Mafia Raised

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Chapter30: The Scarlett Vixen

As Scarlett stood behind the curtains where Sage had left her before she had ran off with the other performers after putting shimmering micro glitter on Scarlett’s collar bone and cheek bones for a little high lighting. As she smiled to herself she felt like Jessica Rabbit. At least she wasn’t in a bunny outfit again like the last time, that time was truly uncomfortable. The suit went up her ass more than a thong. Taking a deep breath she heard tapping on the mic from in front for the curtains.

“Ladies and gentlemen our The Scarlett Vixen has returned to the stage!” Marco announced exactly. He kind of reminded her of a kid’s reaction to a show or a toy.

The curtains raised and there stood Scarlett in a shimmery red dress with a high slit up her leg. She could have done without the slit really but it did give her a much easier access to her gun actually. People can see it on her thigh holster, some of the men adjusted their trousers as she walked up to the mic. She had to walk a certain way so the metal lined corset wouldn’t hurt her sides so much, so walking seductively was a little harder than walking with a bone corset, but she done her best.

“Hello you little pervs, it’s wonderful to see you all again, yes I know it’s been so long my dearest friend told me I would be getting a free steak. Looks like I wrong, so I’ll sing you a little song and hopefully I can get some food,” Scarlett cracked a joke which made the audience laugh.

With a smile on his lips Scarlett started to sing the usual song she would sing while she was there. A smooth jazz song that had smooth rhythm in the beginning and then the tempo started to speed up. Nearing the end of the song Sage and the other performers danced with Scarlett. Sage held Scarlett’s hand as they done a one two step with a smile on their faces and then Sage jumped off the stage and done the splits. At the end of the song everyone stood for their seats, clapping, howling, and whistles at the stage.

After walking off stage Scarlett went to the dressing room and started to change back into her regular clothes when someone cleared their throat. Scarlett’s head shot to the now open doorway to find a man standing there with flowers and grins on his lips.

“Can I help you?” Scarlett as she grabbed her dress off the chair and slipped into it quickly.

“I just came to say that you were amazing Miss Vixen,” he grinned with a French accent holding out the flowers to her. With a cautious hand Scarlett took the flowers which were roses that was mixed in with sunflowers. She never really thought that the two flowers would look so beautiful together.

She didn’t bother to smell them instead she put them in a vase that had some water from the left over flowers.

“Thank you for the flowers....” Scarlett thanked him as she felt uneasy with him around, she had her hand over her gun.

“Jean Pierre,” he told her as he done a small bow to her. The name sounded familiar to her somehow until she saw his eyes flash an unsettling yellow color.

“Are you the Jean Pierre that is one of Capo Acel Bardin’s squads? Jean Pierre the bloody” Scarlett asked as she narrowed her eyes at him. Pierre’s grin only gotten larger it nearly looked as though it was going to just split his face into.

"Now miss Vixen you know oh so well that I am my dear." He smiled wickedly as he took a step towards her.

She took a step back she didn't feel the real need to fire her gun and alarming everyone in the club. And it didn't exactly help her case that she's out of the Italian mafia's territory no less, but it was in the works for to gaining the club in the exchanged. She wasn't safe either way, if she does fire her gun. Fire the gun and the deal is off, but she needed to do something. Pierre stood right in front of her with a smile and grabs her face.

"So pretty," he said in a sing song voice as he tilted her head side to side with a sickening grin.

"H-how did you do that?" Scarlett asked as fear gripped her chest.

"Oh my dear Vixen I'm a demon," He grinned as his face was nearly inches away from her and that's when she could finally smell it.

She couldn't smell it with all the perfume, and hair spray that was in air but now that he was right there in her face. Sulfur. Well more actually the smell of rotten eggs comes from hydrogen sulfide which is actually a by product of sulfur really. Scarlett growled and bit his nose, honestly don't people that know her or of her know, should know that she hates it when people get in her face or in her personal space. He yelled in pain and anger as she tried to run passed him he grabbed her arm and pulled her body close to his.

"I tried being nice but now I'm not!" he yelled in her face his eyes a burning yellow that showed his rage as he ripped the front of her dress down to her navel.

Scarlett clawed at his hands which only gotten tighter on her arm, fear just grew a giant hole in the pit of her stomach as she tried to fight her away from his grasp. Until her dumbass just finally remember the lovely flower pistol on her thigh. That now felt heavy on her leg.

"Alright enough!" she yelled grabbing her gun and aiming it at Jean Pierre's head. "Fuck this territory," and with those words being said and up in the air. Scarlett Sergiaino done what any woman would do to with a gun, protect herself as she pulled the trigger firing a single into Jean Pierre's head.

Sage stood there in the door way seeing it all, including Scarlett's break down as she dropped her gun now being a shaking mess.

"Holy shit Scar!" Sage ran up to Scarlett and wraps her arms around her regarding that she's half naked.

"H-he...he almost raped my Sage..." Scarlett was in shock as she looked Sage in the eye as tears started to run down her face.

"It's okay Scar you're okay I'll call Gernhard so you can go home safely," Sage said as she guided Scarlett out the room after grabbing her coat and purse.

They walked tot he back office where Sage called Gernhard and you could hear him yelling in German and Jasper yelling at him to calm down that they'll be there soon.

"They're on their way Scar, just try to relax okay?" Sage asked as she poured a cup of tea.

"Okay..." Scarlett spoke softly looking down holding her coat tightly around her shoulders. Scarlett felt broken and she felt scared, something that she hates. Guess it comes with the job of being a made woman.

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