Mafia Raised

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Chapter 4: The fancy dinner

Scarlett still had a few more minutes until Gernhard picks her up, as she looked in the mirror her fiery locks was curled softly in a half up half down style. She had done her make up with a black winged eyeliner with green eyeshadow, as for her lips she went with a nude matte lip that had plumping serum. She didn’t wear foundation, or concealer because the cuts on her face was still new and sore still. The dress hugged her body and flared at the skirt suiting her rather well, she had black stocking with lace at the top. Strapping the gun to the holster on her thigh there was a knock at her door.

Stepping into her heels she grabbed her clutch purse and open the door to find Gernhard wearing a suit, black dress pants a green velvet blazer with black labels standing there with pink and white peonies in a vase in hand. The guy knows how to charm a woman that’s for sure, she was wearing the necklace her gave her for her birthday, honestly with as much as going on lately she completely forgotten her own birthday.

“Wow...kätzchen you look so...beautiful,” he had a dopey smile with a light blush on his cheeks. She smiled her heart fluttered, she was called beautiful a couple times, but hearing it come from him made her feel it.

Grazie Gernhard you look very handsome,” she told him with a soft smile.

He puffed his chest out like a proud rooster, it made her snort as she covered her mouth shuffling a giggle.

“What?” he asked as she held the vase walking back into the room setting it on her desk.

“You act like a proud rooster,” she finally told him before bursting out laughing and she guessed it made him laugh too. She felt light as a feather talking to him, being around him, touching him. He was next to her as he held her hand and brought it up to his lips giving it kisses on her knuckles. Her face heated up at the gesture and smiled as her heart was playing drums in her chest.

Holding his hand still she walked out the door with him closing the door behind her hearing the click she walked with him down the halls. Arm in arm, side by side she felt like she was just gliding on the tile floor out to his car. Not surprise to find it a BMW in a gloss black, a German guy and a German car no surprise there. Not a scratch insight but there was a small dent in the bumper, but there was no other damage to it from what she could tell. He left go of her arm and opened the passenger door for her, with a smile she stepped in and he closed the door after she was situated.

He ran around to the other side and tripped falling, she cover her mouth. Popping up in front of the car like a muricate, she covered her mouth shuffling a laugh. He got to the driver side and opened the door getting in his hair was a mess up a little. Leaning towards him she laid down the jet black locks putting them back into place for him. Her hand moved down to his cheek and lingered there holding it, he had a slight crimson tint to it and he held it there kissing her palm.

With her heart racing she leaned over to him and kissed him softly he returned it as he laid a hand on her cheek, she was falling for him already.

“ father doesn’t know you’re a Sergiaino and I’m afraid for your safety,” he told her suddenly as he pulled away.

“Call me Magnolia when we get there. My full actual name is Scarlett Magnolia Byrne Sergiaino,” she told him as she kissed him again. He blushed nodding kissing her, his arms wrapped around her waist kissing her deeply.

“So dinner?” she asked pulling away smiling, he blushed even more nodding and started to car, pulling out on the road.

She smiled over at him thinking about how she was rude to him, but her mind wondered to Sage wondering if she’s okay and if she had eaten. Checking her phone to Sage’s messages she didn’t even read the message she sent her. Sighing she put her phone away in her clutch bag.

“Is everything okay kätzchen?" he asked as his eyes looked in her direction then at the road again.

"It's my friend, I'm worried about her I think something happened to her." She was opening up to him, which was pretty rare, she never talked to a stranger before.

Biting and pulling at her lip still in thought she didn't really know about him, just his name and that he's apart of the mafia. She didn't know much of anything of him at all, and she called him her boyfriend in front of Alex.

"Scarlett I know we don't know much about each other, but I would like to know more about you. If you would like I can tell you more about me even if you want," he told her as he stopped at a light.

"Yes thank you, I would like that very much." She smiled at him softly holding his hand more tightly feeling relaxed.

Scarlett hasn't realized how tensed she was until she was able to lean back into the leather seating. It was heated to a temperature that was comfortable to her, a nice seventy-two degrees. Breathing softly his thumb was making little circles on top of her hand in a reassuring way.

"I was born in Berlin, Germany in back of a fancy car. My father wasn't really happy about it, but he was proud to have a son to one day take over the business. I was mostly raised there until we moved here a several years ago, when high school came around he enrolled me at the academy. I didn't agree to it at first so I done most of my classes online at home until just recent actually, you can thank Bradly for that. He's the one that pointed you out to me at the mall."

She giggled covering her mouth remembering going the sucker a broken nose and two blackened eyes.

"How do you know the milkman's son?" Scarlett asked curious on how the two know each other. Why she called him that was because he didn't look a thing like his father.

"Oh his father done business with me in order to get on the polls when we in in the fifth grade."

"Hm, I'm surprised that he was even in politics at all how low their IQ is," she remarked as they started laughing again.

"Oh my God, I never thought you would be this amazing," Gernhard smile laughing as they drove up to a gate.

She blushed looking at him as she stopped laughing, did he just call her amazing?

"How?" Was all she asked as the gates opened showing a huge water foundation out in front of a larger scale of her house. Probably thrice as big.

"You're just so different from the other girls. I'm usually just so used to girls throwing themselves at me, with you I pretty much was throwing myself at you." He chuckled smiling remembering how they first met and then a shiver ran down his spine and on instinct covered his crotch with his hand.

She saw it and then she felt bad for kneeing him, even though it was his own fault for grabbing her. He should have known better than to grab a girl in this day of age.

"I'm sorry for kneeing you in the groin, I seriously didn't know my knee would have hit that low," she apologized to him as he parked out front.

"Scarlett I forgave you when you ran away after doing it, well after I screamed into the floor crying out of pain and rejection." He had a smudge smile as he looked at her trying to gain sympathy from her. She smiled and kissed his cheek making him blush and her laugh at him as he cover his face.

"Okay let's get this over with okay?" she asked smiling as she held her clutch purse in her hand unbuckling her seatbelt.

He nodded and basically jumped out going to her side of the car, guess he must be really nervous or excited. For her she was nervous, honestly being nervous was never in her genes, but as of meeting him she had grown to being quit on the nervous side. She was about to meet his family as he opened the car door for her she stepped out as she held his hand that he had held out to her. She held on to it tightly as she walked next him, she basically had to hold on to him for dear life as they were walking on gravel. She should have worn her boots instead of the damn heels, they were six inches high!

They were greeted at the door by a elder gentlemen that sort of remind her of Alfred Pennywise from Batman. He was rich but he wasn't rich from good deeds. The money his family gains is from blood money, people who have to pay protection fees to where they would be protected. But what protected them from being robbed and killed was the mafia itself. Though her family does it, most of the income was drugs, guns, and ammo.

He snaked his arm around her waist pulling her close, she smiled and laid her head on his shoulder as a huge man walked up to them. He was larger than her father, roughly standing at six foot five. She felt tiny as he stood next to Gernhard who was just five foot nine, where as she is just a mere five foot four inches. At least the extra six inches made her feel a little taller, but still tiny. She was usually called a doll with how small and delicate she looked, her grandmother always stuffed her whenever she visited them in Italy or they would visit.

Her grandmother would kick all the cooks out of the kitchen and cook for everyone there. Food actually sounds good right now. Her stomach growl at the thought of food and her face crimson, the tree of a man looked down at her.

"Gernhard who is this?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, he had the same piercing blue eyes as Gernhard so this must be his father. She could instantly fell her armpits start to get wet from sweat, you just got to love wearing the color black.

"Father this is my Girlfriend, Scar-Magnolia...Magnolia Byrne," Gernhard introduced her using her middle and second last name.

"This is Scarlett isn't it son?" his father simply ask sounding rather annoyed.

This guy was quick to figure it out, but then again Gernhard almost messed up, well he actually did.

"Yes, sir I'm her I'm Scarlett," She told him as she stepped forward towards and held her hand out to him to shake. Gernhard looked like he was sweating bullets, he might as well be with that velvet jacket.

"I know I heard about you from him. You're the first girl he brought home for us to meet. I heard about what happened to your sister, I'm sorry to hear that had happened to her. Things like that makes me wonder what makes a man anymore."

"I agree, men now a days are weak and are just falling just as easy as prey. But I would have to say differently about your son sir."

"Oh?" he asked sounding impressed raising an eyebrow at her, as she wondered what he knows about her.

"Yes, he's the first guy I haven't killed after kneeing him in the balls, and also not running away after." She smiled at Gernhard holding his hand the look of admiration was plain to see on her face.

Gernhard blushed smiling as a thin woman can running down the grand stair case.

"Honey!" she yelled as all eyes felled on her seeing her breast almost falling out of the top of her low cut white dress. She looked like a model but she hand some work done too. A lot of work actually.

"Hello mother," Gernhard greeted the woman who hugged him kissing his cheek.

"Oh who's this?" she asked looking over at Scarlett, "my my you look so pretty. Oh you're wearing the family's emerald, he must be so in love with you!" she squealed smiling, this lady was probably in her forties.

She was wearing a family heirloom? All the color drained from her face with his mother told her, suddenly she couldn't breath. Soon enough her eyes rolled back and her knees gave away falling to the floor passing out.

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