Mafia Raised

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Chapter28: Lizard Disater

Gernhard had ordered take out dinner from Ricci’s for the three of them after him and Jasper gotten into a fight over something stupid. Like how he had chewed his leather cashmere slippers while he was dreaming, he’s like a damn dog. He blinked at what he just thought and snorted before laughing. He had Princess’s food ready and walked off to her enclosure to feed her when Jasper ran passed him screaming like a mad man. Only to see Princess is chasing after him with her ball, clearly finding a new playmate.

He blinked a couple times before chuckled softly as he put her food down and opened the bag of chicken wings for her catfish buddy Carl, he was a good size too about thirteen pounds. He eats five whole chicken wings once a day every day, and always demand his head petted or he'll throw a fit splashing water at you until you do. After giving Carl a quick scratch on the head started to make his way back to the kitchen he gotten things ready for their dinner. When he walked back into the kitchen Princess was on the counter with Jasper both were eating the food.

“Bist du verdammt scherzen mich?!" Gernhard yelled at the pair before he marched over to them and picked the two up and carried them out of the kitchen.

As he turned back the counter was dirty and disgusting with mud on the floors and the marble quartz counters. The kitchen was his favorite place to go to after coming back from the tailor's making sure all the made men are the well dressed men. Sighing heavily he took his suits jacket off and rolled up his sleeves before starting to clean up the mess Scarlett's new pet had made. As he filled a bucket up with warm water and cleaner, he sighed thinking about the first night of just him and Scarlett shared in the home. Sure they were a little icy towards each other at one time, but it was always nice to just be with her in their own home. Just being able to see her with a cute little smile on her lips as she sips her peppermint tea he made her was so warming to his soul.

After they graduated high school together she ran off with that biker Bones and was one the run for a good five years before she finally decided to end things with him and coming home. Though he hadn't gotten the full story as to why she came back after or why the their relationship had end, or for the important matter. Showed up in their bedroom wearing leather pants laying on their bed. They had a red pin on her name for whenever she would go to any doctors. That's when he found them coming out of a planned parenthood clinic with a bag of medicine. Bones had his leather jacket over her shoulders as he guided her to his rusted the fuck out old truck, when he saw her break down in tears covering her face, he knew she had just had an abortion in there.

His heart started feel as though it going to shatter all over again as he remembered cleaning the mess up. There was always a breaking point for him when it comes to her, even when he was with another woman he would always image they were her. Sounds pretty fucked up but it shows he is now determine to her and her only now. And where there is another man in her life he'll always be in a constant fight for her with that mutt. He gritted his teeth as the kitchen door opened and Scarlett stood there her hair up with a bandana holding it back she was wearing jeans and a baggy long sleeved shirt.

Even when she dresses down with no make up she's so damn sexy in every way, his flame to his eternal love. Cheesy he knows but he cause be as gouda to her as much as he wants to just for her. He would always prefer her to not wearing make up to when she would cover those cute little freckles on the bridge of her nose along with the scar she has. He smiled at her as he stood up straight before taking the pink rubber gloves off.

They were the only ones they had at the store so he didn't mind it all, he rather like them.

"Hey how was the roses today?" he asked with a smile knowing that's where she came from, she was wearing her grey crocs.

"They're doing great actually some of which had grown to full size in just a couple weeks," Scarlet told him with a bright smile on her lips as she slipped her shoes off showing pink socks with strawberries on them. It made his heart feel warm and cozy just to have moments like these when they aren't doing any business matters.

They were just husband and wife in a lovely home with a huge ass lizard instead of a dog. Well he guess Jasper counts since he's a werewolf, it made him curious about what his wolf looks like if he shifted. Hopefully he doesn't have wet dog smell, as he made a face Scarlett couldn't help but to laugh at Gernhard. As she walked over to him she kissed him softly but firmly. Gernhard snapped out of his thoughts and deepened the kiss by grabbing Scarlett's ass.

She moaned in the kiss as it heated up and jumped up in his arms wrapping her legs around his waist. He moved the stuff that was on the counter and put her on it, more like thrown her on the counter just to pretty much rip her tethered jeans off her waist as his kissed her neck. She lifted her hips where he took her jeans off, he moved her panties to the side and rubbed his thumb against her clit. Letting out a moan she couldn't handle it where she was already wet, Gernhard grinned and slipped a finger inside her. Gasping Scarlett gripped the counter as he wiggled his index finger before shoving in another finger followed by a third finger.

She became a moaning mess as he finger banged her as her juices dripped from her entrance. Gernhard grinned and ran his tongue in her folds tasting her, Scarlet let out a louder moan.

"Oh yes!" she yelled as he plunged his tongue inside her with a finger. Hearing her moan turned him on, standing straight he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants before taking out his penis. She bit her lip watching with a grin he grabbed her thighs pulling her to the edge.

Scarlett wrapped her fingers around his girth and guided him to her entrance where he slammed into her. She screamed gasping moaning as he thrusted into her a few times where he was deep in her. If she wasn't about to cum when he fingered her she was now. As her eyes rolled back with her moans growing louder and close to climax, Gernhard was on top of her pounding into her pussy like a jackhammer.

"Mi Dio yes yes Gernhard!" she screamed before finally she came.

"Not yet!" he yelled slamming into her before his seamen exploded into her. She gasped moaning shivering with a smile on his lips, she felt so amazing after.

With a grin Gernhard kissed her deeply where she tasted herself on his tongue.

"That was perfect."

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