Mafia Raised

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Chapter 7: The wedding

Four years later...

Scarlett sat alone inside a room inside the Schneider’s church, she had run away during the first wedding, but this time she just gave up since they’ve started stationing guards at her door. Sighing heavily she looked up at the Virgin Mary stained glass seeking guidance before looking down at the engagement ring. A sapphire and a black diamond with white diamonds around it, the ring was to represent their eyes. After that night she ran away from Gernhard’s home when she found Sage he changed all together. No longer a warm hearted guy, he had grown cold towards her, but it would be better this way that way she get a divorce after a few months and be on her own.

Yes the dress was beautiful but it wasn’t to her, it was a quarter sleeved silk chiffon, with lace on the skirt and beading to mimic the look of stars. She hated it. White, why couldn’t she have worn a black dress instead? It was more her, and not this god awful thing that was her mother’s. Though maybe during a better time it would have been beautiful to her. She tried to make herself love the dress, or try to love the way the hair dresser done her hair loose curls in a half up half down look held up with a million bobby pins that stabbed her scalp if she moved her head a certain way.

A knock at the door made her whirlwind of thoughts slow down, her heart was hammering against her chest as Clementine walked with two glasses of Champaign. She knew her all to well, she was going to need some liquid courage for the ceremony.

“Hey thought you would want a drink,” she smiled meekly and handed her the flute. She took it holding it in her hand, her nails was done with acrylic white and red roses and gem stones.

“Is it almost time to give up my freedom?” she asked before downing the whole thing in one gulp.

“Just three more minutes, I figured I’d give you a drink.”

Clementine sipped on her bubbly while Scarlett looked down at the empty glass rolling the stem between her fingers spinning it. The conversation felt as empty as the glass, anger rose up in her throat and she stood abruptly from the make up desk. Raising her arm that held the glass she threw the glass flute. It shattered against the yellow cream wall, the sound of the glass shattering was almost calming. Her sister stood and smiled at her before downing her drink and throwing it at the same wall.

A smile broke across Scarlett’s lips as they both shared a smile together, after so many years of getting to know each other they became close even when they found her rapist that was Bradly. Let’s just say they couldn’t find the body of the former quarter back, and if they did. They would have a hard time trying to identifying it. Though Scarlett was forced into the marriage Clementine was there to help her through it. Even during the rehearsal dinner earlier this week.

Breathing heavily Scarlett took a deep breath and nodded as they looked at each other when the music started to play. They put her veil on and walked out the door where the guards escorted her to the aisle. She didn’t want her father to walk her down the white carpeted walk way, instead her sister did. Sage was her maid of honor turns out Sage was one of the best cooks Elias Schneider has and made the fucker rich from it. Gernhard was there standing next to the priest as he saw her walking to him, there was a smile on his lips as each step she took towards him.

In her mind she thought of turning around and running away, or for a more drama jump through the stained glass and make a run for it out in the city. Those were just her thoughts and she couldn’t make them happen. Just one more step up to him and her life is sealed with him. With all the anxiety pour out of her pores she stepped on her dress and felled in front of everyone. Gernhard went to her and helped her up when she was on her knees, a few of those who were in front also gotten up to help, but he gotten her.

Guess he was her knight in black armor, instead of knight in shinning armor really. Back in school he was, but now his heart turned to black since she ran away from him in his own home.

“Are you okay?” he asked her softly, it almost felt that there was some warmth in his voice. But as she looked up at him through the veil she saw that his eyes were still cold. Shivering slightly she just nodded and stood with his help, handing off the bouquet of flowers to Sage. The wedding colors were red, white, and black nothing too fancy, it was fancy too fancy for her taste. It was the mafia after all.

Gernhard lifted the veil uncovering her face, he saw his bride looking up at him with dead black eyes. No matter how much make up she had layered under her eyes he saw she hadn’t been sleeping well. It was mostly his fault, if he hadn’t grown cold towards her, she would be smiling looking up at him with those dark eyes being filled with love. He held her hands finding them cold to the touch, he made her cold. Though he was cold towards her he kind of had a reason too, she broke his heart.

Even though this marriage will bring their families closer and the territories will be larger, but he didn’t want it like this. He wanted to marry Scarlett on her terms and because they love each other. The priest had already started and he hadn’t realized it.

“Gernhard pay attention,” Scarlett said loud enough for him to hear her.

“Oh uh I do?” he snapped out of it looking down at her. It gotten a small smile from her but it quickly went away when the priest his uncle Otto looked at her.

“Do you Scarlett Sergiaino take Gernhard Schneider to lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in heath, till death do you part?" Otto's voice boomed out to the people seated in the church with out a mic.

Her throat went dry and she panicked looking frantically before looking up at him a tear rolled down her cheek as she her lip trembled. She finally gave her answer.

"I do," her voice trembled slightly as she had said to him.

"If there is anyone who refuses this marriage speak now or forever hold your peace." No one stood, no one spoke it was dead silent. Everyone knew in this room if they said anything against the wedding their throat will be slit and their body would fall to the ground. Sadly nothing like that happened.

"Then I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride."

She tensed up when Gerhard leaned towards her hand cupped her face in his hands kissing her softly. Tears just felled as she closed her eyes mirroring him holding his face in her hands. People cheered and stood as they walked almost ran down the aisle outside the car that was waiting for them. As the got in Scarlett was breathing heavily and tears were falling from her eyes. Smiling Gernhard looked over at her and his smile faltered and he pulled her into hug, in the embrace she stiffened.

"I'm sorry Scarlett..."

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