The Perfect Revenge book 1

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(Sample) After his father is shot Alexander Night stands up and takes his rightful place as leader of the motorcycle club Dangerous Nights. He is beyond livid and will do everything in his power to destroy whoever killed his father. Rose Stone is just a normal college girl who just wants to get her degree in the fine arts and possibly travel the world and paint what she sees. Although on one very horrible night her world gets turned upside down and she fears that she will be trapped in this nightmare forever.

Drama / Romance
Mickey Myjak
4.7 4 reviews
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Chapter 1


I slam my fist against my desk causing my glass of whisky to fall to the floor. It breaks and the ground is now covered in broken glass. I don’t even care though. How am I supposed to care about a stupid glass cup breaking when I’ve just learned of what happened?

“Dominic!” I call.

He pops his head into my office and quirks his eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”

“My father’s dead.” I state.

“What? When did this happen? How did this happen?”

“He was out with some of our men. They were going to pick up a shipment of our new weapons when the police arrived. There was a shootout and my father was shot and killed.”


“Don’t fucking give me any pity Dominic. I don’t want or need it. No, I want to find this police officer who shot my father. Once we find him, I’m going to kill him.”

“You’re not thinking rationally Alexander. If you kill this officer then you’ll have the whole force on your ass.”

I look up at Dominic and sigh. “You’re right. We need to find a different way to get revenge.”

“Like what?” He asks.

“I want you to look into this officer and find out what his weakness is.” I order.

“Alright.” Dominic nods. “What’s his name?”

“Ivan Stone.”

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