Mafia Raised

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Chapter 2: the fucked up dream

She was in an empty classroom sitting on a desk, it was almost night, the sun was setting. It’s golden rays made the classroom feel warm and comforting, the sky outside was turning red. Scarlett didn’t know why she was even in the damn classroom. Let alone how she even gotten there in the first place. Jumping off the desk she started to look around, there wasn’t much really to look at honestly. One of the white boards had writing on it “BEWARE GERMAN,” it read making her blood run cold.

She made her way to the class’s door, when she blinked the floor was littered the bodies of students, they weren’t there a minute ago. What the actual fuck was going on? Blood was everywhere in the room all the walls was riddled with bullet holes. This would have been a nightmare, if she hadn’t blink again. Now she was in a flower garden, the sun was high in the sky that was a beautiful vibrant blue. She hasn’t see the sky this blue since she was a small child probably around the age of five or six.

“What is going on?” she asked as she walked passed lavender, sage, baby breath, marigolds, and peonies.

The garden was just so beautiful there was even a little pond filled with orange, white, and black koi fish, there was even a turtle sun bathing on the edge of the wall, looks like a red eared turtle. Looking up she saw a white magnolia tree that’s branches was swaying in the warm breeze, her middle name was Magnolia because it was her mother’s favorite floral tree and it was a magnolia tree that her father asked her mother to marry him under. This time instead of the school’s ugly cranberry red uniform, she was now wearing a white flowing sundress with the bottom of the skirt dipped dyed pink. Her fiery red hair was braided into a side braid with daisies intertwined into the hairstyle, making her look like a flower child.

“Glad to see you finally came, you look so beautiful.” A voice said from behind her with an accent somewhere in Europe.

A cold shiver ran down her spine giving her goose bumps, it was almost as though old man winter was breathing down her neck. When she turned around she found a guy with jet black hair, and piercing blue eyes that could freeze Hell itself. He could be the king of the underworld with the way he looks, he could be Hades for all she knows. Though she wasn’t Greek didn’t mean she enjoyed reading Greek mythology. As she looked around there was a picnic near the finish pond, with a fruit plate, a bottle of wine, two glasses, cheese, crackers, and meat.

Looking at the spread she spotted a pomegranate in with the fruit, her eyes widened when seeing the red fruit near the knife. In the myths the Goddess of spring eaten six of the pomegranate, where that six months of the year, the Goddess must return to the underworld with Hades. And once spring returns so does Persephone to her mother to allow the Earth’s flowers to bloom. Hades had seized her riding his horse drawn chariot and drag her down to his kingdom. Just by eating the fruits seeds, she tied herself to him the pomegranate in Greek history was a symbol of the indissolubility of marriage.

The black hair stranger took a step closer to her, though he had an amazing bone structure, with cheek bones that could cut flesh if anyone touches them. But those weren’t Greek facial features, they were German. Could this be what he looks like?

“Shall we enjoy the picnic Scarlett?” he asked as she caught the slightest hint of German accent. If she hadn’t paid enough attention to it she would had missed it, though now she had to be ready.

She gave a stiff nod as he walked to her and held out his hand to her while the other was behind his back. Looking down at the extended hand, she slowly brought her own limb up that had been dangling at her side. Being hesitant her hand was soon in his. He held on to her hand as he brought her to the red checkered blanket. Something about this feels wrong in some way, though she couldn’t really explain it, sorta how she could explain how it’s okay to have pineapple on pizza

Pineapple pizza actually sounds pretty good, at first it didn’t sound very good until she actually tried. Looking at the food again her stomach felt completely empty, she wasn’t hungry when she first came here.

“What is this place?” she asked him as she sat down on the blanket and he soon followed sitting with her. That only made his grin grow larger, it looked devilish. She’s having a picnic with the devil. “What’s your name?” she asked him, as his mouth moved but nothing came out. She asked him again, but words escaped from her throat. She tried again and...still nothing was coming out, laying a hand over her throat, it was wet, the liquid was gushing and warm.

Pulling her hand away, she found that there was blood her blood, panic rushed through her and as she looked at the German stranger. Own held the knife covered in blood in hand, his shirt and hands covered in the crimson liquid. She started to choke and sputter on her own blood. She rushed to her feet only to find that her legs were shaky, becoming worthless limbs, before the world morphed around them again. The stone wall of the pond was a safety wall that looked over the ocean. She tripped and felled over the edge, falling to her doom.

She was looking up as she was falling clenching her throat in her grasp. Scarlett could see that the nameless bastard stood looming over the edge, watching her fall as a grin was plastered on his lips. The devil smiled watching, knowing that she would die. Once she made impact all the air was knocked out of her lungs when she slammed intro the surface. She almost lost consciousness once hitting the water. She opened her mouth and what felt like gallons of saltwater came gushing into her mouth to her lungs.

It felt like this was the end of Scarlett, no saying goodbye to her family. Her half sister was annoying but she was family now. Orange wouldn’t get the justice she needed for her rape, and her rapist was still out there, still alive. Tears started to form in her eyes and floated away, now being apart of the ocean. When she was still young she would go to Italy on a family trip, she loved going to the beach. Remembering the family’s vineyards and spending time there.

Those were such wonderful times as she and her cousins would eat grapes in the barn. One time they had eaten too many and gotten sick. The memory would soon drift to the back of her mind. She wondered what they were doing, were they over the whole grape thing? Her father would feel terrible that her would be burying his child, after the fact that he had buried the love of his life.

She would soon meet her mother finally, she had so many questions. Suddenly Scarlett heard an alarm, but it was the alarm in her dorm, not at the bottom of the ocean. She wasn’t dying at all she was dreaming that she was being killed by a stranger. But he had looked oh so familiar to her. How? She didn’t know, but what she did know is that she had to go to glass. Her eyes snapped open.

She gasped sitting up in bed feeling her throat and neck, all she felt was her scars and sweat. The radio alarm clock that is shared between her and Sage was going off playing an old Panic at the Disco song.

“Fuck!” she yelled flopping back on the mattress agitated, that was a fucked up dream if she ever had one. “What the hell was that?” Scarlett gotten out of bed made her way to the bathroom for a shower. The hot water steamed up the bathroom, making the room warm and hard to breath. At least it was on dry land than in some ocean somewhere in the world.

Brushing her teeth as she stared blankly in the mirror her eyes looked vacant as she stood in the bathroom alone. When she grabbed the crisped white collar uniform shirt a spider felled from the ceiling on her hand. She dropped the shirt and raised her over hand and smacked it off and into the toilet. Buttoning the shirt up to the top button, the school’s colors consist of grey, cranberry red, and black. As she got dressed for class Sage was a mess as she got ready. Scarlett was tying her combat boots’ laces, they were more comfortable than the loafers the girls could wear. They were never really fit well on her feet, they would slip off her feet whenever she would walk or run to class.

Sage would run out the dorm, not saying a single word to her as she rushed out the door to class. She probably knew Scarlett would ask about mid-terms that are slowly approaching. Or was it the testing that was coming up? Either way she wasn’t looking forward to it at all, testing was never really her strong suit. But give that girl a gun or ask her about the dirt on any or of the people in power and you’ll be amazing or surprised actually. Though none of it could be useful, unless you could somehow blackmail them to get a shit ton of hush hush money.

Walking down the halls of the academy was just a little calming to try and get her nerves less on edge due to that really fucked up dream. Why would she even dream something like that in the first place? She didn’t eat anything weird last night, so what could have cause it really? Running her fingers through her hair she felt that at any given moment she could explode from all the questions that felt that they could be enough to send her to a mental hospital. She needs to keep calm, at this rate she’ll end up snapping a very thin string and snap someone’s legs, if she didn’t keep a hold of herself tightly.

She wasn’t fully focus on watching where she was going was walking, most of the time people see her and move out of the way of her path. She bumped into something solid, looking up she found that she bumped into something solid alright. She had bumped into a huge guy that wearing the academy’s uniform. It looked more like the damn thing was two sizes too small for his frame and stature. He could roughly be standing at six foot four inches and two hundred pounds of muscle, if not more this guy was a beast in a tiny school’s uniform! When she looked up at him straining her neck slightly she gasped, not believing her eyes of what she was seeing. Or more like who she was seeing, none other than the devil himself!

It was the bastard from her dream, now it just felt that she was in a damn nightmare all over again.

“Hello princess, it’s Scarlett isn’t?” he asked with a wicked grin spreading across his face, She gritted her teeth and walked around him, the less time she spends in the hall with him the better. He grabbed her arm, not letting her go anywhere, this’ll end up badly on either side. Why couldn’t he just let her go without any type of confrontation? It would have been less stressful.

Looking around she found that all eyes were on them, as though there was a spot light on them as they were standing in the middle of the hall. Great if this’ll be a great show for all these parasites to watch.

“Let go of me,” she told him as she looked away and down at the floor, if she looked up at his pretty face she would bite his nose off.

“I’m sorry, but no my little kätzchen,” his grin only grew more at her as he lifted her arm above her head. She knew some German and what he called her was kitten.

Kitten. That was basically an insult to her as she looked up at him he had something glittering in his eyes.

"Franculo,” she mumbled under her breath, this bastard is a whole different level of annoying. Or was he just stupid thinking she’s a cookie cutter girl. As if on instinct she kneed him in the gut or was it his crotch, she didn’t know where her knee went, but he let go of her. She started to run, guess she’ll have to skip class for her first day back, running through the now empty halls of the academy. Like a bat out of hell she ran to the nearest exit and pushed open the doors.

She ran as fast as she could through the school’s court yard. Why the hell was she even running? She’s a Sergiaino, they don’t run, usually when they do run is when they run to danger. Not away from it. That guy was blown danger, everything about him was radiating danger off of him. Similar to smoke rolling off of the barrel of a freshly fired gun.

A gun what if he had one on his person, she shivered when it was just only sixty some degrees out. It was out of character for her to be acting they way she was. But that dream and him, she was about to go over the edge again, she needed something to ground her. No not again she had nearly gave her father a heart attack when she came home covered in blood. At least it wasn’t hers, we at least most of it, she was still healing from a couple cracked ribs. All thanks to that fuck who was lucky enough to grab that lead pipe and hitting her under her breasts. It still annoyed her for being to careless.

After she had run for forty some minutes she was in the middle of town no she was just wondering catching her breath. She was soon standing in front of a church, it had been months since she had ever stepped foot in one. After she turned sixteen she stopped going all together. Oh, why the hell not? It would probably would have helped if she went in and prayed, as she walked up to the church’s door she could hear the organ play before she opened the door. She entered the church a sense of calm rushed over her, she didn’t realized how tense she was until she stepped in smelling the incense.

There wasn’t that many people inside, guess the word of God is going unheard of now a days, she took a seat in one of the pews that was in back. Away from gathering any attention from the other patrons.

“Gesù mio signore e assapora,” she spoke softly as she clasped her hands together and started to pray. Something she hasn’t done for so long is pray for strength. It actually felt nice to speaking to God, she felt as though she was speaking to an old friend that isn’t judging her. After about an hour of speaking to the man upstairs she felt better than what she did before walking in. The priest was looming over her with a kind smile, and blonde hair with hints of grey.

“Hello my child,” he spoke softly in a German accent.

She paled slightly when she heard his voice, another German. What were the chances of her running into another German in this state? Very slim. Was God testing her in some pretty fucked up way, although she doesn’t blame the big guy, she’s a bitch.

“Hello father,” she spoke softly as the other people prayed silently. Her eyes wondered to a woman that was dressed in all black along with a black veil her hands clasped together, sobbing as she prayed. She must have lost someone, or grieving for someone that is dying or dead already.

The priest looked at her, his piercing blue eyes scanning up and down her body, his eyes stopping on the academy’s crest that was on the jacket’s breast. They lingered there before clearing her throat, making him looking at her. She looked at his hands which were covered in tattoos, far too strange to see a man of holy backgrounds with ink.

“For me Father, but have you ever run from your problems?” Scarlett asked as she looked at him with her cold black eyes. An evil grin snaked its way across his face, no a mask that he changes to fit the situation.

“I suppose one have, but why did you skip school, if something like that had happened to you?”

She opened her mouth, but then she closed it he had a very good and valid point, she was always very critical over her grades. She still didn’t trust the priest, she didn’t know if the guy was packing. He wouldn’t pull a gun out in his own church, he a man of God. Any and all mafia members knows to never pull or fire a gun in, at or anywhere near a church. You’d have a death wish if you do. Churches are a place for worship and safety, her own pistol was in its holster on her thigh hidden under her skirt, but she knew better.

Taking a deep breath she sighed heavily before standing, the priest was still taller than her but at least with the help of the thick sole of her combat boots gave her some height.

“I guess you’re right,” she grabbed her bag before going to the door. “Maybe I shouldn’t run.” She pushed open the door and walked out onto the sidewalk going back to the academy. That priest was apart of the German mafia it was almost nice to talk to someone outside of the family, her family. Though that smile was unsettling and so familiar.

Gernhard walked to the church after stepping off the city bus, school was terrible and his balls hurt from Scarlett kneeing him, she had ran away from him and didn’t see her for the rest of the day. Maybe it was a good thing, recalling the memory made him cover his crotch as he walked in the back of the church. He took the bus this time to visit his uncle, that’s the priest there. In the past he was a murderous monster until he was arrested, after he served his sentence he came out a changed man. Finding God is what he said before he bought the old church, it was on the verge of being torn down by the city.

It took almost seven years to fix the eighth century church be to it former glory. The stained glass had came from Italy. A grin snaked its way across his face, as a certain Italian red head crossed his mind. Scarlett. He was infatuated with her, her beauty and just the way she carried herself just makes him want her to give into his carnal instincts.

He knew who she is, just by those hauntingly beautiful black soulless eyes, never would he have thought that the color would be so amazing. As he walked to the back offices, his uncle walked out of his office with his jacket hanging on his arm.

“Oh Gernhard, how was school?” his uncle Otto smiled as he asked. He grimaced at the question and it made Otto laugh seeing his reaction to it.

“I uh gotten kneed in the balls Otto by a girl I’m interested in. She also ran so pretty fucking shitty.”

“What have I said about that language in my church?” Foul language have always been something he doesn’t like since becoming a man of God, it was actually pretty funny to get on his nerves.

It actually made his day just to get under his uncles skin, it was always a good and fun pass time for him to do when he visits. The stained glass that made the sunbeams feel like magic in a fairytale. Though his princess might as well be a dragon in disguise, seeing her in a dress would be nice. He started to walk to his room to study for a history paper on what brought America to the way it is today. Otto grabbed his arm so he doesn’t go anywhere.

“A girl wearing your school’s uniform came in today during the prayer session,” Otto told him.

And of course Otto would get under his skin as well just a typical family they are. Wait could Scarlett have came to the church? No she couldn’t have run all the way here, though what had happened between them, he would also run to a church for safety. To each their own, he supposed.

“Oh yeah, what did she look like?” he asked, of course he was curious thinking it was her, well more like praying it was her.

“She had red hair that it looked like it was on fire when the sunlight came through the stained glass. But her eyes were very different, I’ve never seen eyes like hers before.”

She did came to the church after all he felt heart flutter, almost like he had a hundred butterflies in his abdomen. He opened his mouth and a strange noise came out of his mouth. It sounded like a turkey was making a mating call using a bullhorn.

“What the hell was that?” Otto asked looking at him like there was something was wrong with his nephew. Maybe there was something wrong with him, what was this Scarlett girl doing to him. He held his stomach and walked pass Otto to his room hopefully to get in some study time.

For Scarlett studying was the least of her problems, she was going to have to apologize to that guy. She was dreading it really, saying sorry to an arrogant pricks was something she would rarely do. Or never do. But she didn’t really know for sure if he is apart of the German mafia, simply because well he’s German. She wasn’t a hypocrite, sure she was Italian, but it didn’t mean she didn’t like pasta. Well of course she does like pasta, who doesn’t? People that can’t have gluten, though.

Sage wasn’t in the dorm, she’s probably at one of the four libraries, or at the café. Honestly food doesn’t sound too bad, but she didn’t really feel like going anywhere. Sighing for the hundredth time she read through the chapter and took notes. Hopefully she would be able to continue the course, history was always her favorite subject. She remembered reading through her father’s books, before he came to America he was a college professor back in Italy. While her grandfather was still the boss of operations.

She woke up the next morning at her desk an hour before the alarm went off, she felt well rested and stood up. The red pleather wheeled desk chair creaked with any movement. Stretching the last of sleep from her limbs she yawned walking to the bathroom, as she looked in the mirror. She looked like shit, a piece of paper was stuck to her cheek, grimacing at her own reflection she took her hair down from the ponytail. Releasing the fiery locks she thought of getting a haircut since it was down to the small of her back. Getting a haircut wasn’t hard, but it was hard to find a decent hair dresser, the ones she went to in the past fucked up too many times.

Either they cut her hair too short or it’d be crooked as hell, it would annoy her so bad she screamed and broke the little hand mirror over the bitches head. She undressed letting the dirty clothes pile on the floor. She had the water turned to hot and stepped in, only to find out she had turned the cold instead of hot.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she shrieked turning it to hot shivering. Okay so she was still half asleep. She banged her head on the grey tile shower wall.

Being in the shower made her think she might as well say sorry to the bastard. Towel drying her hair made her arms hurt, guess she should try working out again. The last time she worked out a gym junky who was juicing and it was oblivious that he was, because of how he smelt. It was so bad she felt like vomiting, after the she never stepped foot into another gym again. That’s why she had a home gym installed.

Class was boring and she didn’t see him, so he must have skipped, she did knee him pretty hard. She sat at the back of the class as she took notes. With her nose in the books the door opened and in walked in German guy and he looked rough. By rough it looked like he was hit by a bus and tackle by the quarter back...serval times.

“Gernhard so nice of you to join us,” Mr. Mallard said as he paused writing on the white board.

“I’m sorry sir it won’t happen again, I simply missed the bus.

He hesitated an excuse, by the look of his black converses they still looked new, but the small speck of red caught her eye. No mistaking it, it was dried blood starting to flake away. No one saw it, but her and he saw her looking as she made his way to the back. Shit! She looked away as he gotten closer, and sat next to her. If her deodorant wasn’t doing it’s job she would have wet spots going down her sides.

She looks his way and saw he was sitting right next to her and looking right at her. It pretty much feels like she can’t escape him at all. Oh shit she tugged on her locks panicking on the inside. She heard a desk creak, like it was to the right of her.

“Hey listen,” he said as he leaned over whispering. Somehow he reminded her of that annoying little blue ball fairy thing that annoys Link in Legion of Zelda.

“What is it?” she looked his way only to find his stupid handsome face was just inches away from her own.

She was startled seeing him so close to her, she jumped and brought her hand back and slapped him across the face. One second later all eyes in the class room was on the both of them. A few of the female students mouths were a gaped almost as though they were on the floor, and the guys hooted laughing and as well for Mr. Mallard eyed them both, and he turned red, the only time that has ever happed was when a student got on his last nerve. Ans as of right now she and Gernhard was now on his shit list.′

Scarlett and Gernhard was both sitting outside of the dean’s office, she was fuming about how he gotten her in trouble on her second day back. God fucking dammit.

“Thanks a lot you fuck head,” she mumbled under her breath to him. He looked over at her holding a sandwich baggie filled with ice covered with a brown paper towel. He had a smudged look on his face as he looked at her.

“Me what did I do?” he asked as he pointed at himself, “You started it kätzchen, it all started when you kneed me in the balls,” he practically hissed.

She wanted to slap the other side of his so damn badly, it would be so easy to do it. The office was empty but she could hear crying on the inside of the dean’s office. That can’t be good at all, then the door open and a woman wearing a yellow waitress uniform from a local diner.

“Mrs. Lepeon?” Scarlett stood up from her seat, what was Sage’s mother doing here at the academy, something must have happened.

“S-Scarlett, what are you doing here?” She sniffled wiping her eyes before holding the tissue to her nose, something was defiantly wrong.

Standing her blood ran cold, she hasn’t seen Sage last night or this morning, she was missing.

“Just something stupid, can you tell me what’s wrong?” Scarlett asked as she held the woman’s hands in her own.

“Sage called telling me about her day and suddenly the call just dropped like out of nowhere. Scarlett I’m so scared and worried about her.” Mrs. Lepeon held her hands tightly. It wouldn’t be a good image if her roommate went missing, not to mention her only friend at the whole academy. She bit her lip as she felt her heart twinge of guilt, after all she was the reason why Sage was kept safe.

The dean had her and Gernhard sit in his office, as he sat behind his cherry wood desk. Dean Alexander Masters was a small man in his fifties and ran the school with an iron fist. If he was a few years younger, and with a better eyesight.

“Dean Masters it’s nice to see you again, how are you and your wife?” Gernhard the idiot asked. Wait did he know the dean? This can’t be good at all, pops would have kill or worse ship her off to Italy to her grandparents.

Don’t get her wrong she love her grandparents to death, but going to Italy while she was suppose to be in school. Well it would be almost better idea to go on another ′off the deep end.′ She would be working at the winery and she won’t be taste testing the family’s famous wine. No she would be out in the vineyard picking grapes. From sun up and to sun down, which would have been at five am to nine pm.

She wouldn’t have been in this problem if he hadn’t called her kitten. She never liked it even if a family member called her one. At the age of eight her uncle said she’s like a kitten, it set something off and he was now missing a part of his left ear. She hated it and she would always be triggered by it, something in her brain just makes her act that way.

“Dean Masters I-” she started to say but he stopped her holding up his hand from saying anything more. This was going to be bad, guess she’ll be saying goodbye to this school.

She gulped as she waited for her punishment, she’ll miss the historical club along with her only friend who was missing.

“Dean Masters, it was my fault I wanted to ask Scarlett out on a date, but I ended up freaking her out,” Gernhard told the dean. Wait was he defending her? And he wanted to date her? She kind of gagged, but she ended up choking on her own spit. Funny, ain’t it that you can choke on your own salvia. And pretty stupid if you ask her.

“Wait what?” she asked gaping at him shocked, she usually was never shocked, but somehow he was damn good at it.

“I’m just as confused as y” Dean Masters asked showing the same confusion as her.

He simply just nodded with a small smile, it didn’t look like the mischievous kind either. It was kind of pitiful seeing him like this, the dean leaned back into his chair.

“Okay, you both can just go. I’ve had enough of drama for the day.” He pinched the brim of his nose in annoyance with one hand and waved them both off with the other. They both gave each other a look before standing from the itchy wool seats.

Before she could even reach for the door knob his hand shot for it and grabbed it as he opened the door for her. She nodded her thanks and walked out he followed closing the door behind him.

“What the hell was that?" she hissed at him, clearly pissed at him as he only grinned at her. Mother fucker...

“I wanted to ask you out, when I first saw you,” he told her with a slight blush on his face. She was about to walk away before he grabbed her arm What is it with people always grabbing?

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow, wondering if she should just break his arm. It be nice but then again she just can’t go around breaking students arms. Even if it was this fucking pretty boy prick. Starting to chew the inside of her cheeks trying to stay calm or trying not to punch the annoying ass.

“Listen I know Bradly, we were at the mall one day and he pointed you out while we were having lunch when he was looking for another side piece. I couldn’t help myself when I laid my eyes on you and said you were going to be mine. The guy’s an idiot and knows nothing...” he looked around being hesitant, “about the mafia,” he whispered in a hush tone making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

Her mouth instantly dropped to the floor once again, she literally had to pick her lower jaw up off the floor.

“So, wait you know about my father being...?” she asked trailing off before taking him out to the hall. Classes wasn’t going to be letting out for another several minutes, so they had some time before there’d be an audience.

“Angelo Sergiaino, the third most powerful kingpin in the city between the five districts,” he simply said as he looked into her eyes. She felt she had ice water running through her veins, she bit a little to hard on her lip and blood started bead on her lip, she tasted the iron on her tongue.

“So you’re a part of the branch.”

“Yes and you went to my uncle’s church yesterday, you played a safe card not telling him your name.”

“I guess I did dodge a bullet there,” she said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest looking at him.

He smiled softly, before pulling out his phone holding it out to her, the smile turned to his signature grin. Cocky bustard.

“I take it you’re wanting my number?” she asked him with a raised eyebrow and a hand on her hip.

“If you please kätzchen if you please." His grin never wavered but simply grew, if it got any bigger it could crack his face in half.

"Don't call me that," she told him as she snatched the phone out from his hand starting to program her number in his phone.

"Why?" he asked, before she could even give him an answer him the bell rang and the halls was soon flooded with students.

Giving him back the device he had a look on his face that gave her an uneasy feeling, she gave him a stiff nod before leaving him behind to go to her next class. Either she would regret it, or she might not. She went on to her next class before sending Sage a quick text, she wasn't worried this morning, but now she was when she saw her mother here and crying.

Where are you? She texted her as she was sitting in her class. There was no answer at all, usually when she sent a text Sage would have a lighting fast reply to it.

Now it was radio silence and she does not like that at all, she was being paranoid that something terrible could have happened to her. She stood up from her desk and simply just walked out. Normally she could sit in class and wait until she was finished with the class, as she walked out the teacher called out after her. Instead she of saying anything she just flipped her off, it felt good. Now as she made her way through the halls to the garden door was being blocked by police. A football hit the picture that was right beside her head, it broke the glass.

Scarlett sighed heavily as she turned to face the direction the football was thrown from. Brittany was standing there smiling like the bitch she is, she worn the school's cheerleader uniform. Was it Friday already? Days was already passing by, and going too fast for her. Anymore she hasn't been very observant to the area.

"What do you want Brittany? I'm busy." She wasn't really, but she did need to find Sage, to see if she's fine.

"You fucked up my boyfriend's nose!" she seethed at her almost reminding Scarlett of a rabid dog, she just wasn't foaming at the mouth yet.

"Maybe he should have thought about that first before grabbing my as," she reminded her.

It felt like she was loosing brain cells just talking to the ignorant cheerleader. What was her problem anyway, was it that her boyfriend was a whore just like her?

"Although he wasn't thinking with the wrong head and not the one on his shoulders, but much rather than the one in his jock strap." Scarlett's patience was beginning to wear thin, the bitch let out a shriek before she dashed at her. Scarlett was knocked into the glass display, the glass busted and went everywhere. Glass cut her face, neck, legs, and hands, it was a switch that flipped her into auto pilot. As she stood from inside the display blood started to bead and drip of her ivory porcelain skin, glass felled off her body. The mannequin that wore a cape and gown was split in half.

There was a deep cut on her leg, the cuts was bleeding as she stepped out the display case now it was time to put this bitch in her place.

"Big mistake slut," Scarlett told her as she made a fist before even throwing a punch a teacher showed up finally. Damn that's okay being in the mafia had a few good perks, she could make anyone she wants disappear. One of the dealers that buys drugs off her pops, and Brittany was one of his best costumers, that buys coke, molly, LSD, and pot.

Guess Liam is gonna loose a blow job girl today and so will Bradly, she'll be someone's toy.

"Scarlett, Brittany office now," the old fat teacher bellowed. Blood was already steeping through her uniform and dripping onto the halls tile floor. The teacher saw it and yelled for help before Scarlett started to see black around the edges of her vison. Black eventually devoured her sight and she could feel herself falling to the ground.

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