Mafia Raised

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Chaper 6: The broken hearts club

Scarlett couldn’t even begin to believe what she was seeing in front of her eyes, as she was still on her knees at the bottom of the steps. Sage was there cooking drugs in the basement of a mansion, tears started to well up in the corners of her eyes as she saw her friend inspect her work.

“Sage!” she cried out standing up stumbling a bit before finally throwing off the designer shoes as she ran up to her missing friend.

“Scarlett what are you doing here?!” Sage gasped seeing her as Scarlett pulled her into a hug. Tears felled from Scarlett's eyes as she hugged her tightly in her arms, she felt warm and happy knowing she was at least missed by someone.

“I’m so happy to see you Sage I was so worried about you, Are you okay, have you been eating okay?” Scarlett sniffled as she bombarded Sage with questions as she pulled away, she saw that her make up had ran down her face.

Never have Sage seen the fucking scary ass Scarlett Sergiaino like this before, biting her lip she pulled her back into a hug knowing she was missed by someone. But it still didn’t answer her question as to why she was here in the first place. By the look of her outfit it looked like she was invited over and she smelt like dinner. The same dinner she had before coming down in the lab.

“Scarlett why are you here?” Sage asked again and Scarlett’s body became rigid when was asked the question.

“My father wants me to marry Gernhard...” she finally told her, all the weight that was on her chest making it hard for her to breath was finally lifted, there was still a weight there but it wasn't as extreme as it was before.

Sage just looked at her with the look of shock seeing the girl standing before her look broken. Scarlett was always so strong and well crazy of course, but now she looked like she just needed to run. Grabbing both her arms she looked her in the eyes the same eyes she looked into when Scarlett saved her from being raped at the house party those just serval months ago.

“Scarlett run, escape this life while you still can, please.”

“Sage I can’t go against the council they’ll my grandfather won't allow it, you know just how power hungry my family is, and so am I. I want to be a made woman with my own army. But I guess I can't become that, I’ll just have to accept it and be the perfect bride.”

She froze shocked to hear those words escape from her lips and sighed nodding letting her, she was so strong, now what happened made her wonder what brought her on as this shell of a person.

“I should go...” Scarlett turned and started walking up the steps not wearing her heels. Sage reached out for her but stopped she shouldn't become involved anymore than what she is. In on hand they were being dangled by the backs while in the other she held the railing. It took a good twenty minutes to reach the top only to find Gernhard there with is arms crossed in front of his chest.

Looks like she made hubby a little mad. Tough shit. He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the door way before closing the door and dragging her away from the basement/lab.

“H-hey let go of me!” she yelled digging her nails in his hand to make him let go.

“You can’t just wonder around a person’s home kätzchen," he seethed at her grabbing her again. She didn't like this one bit at all. If this is how he'll treat her while they're married she didn't want no part in it at all. She looked up a little scared at him and he saw who her make up had run down her face, the black lines of the mascara and eyeliner left.

He let go of her when a flash back of when his father had hit his mother making her cry in pain from the assault. That's why she drinks so much, to forget the pain and dull it away from memory. He didn't want to become like his father where his future wife would always look over her shoulder scared. Already she looked like she seen a ghost when she emerged from basement.

"Scarlett, what did you see down there?" he asked reaching out to wipe away the ruined make up and tears. She pulled away from him as she looked at him with disgust. Okay he dissevered that, but he was just worried about her.

"I'm leaving, stay away from me," Scarlett warned as she started to take the necklace off. He felt his heart shatter into a billion pieces seeing her slip the precious jewel off her slim neck.

"No, please don't go. I'll do whatever you want, please just marry me and you can live your life. I'm crazy for you, I'm begging you." He held her hands keeping her from giving him the necklace.

It made her angry, kicking him in the chest she ripped it off her neck breaking the clasp before she threw the necklace against a marble pillar and ran off away from him. The green emerald broke off the necklace and land on the floor. His heart felt like the necklace watching her run away from him...again.

"Scarlett..." he took a step with his hand reaching out but he just stood there in shock. His father and Angelo ran into the room after hearing the sound of her being upset.

They wanted to go after her but it would probably for the best to simply let her run. Gernhard dropped his arm to his side and balled his hands into fists.

"The wedding will happen aft we graduate no matter the cost, she will be mine." He said as all the warmth that was once in his voice had left. His father grinned evilly as Angelo paled slightly seeing darkness in the blue eyes. His daughter would be living in hell, but sadly there's nothing he could do instead he just let it happen. He couldn't go against the council...or his father.

She just ran through the night all the way to a café that was near closing time, the guy in charge let her in anyway. Her feet her from running bare footed, sitting at a table she held her head in her hands as she breathed. She scratched at her neck trying to breath again, the one good thing about her dress is that she had pockets in it. Taking out her phone she checked her messages to find several messages from Alex, pops, Clementine, and of course Gernhard.

She dialed Alex's number and thought for a moment before turning the screen off and setting it face down on the table. With her hands on her facer she heard someone clear their throat. As she looked up she found a huge ripped guy dressed in demine and leather his golden hair was pulled back away from his face with a bandana, his golden eyes had speckles of brown in them. She jumped standing and reached for her gun. If she had one, of course she left it...again.

He held his free hand out to her to show he means no harm, while the other held a coffee cup.

"Whoa sorry, uh are you okay?" he asked motioning if he could sit across from her. She nodded letting him, she sighed heavily and scratched at her throat again.

"No, not really..." she told him trailing off slightly as she laced her fingers together on the table in front of her.

"Care to enlighten me?"

"Where do I even began?" she shuffled a laugh with a faint smile.

"A name?" he asked smiling at her.

She had a half smile, "Scarlett," she told him softly she saw his patch and seen it was a Mustang's patch. A motorcycle gang that her father often has deliver coke and pot sometimes.

"I'm Bones," he held out a hand to it was large callused. She reached out to it before Alex rushed in and grabbed her.

"You're going home now," he said sternly dragging her out of her seat.

She was scared as he dragged her, Bones watched standing at the table as tears felled. She made a promise to herself never to cry again and block all emotions from the world. All until that wedding day...

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