Mafia Raised

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Chapter29: Cabernet Red

Sage came over a few days later and they was going to the bistro club Sage worked at on the weekends when she shut her naughty kitty toy shop. Scarlett was strapping her heels up as Jasper laid on the bed watching her with Gernhard zipping the back up her dress up. He planted a kiss on her neck making her giggle, even with the audience Gernhard would even eat her out in front of him. Jasper hopped off the bed and kissed her temple a sweet gesture making her smile. As she turned around she held both men’s hands in hers smiling up at them.

As she held their hands electric ran through them, Gernhard jumped and looked over at Jasper and lifted a hand and put it on his shoulder. Jasper smiled and pulled him into a hug grinning trying to stay strong but ends up loosing it. With tears running down his face, guessing it meant she finally found a place where he felt at home since being a black sheep.

“This is our little family please behave yourselves okay. No more fighting,” Scarlett lays a hand on their cheeks with a warm smile.

They looked at each other and nodded leaning into her hand agreeing not to fight anymore. Scarlett kissed them deeply making them sigh in contentment when she pulled away.

“I’ll see you boys later around midnight I promise,” she told them as she stood from her vanity and walked to door. Gernhard watched her walk away and smiled knowing she’s coming back to him.

“Wanna binge watch tv?” Jasper asked looked at him as he held the remote in his hand.

Gernhard smiled slightly and nodded, “sure what’s on?” he asked as they walked down to the tv room.

Scarlett gotten in her Nova and drove to the Cabernet Red Bistro home to a good wine selection and good food. After returning from her honeymoon Sage invited her to help her out at one of the shows. Little did Scarlett know she was forced to wear a one of the glittered thongs and corset where her breasts were pushed up to her ears. As if her breasts weren’t big enough after all she was a C cup almost a D. Scarlett didn’t know not one dance number but the club loved her singing voice, though a few of the men that were there felled asleep even through one of her more louder songs.

After pulling up to the valet Scarlett walked inside with a silk scarf covering her hair.

“Scarlett welcome back Sage is in her dressing room, you can go on back,” Marco the owner told her as his boyfriend walked up shirtless kissing his cheek.

“Grazie Marco,” Scarlett smiled as she went in back to Sage’s dressing room, Sage has been working at the Bistro since she turned eighteen as a server and worked up to becoming a performer. She remember that one time that she had to help Sage with something and one of the stage managers thought she was a new performer. So Sage had done her make up and helped her into a pink latex bunny outfit that you see in the playboy magazine.

While they were lip syncing a song the music went out, leaving the girls on stage confused, luckily she knew the song and started singing the song and the band started playing it as she sang. Apparently the patrons liked her so much she helps out when she isn’t busy, apparently she’s an Italian Christiana Aguilera is what Marco calls her. As Scarlett walked to the back of the bistro to the performers section. Most of them didn’t get there own dressing room, so rows of vanities with lights on them were next to each other. There was also row and rows of costumes in silk, satin, leather, lace, and latex that had glitter and rhinestones on them. Against the wall was shelves of props for the performer to use, gold tommy guns that shot confetti, whips, chains, canes, hats, head pieces. Although with them was wigs of every color and style on those foam heads.

As Scarlett stood outside of Sage’s dressing room door she could hear moaning of three people. Taking a deep breath Scarlett opened the door and the heel of her shoe went through a small hole and Scarlett felled on the threesome.

"Oh cazzo!" Scarlett shirked as she felled the guy and there was audible snap sound followed by the man's howl in pain as he pulled out of the woman that was eating Sage out and ran out the room. Both of them stopped and looked at Scarlett that was on her ass sitting in a puddle of their juices. Grimacing she stood feeling rather disgusting the woman walked out fully naked.

"Hey bestie what's up? Sage grinned seeing the uncomfortableness on Scarlett's face.

Scarlett shot her best friend a quick glance at her as she stood on her two legs now.

"I was fine until I found out you were fucking, and falling in your guys bodily fluids," Scarlett retorted to her.

"Yeah that's true and I think you broke that guys dick."

"Well I suppose that he should have been eating her out and not fucking her then?" They both busted out laughing while Sage stood grabbing two glasses and a bottle of cabernet. The Bistro's signature drink along with the name of the burlesque bistro.

"I have a bathtub here so go clean up you dirty girl," Sage winked pouring the wine in the glass.

"You're getting this cleaned bitch."

"I know, jerk," Sage grinned knowing that they were both Supernatural fans.

Scarlett unzipped her dress standing in her bra and panties, "Just give me the bunny suit, I already know you want me here to sing again.

"I have a better dress really and you'll love it!" Sage ran out the room naked and came back with red sequenced dress with white gloves and heels to match. Smiling Scarlett took the dress.

"You own me."

"That's what the wine is for!" Rolling her eyes Scarlett got dressed in the dress and it was the perfect fit almost like a second skin.

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