Mafia Raised

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Chapter5: The before dinner nap

Scarlett woke up with a slitting head ache laying on a red velvet couch, the was really soft. Breathing in she smelt old leather and books. The fireplace had a fire crackling in it casting shadows through out the room, giving it a kind of like an old black and white horror movie vibe with it.

"Ugh my head..." she mumbled as she sat up slowly rubbing her head. She must have gotten too over whelm finding that around her neck was a family heirloom and passed out from finding out from Gernhard's mother, while she was complementing her. She probably should have had an edible before even walking out her dorm's room or in the car. Maybe she still have one or two in her clutch from several months ago, would they have purse lint on them or were they even in a little baggie from it? What have she gotten herself into this time?

"Scarlett, you're awake, how are you feeling okay after passing out on us like that?" Gernhard asked as he walked to her holding a bottle of water he gotten from a globe cooler that was by a bookshelf near the couch.

"Yeah I think so, maybe. But I just have a really serious question, just why did you give me your family's heirloom emerald necklace?" she asked as she looked at him noticing her shoes were off and a soft fluffy blanket was over her lap.

"Uh yeah, I know that might have been over the top, but if you want you can just keep it. Listen Scarlett I like you and think an amazing person. The real reason why I was trying to get you to notice me and date was because of our families." He was knelt beside her looking into her eyes as he held her hands in his they were a little wet and cold from the water bottle that was on the floor next to him as he was keeling to her.

Something to with Their families, suddenly her face went blank as she looked down at him could they be arranging their wedding and their lives with each other.

"Don't tell me, we're suppose to get marry to unite the families and where the territories would grow larger?" she asked deadpanned with a hint of bitchiness as well. He was just in shock as he looked at her like she just sprouted a second head when she told him, of course the council would have a hand in it since they were both in powerful.

"Actually you gotten it right off the bat really, but I do wanna know you Scarlett you're so different. I want you as my girlfriend because I do want you and you're gonna be mine no matter." She was lost for words when he told her, did she still want him around after telling her? So she is so to be married off just like all the other girls that are in with family of other mafias to unite and grow more territory.

She sighed heavily and ran her hand through her hair sorta messing it up a little but nothing that she couldn't fix in the powder room. She's really going to need that damn joint later.

"So I guess after we graduate from the academy we plan a wedding, pop out a few little kids and allow them to continue on the damn fucking cycle?" She looked down at him before she pulled her hands away from his anger boiling up in her stomach spreading like wild fire to the rest of her body, before she was actually starting to have feelings for him. Now not so much there's only so much she could take before just cutting ties all together, he was going to try and become a made man from marrying her. She was still wearing the necklace he gave her, but after the dinner she made her mind up on giving it back to him, or just ripping it off and throwing it in the fire destroying it.

Just as he had destroyed the trust he had just built up, Gernhard kind of sense of how her mind was working from the look on his face he felt ashamed of how he had worded the situation, and how he had just told the girl he liked that he was using her to gain his father's respect.

"Listen Scarlett if you want I can just take you back to the dorms and leave the academy for good. I know I kind of betrayed your trust on this one, but please let me make it up to you."

"Let's just have dinner and get it over with I just want this night to end" she asked with a half hearted smile before standing, but something agouty her smile seemed rather cold about it. The warmth that was beginning to gain in the just turn straight cold towards him once again. As she smoothed out her skirt she felt something was missing, and panic ran through her veins like ice shards. Looking at him she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and her lip pulled back. "Where is my fucking gun?"

"Uh my dad took it," he told her before he grabbed her waist and kissed her hard. She gasped in the kiss as he held on her, she started beating on his chest with her fists. She screamed trying to pull away as she blushed trying to get away.

He finally pulled away with the look of hurt on his face, looked at him and sighed covering her face.

"I want my gun back..."

"After dinner, guns aren't allowed at the dinner table," his father walked in and soon her own father walked in with him.

"Pops...Why do I have to get married?!" She yelled at him as anger was flaring up at him.

"Scarlett, I can't help it, the council wants you to marry him no if ands or buts!" he roared at her a vein popping in temple showed he was ticked off.

She bit her lip and looked away, his mother walking with a wine glass filled with white wine. I guess this is first smart choice the dingbat woman had made all night. Knowing herself she might sneak a drink or two later or smoke a joint in her dorm.

"Dinner's ready everyone come eat!" she yelled giggling drunk and left the room.

"Let us go enjoy a wonderful meal for the new happy couple."

During the dinner of steak, baked potato, steamed broccoli and a salad she didn't really eat instead pushed the meal with her fork, though she did eat the salad anyway just to show she had actually put something in her stomach. After hearing that her fate had been set by marrying Gernhard she just seemed numb, if it were anyone else they would have loved it, being set for life only to have their legs up in their and just take to only be taken care of and be a trophy wife. But this is Scarlett Sergiaino and she didn't want be some trophy wife to a made man, no she wanted to be a made woman on her own. Before all this this she was actually looking forward to it and having a nice time, and thought they would seek away from them. Instead she just wanted to run away and leave this damn home. Even from this life, but of course she wanted to be a made woman, there isn't any out there.

She wanted to show a woman can do a man's job and get it done faster and more cleaner. She took a drink of water ignoring the whole conversation the table was having. Maybe it was about dresses, or the flower arrangement something. Without saying a word she stood and threw the napkin that was on her lap onto the table and walked away from it. She wasn't going to stand for this any longer than what she would have to. She walked through the closest door, and found steps that lead to the basement.

All her warning danger signs was going full blast in her brain as she took a step forward to go down into the darken stair case into uncertain darkness. Half way down the hell of her stiletto broke and she slid down on her ass the rest of the way down. She screamed as she felled and fumbled in a heap at the bottom of the stair. Groaning she gotten to her knees to hear the sound of glass wear clinking and bubbling. Standing she saw someone she didn't except to see down here, let alone being in the devil's basement.


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