shop next that awesome strip club and go to school as a sex therapist as well," Sage told her with a bright vibrant smile as she took a seat on a stool across the table from Scarlett.

She raised an eyebrow at her surprised that she would open a shop and going to school at the same time, maybe it was the open that just opened up next to the Banana Hammack.

"Oh yeah where is it at? I might pop in for a new toy," she asked planting a few seeds in a pot.

"Ha you a new toy, when you have two hunks? Oh it's the Banana Hammack," Sage smile being pretty proud of herself. Scarlett started to laugh which brought on a coughing fit from being not able to breath.

"Oh and what is so funny about it? I mean sure the name is funny, but what did you figure when there's a bunch of sexy male strippers there. And they really are packing.'

"I own it Sage, that's why I'm laughing," Scarlett told her wiping a tear from her eye smiling at her friend. Sage's mouth dropped to almost the floor looking at the red head.

"Why did you NOT tell me!!!" Sage screamed at her hitting her hands on the steal table making it shake almost knocking a flower pot that was filled with dirt over on the table.

Scarlett had grabbed it before it could even fall over and have dirt all over the table so she doesn't have to clean it up, she sighed in relief softly looking at her.

"And I thought my husband and lover was horndogs," Scarlett snorted, as she sprayed Sage with her water spray bottle.

"Hey!" She giggled laughing, "yeah it's crazy that you're married and have a werewolf lover boy. So is it true that they're hornier than humans?" She asked biting her lip while she bounced in her seat excited wanting to know the answer.

Now it was Scarlett's turn to have her mouth hang out open to catch flies ass he looked at her friend squirm in her chair.

"Wow, heh heh uh I think so?" She raised an eyebrow, since Jasper came home they didn't have sex yet but they might later. God just think of all the endless threesomes she can have. Now it was her turn to grin and squirm in her seat, great now her panties are wet.

And speak of the devil Jasper had just walked in just wearing boxers, he saw Scarlett and hugged her snuggling her into his chest. Sage blushed seeing him and took the bag of rose seeds and got up leaving.

"Love ya crazy bitch!" She waved smiling before leaving them alone.

Scarlett smiled waving back and hugged Jasper happily as she closed her eyes. She felled asleep in his arms, just being with him made her tried.

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