Mafia Raised

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Chapter 8: The apology

"I'm sorry Scarlett." Those words seemed to continue bouncing off on the inside of her brain as the car was taking them to the reception. Did she hear him right or was she growing deaf?
"You're sorry?" she said as she looked up at him, after she had fixed her make up. He nodded looking down at his hands she sighed and took them in her own causing him to look up at her.
"Of course, I'm sorry Scarlett I only wanted to marry you if you love me, not because you were forced to." He held her hands as he looked up at her tears were in his eyes.
She was taken aback for a moment and sighed softly shaking her head, trying to calm her thoughts. After so many shrink visits and medicine she was put on due to her mental health. She felt calm even after she had stopped smoking pot, she found that she didn't need it any longer. It wasn't a gateway drug for her but more of an escape to keep herself calm and high above the clouds from the reality of all the bad she's done.
"Gerhard, there was time before that dinner that I was starting to feel butterflies for you. But after that night when I found Sage you made me hate you and fear you. Now I just feel so numb."
And that was the truth she didn't really feel anything really, except when she done damage to herself is when she felt something. That's when her father found her passed out in a small pool of her blood after misfiring her gun at her stomach. She only shot her side nothing completely serious, though she still does get a twinge of pain time to time. He had a pained look as he looked at her. No amount of make up could hide how unhappy she is let alone the dark circles under her black eyes.
The dark circles under her eyes was plain as day to him as he really gotten a good look at his wife. Wife. It'll take some time getting used to it but he will have to do something to keep his new wife happy. After all, happy wife happy life, right? But this was Scarlett Sergiaino, she's the storm he would be scared or, as of right now he was just worried about her. Her eyes that was once able to send fear down his spine made him feel like a weak man knowing he was the reason for the sadness.
He sighed she looked up at him and he kissed her softly, the kiss was soft and gentle the same kiss they shared when they first kissed. It made her stomach do summersaults. When he pulled away she grabbed his face and kissed him again, it was hard and rough, almost starving. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her on his lap kissing him still. She blushed looking down at him and she let a soft chuckle escape from her lips that was still painted red.
Hearing her chuckle brought warmth to his heart that he thought was frozen, she was defrosting it. Scarlett, his Scarlett was bringing him back from the dark place that was inside his mind.
"I love you Scarlett, I'll do my best to do whatever I can to keep you happy," he vowed holding her close to him. She smiled holding his face in her hands, she thought of snapping his neck but instead she just kissed him. His eyes were closed as hers was open as she they kissed she felt him lift the skirt of her dress. Her heart hammered against her ribcage as she knew that they be sharing a bed and have sex like any other married couple. She'll just have to accept it just like everything else that would be going on in her life, including raising a child.
A motorcycle zoomed passed their car, and she recognized that midnight purple anywhere, it was Bones. Her heart fluttered hearing the Harley go passed, she had seen him after that night at the café at her father's estate. They shared a night together on a blanket in the west gardens under the stars on the picnic blanket. The memory of his lips on her shoulder biting and tasting her skin before she gave in to her body's needs. They shared many night after until she broken it off two weeks ago when she told him she was pregnant.
She had gotten an abortion knowing she wouldn't raise a child yet, she just wasn't ready. He was kind and understanding as he gave her a ride to the local clinic in his truck. Though it surprised her he would drive something other than his bike, she felt better being inside the old rusty truck. He was there for her and let her know she wasn't alone when she gotten it. They were still friends and he understood that she could use all the friends she could get after today.
They arrived at a large Italian restaurant owned by Alex, it was still new and had just opened a few month ago. People were waiting for them as they stood outside, she didn't want to go in. She just wanted to go home and slip on her slippers and binge watch Netflix. She just needed out of the damn heels, why they had her wear six inch heels she'll never know. The good thing is that she just take them off after the dancing. Food she hoped the food would taste good, she wasn't allowed to eat as the just stuffed her in this damn dress.
Gernhard set her on the seat next him with a huge smile on his lips, holding her hand he felt how nervous she is.
"It'll be okay, we get good cake and food hopefully, because they didn't have me eat either." They share a soft smile as the car stopped and he opened the car door and stepped out before holding his hand out to her. She took it and stepped out the Rolls-Royce everyone was cheering and taking pictures of the happy couple.
Oh how wrong they were, sure Gernhard was happy to have her as his wife, but deep down she wasn't happy about it one bit. She'll wear a mask of a fake smile and the look of endearment towards him until she could no longer keep it going.
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