Mafia Raised

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Chapter 3: Bandages and an Invitation

“Ow! Son of a bitch!” Scarlett yelped like an injured animal as the nurse cleaned the wounds, with rubbing alcohol.

“Language Miss Sergiaino,” Nurse Fairgood warned her with a smile on her lips as she dipped another cut with the large q-tip. Crazy woman. How did this woman even get a medical license?

“Oh sorry, franculo,” Scarlett said with a grin being a smartass, the nurse gave her a stern look before slapping a large bandage on her chest. She let out a pained groan and lean back away from the mad woman’s grasp.

“Okay, I’m done,” she chuckled laughed holding her black latex gloves in the air showing she was indeed done.

“Thank God, I’m done being a damn mummy.” Scarlett was never really a fan of those who worked in the medical field for that matter. Even though that some of members worked in the local hospital and would often do house visits when her father called for them, regardless of what they were doing.

Pulling her phone out her pocket she gotten a text from Clementine, guess she should see what she wanted.

Hey, heard what happened dad is on his way and is fuming about that bitch that pushed u. U okay? Clementine texted her the words seemed to comfort her, wait pops was on his way to the school? This isn’t going to end well at al, well not for her anyway which was a good thing actually.

Just a few cuts. Though I think the nurse thinks I’m a mummy. How are u feeling? She texted back with a light smile on her face as she was given the okay to leave.

I’m doing better I was able to come home from the hospital. I took more meds and I’m feeling tired so I’ll talk to u l8r.

Scarlett let out a small sigh as she pocketed her phone, good thing she had a screen protector and a good case on it. She was never a fan of iPhone so she always had androids, a lot of them actually probably about twenty-six of them actually. She walked the halls to go to her dorm she didn’t feel like continuing with classes, her body ached worse than it did when she got here. She needed a joint and a damn drink. She probably have a couple joints hidden away in her room.

She went outside in the direction of the girls dorms, on the west was the girls dorms and the east was the guys. Hopefully trying to keep them apart, but it never works out they just end up getting out to one another dorm to fuck each others brains out. She felt sick thinking about it, she was still a virgin, shocking as it is she just wanted to meet a guy that’s able to handle all her pent up emotions. She scoffed at the thought, but a girl could dream can’t she? Digging out her keys as she walked up to her dorm’s room she found that the door was cracked open.

Her hand went under her skirt resting on her thigh was her holster with her Glock strapped to. She left her pistol lock up on her bed, taking a deep breath she kicked open the door only to find the German bastard Gernhard standing on her side of the room holding one of her bras. Scarlett was speechless at first before letting a banshee scream and run to him full speed drop kicking him in the side. He let out a yell of pain when he hit the ground.

“How the fuck did you get in my room?!” She yelled at him as she stood over him with her gun pointed at him.

“Hold up, hold up!” he yelled with his hand up the strap of her bra was around his thumb, “I can explain kätzchen!”

“That you’re a pervert!? And I told you to stop calling me that!" she shirked at him still pointing the gun at him. They were having a yelling match in their languages. Italian was beautiful and loud as she shrieked it at him where as well German sounded brutish and spitting as he yelled back at her trying to clear his name.

“Sei un pervertito che sapevo di non fidarmi del tuo culo!" she yelled at him as she poked at his chest hard, probably hard enough to leave a bruise.

"Ich schwöre, es ist nicht, wie es aussieht, als ob ich hier war, um Sie zum Abendessen bei meiner Familie zu Hause an diesem Samstag zu bitten!” He yelled back holding his arms up fast and the black and pink bra went sailing across the room landing on Sage's desk lamp.

She suddenly stopped yelling looking at him stunned, he had asked her out. More like a dinner at his family’s estate, the German Mafia kingpin estate. Before she knew what she was doing her body took over and grabbed his face and smashed her lips against him kissing him rough and passionate. It caught him off guard as his hand found the small of her back pulling her closer to him. She blushed kissing him as his tongue brushed against her lips wanting in.

Her heart was hammering against her rib cage as she opened her mouth allowing his tongue inside her mouth. He groaned in satisfaction as their tongues played tango, wrestling with each other. He tasted like mint and something sweet as the kiss got more intense as his hand snaked under her shirt, she felt like an innocent girl kissing her first boy. But she did kiss a few guys before she ever met him, when they wanted to go farther besides kissing she cut them off. But with him she didn't know how far the kiss will go.

She want more she needed more as her arms around his shoulders her hand grabbing the nape of his neck gripping some of the black silky locks of hair as they made out. Suddenly they both heard the sound of someone clearing their throat at the door. Scarlett pulled away when she did a string of saliva was on their lips she didn't know whos though. She pushed him away from her as Alex was standing there in the door way, he kind of had to hunch down a bit before he could even enter the room that's how tall he is.

"You're lucky I was the one to come check on you as your father took care of the mess," Alex told her before giving Gernhard a murderous look.

She never seen Alex look that way at anyone while she was in the room, something is really fucked up here.

"Alex Ricci meet Gernhard Schneider, my boyfriend." Did she really just say that? Aloud? Scarlett felt like the temperature in the room went up several degrees, tugging at the collar of her uniform collar shirt, Alex noticed grabbed Gernhard by the arm and threw him out the room slamming the door after.

"Are you okay nothing happened right?" he asked with the look of worry plain as day on his face. Alex might as well be her uncle after all as she sighed she nodded.

"I'm fine, do me a favor and look for my roommate Sage she's missing and I'm worried about her."

"I'll see what I can do." He nodded as he stepped towards the door and turned the knob before leaving.

She felt like her head was going to explode with all the stress she's gained from today. She smoked a joint, but she still felt stressed, a bubble bath might help, even though the tub in the dorm was much smaller than the one back home. Gernhard texted her the time and what kind of dinner it would be. Apparently it was a fancy dinner his father has once or twice a month to settle hopefully on good terms with some people. She knew the one accessory she was going to have and that was her gun holster on her thigh with her matte black Glock strapped to it.

Now what was the important thing was what to wear to the dinner, she knew that her combat boots was out of the question for sure. Guess the Louis Vuitton red bottom stilettos will make a come back after gouging out the eye of that guy who was trying take a peek up her dress. She always worn black spandex shorts under all her dresses except for the long ones, a dark color panty hose or underwear was just enough for her. Going through some of the dresses she unpacked she found a long sleeve, cold shoulder black dress that was just a few inches above the knee. She nodded in approval and put it back in the closet and grabbed her bra stuffing it back in the drawer.

How did he even get in here? The room was locked every time door would close and if you didn't have a key card you'd have to go to the front desk to get a new one. As Scarlett got ready to show she found something under her pillow, it was a black velvet box taped to was a note.

Happy birthday Scarlett this would look great with your hair.


Curious she picked it up and opened it, she covered her mouth and seeing a thick black choker necklace with an emerald set in it. She forgotten that it was her birthday, she was eighteen now and she was graduating this year, her heart fluttered when he done it. Already he was leaving her presents, this boy is something else. She smiled as her face felt that it was turning crimson as she blushed, maybe he isn't so bad after all.

Her phone started going off and it was pops, what was she going to tell him about her new found boyfriend? She decided just to wing it and answer it anyway.

"Hi pops Orange told me you were coming up to the school," she said as she looked out the window.

"Yeah I did and that bitch isn't allowed to every go to another private school ever since she attacked you. Oh I almost forgotten. Happy birthday fiore." She couldn't help but to smile, she forgotten her birthday, but her father didn't.

"Thanks pops, I'm gonna get some rest today was crazy," she told her father with a smile on her lips.

"You need it after today, whenever you want I'll take you to the family to celebrate."

"How about Sunday, I still have some homework to get caught up on."

"Perfect I'll see you then. Be careful and I mean it this time Scarlett Magnolia," he told her sternly.

"I will pops, I love you." She smiled at the stern side of her father knowing he worries and love her.

"I love you too fiore ciao."

"Ciao." She hanged up the phone and sighed going to the bathroom and took a quick shower before settling into bed.

As she started to drift off to a dreamless sleep she slept soundly until late Saturday morning with the birds singing outside her window.

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