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A successful and rich young billionaire decides to make a small trip to a new club that just opened. From time to time he likes to unwind and forget that on the surface he may own one of the top franchises in the world, but hes also the leader of one of the most dangerous mafia ever to exist. This handsome devil has no one to come home to and doesn't think he deserves someone that special. All he has is his precious little sister who he loves and cares for and his businesses. A crimson covered angel just wanting to make ends meet and live comfortably. She dances and escorts never giving her body to any man. That's the one pure thing about her besides her love for her dear older brother who travels with her. Shes mature and calm and only cares about making sure she and her brother are ok. And so she makes it her duty to lure rich men into falling for her, gaining their trust and stealing a sum of their money before disappearing again. New city; new name, new wig and target. Her brother always works as a bouncer for any club she works so hes always there to help her though he swears shes more deadly than him at times. New in the just opened club and Our little Crimson Angel is ready to play. But she didnt think her long running streak would come to a halt or that her heart would make things so difficult.

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

Suit & Gun

The lights flicker on and off in the small room. It only feels smaller since 12 men are all dressed in black surrounding one man tied to a chair whimpering pathetically. "L-listen, I had to cancel...I had to do it...my family was at ri-" He suddenly gets cut off as the door slams open and a young man walks in. The men in black part to let him through before closing the gap. "At risk? Is that what you were gonna say? You piece of shit!!" The lights flicker again as a punch rings out against the man's face courtesy of the young man. Glaring at the light he reaches up twisting the bulb fully in then pushes his hair back frustratingly. The man in the chair unable to see due to the blindfold spits out some blood and a tooth on the floor crying on pain. "Pl-please Mr.M l-let me explain." The young man now named Mr.M falls backward casually as one of the suited men materializes a chair smoothly for him to land in crossing one leg over the other. "Start talking...explain to me why not only did you fuck me on our deal, but you stole from me." The man licks his lips then speaks. "M-Mr.Lucifer told me that if I make the deal with you my son will die and my wife & daughter made into sex slaves...I-I had to do it...I couldn't have my family at risk." The room seemed to grow colder and the men surrounding the two seemed to fidget and grimace knowing what would happen. Mr.M tapped his finger on his knee, his jaw set tight and his eyes narrow. "Did you just fucking say Lucifer!? You spat on me over the threat of Lucifer? You-" Mr.M suddenly stopped speaking then leaned back sighing and glaring at the man. After 5 long minutes, he spoke again. "Mr.Curtis...I will look over this and protect your family...but you must withdraw from Lucifer. I can guarantee their safety." Mr.Curtis chews his lip and thinks a moment. "A-alright...Deal, I'll do it as long as my family is safe." Mr.M nods and takes a sleek silver case from one of the men opening it to the contract and a pen. He places it on the man's lap before he unties and removes his blindfold. "Sign here and our business is complete, I will immediately send men to watch your family and all will be well. Ok?" Mr.Curtis nods vigorously and signs the contract returning the pen and closing the case. The young man stands smiling as he takes the case and begins to head for the door. But stops when Mr.Curtis calls him. "S-so I'm free to go and you'll protect me and my family?" A dark smile crosses The young man's face hidden in shadow as he slowly looks back. "Protect you? No, I swore to keep your family safe, you are an entirely different matter." Mr.Curtis swallows thickly beginning to sweat as fear seeps into him quickly. "B-but-," He tries to step forward but is grabbed by two of the nearest men. "But nothing...you don't betray THE Amon Angelius Mortem...no, you die." Amon sneers at the man then looks at his nearest guard. "Kill him and deliver his decapitated corpse to his family with the message, 'Don't fuck with Mortem Dominion' then station guards to watch over them and explain the situation briefly. I'm out of here." The man nods and Amon walks out of the room and up a flight of stairs leading to the roof where a black, sleek helicopter awaits. He gets in and it takes off into the night.

The sleek black helicopter lands on the helipad atop an hourglass-shaped building made of glass. Before it's even on the ground good and Amon gracefully leaps from the door as it opens and stands just as it flies away again. The wind whips his hair and clothes as he adjusts his headset. "Time to get to work..." He then smirks and begins to walk into the building but looks back as the moon gleams off his abs and lights up his eyes. "I almost didn't see you there...Names Amon Angelius Mortem...a name you better remember..." He walks away pushing a hand into his pocket. "Welcome to Mortem Enterprises...." he says as the door closes after him with a loud click.

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