Loyalty Over Love

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What would you do if everything you built was taken away? Everything you started from the bottom with gone. Would you fold under the pressure or would you take back what was yours? Everyone knew there were rules to the game but there was one rule that was superior than all the rest. TRUST NO ONE! Never allow yourself to get comfortable enough to let your guard down. No matter how good you may "think" it is, the game wasn't sweet. No matter how much you made sure everyone on your roster ate, there would always be someone waiting on an opportunity to take everything away. And they'd do this by any means. Taking out any and everyone that stood in their way.

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Preface - Monica

The strip club was most definitely packed and I could see it was going, something I desperately needed. I wasn't that much of a drinker but I figured I should let loose and enjoy the moment. As I walked towards the front door of the bar, I saw Meghan standing on the far end towards the back of the bar. She was talking to this dude I'm almost sure she just met. This girl was truly something else. "Girl every time I see your ass, you giggling up in some random nigga face!" Rolling her eyes, she looked at me and laughed. "Maybe you need some in your life and you'd loosen the hell up and stop worrying about who face I’m up in!" I hugged her and she squeezed me tight. It’s been a minute since we kicked it and I was so glad I decided to come out. As we broke the long embrace hug, I noticed the guy she was talking to looking at me as he licked his lips. He reeked of liquor and had his pants hanging so low that if he moved the wrong way they would fall off his ass. Meghan shooed him off and we made our way inside the bar.

I danced to a few songs with her before we ordered drinks. We sat at the bar and waited on the bartender to come our way. "So what’s up girl, when you going to let me hook you up with Rory friend Dolo? Oh I forgot, you're too good for the street type!" I rolled my eyes and sucked my teeth. She was never going to leave me alone about this. To be real, she wasn't lying though. I didn't want or need a man I had to support. And typically when it came to dating guys with street reps, that was always the case. "Yea, the hood type ain't my style. I like my men sophisticated and smart, not rough and ghetto. I mean, who is this Dolla anyway?” I asked. “It’s Do-lo fool! And shit he lives that of that street life, but not like these other clowns ass so called hustlers. This nigga is certified in almost every hood around.” She paused to look at some dude that was walking past. His earrings and watch damn near blinded me. Meghan licked her lips and began to focus on what she was saying. “Mhm! Girl this nigga Dolo carries himself like a businessman and I’m saying, it don’t hurt that he got them bands. You will never catch him on a corner slinging.” I looked at her and she busted out laughing. “Oh, I get it! He’s like the Bill Gates or Donald Trump of slinging?” I asked, sounding sarcastic as I kept laughing. “You ain’t funny. But yes trick, he is that and so much more!” She said as the bartender brought our drinks. “Whatever girl, I guess I will take his number. Maybe now you will stop nagging me about it.” I said as I took a sip of my drink. The look of excitement was plastered all over her face. I was never the type to care about how much money a man had. Why would I when I had my own money? “That’s my girl, hold on I’m bout to send you his number.” She pulled her phone out and shortly after mine began to vibrate. “You should maybe up your standards. There are plenty of decent men out here that aren’t caught up in the street life." I said as I scrolled through my phone. Meghan was gorgeous and she could have any type of man she wanted. Yet, she always had a thing for the thug type. "Girl, there's nothing wrong with a nigga like that. I mean hell, they know how to keep you satisfied in the bedroom. Trust me!" I shook my head at her. This girl was just too much.

The bar was beginning to get packed with people ordering drinks, so we decided to sit at a table near the back of the club. Shortly after we sat down, this guy approached us and asked me if I wanted to dance. He wasn't bad looking either. Tall, medium brown complexion, waves that were spinning out of control and he had these gorgeous light brown eyes. After a lot of convincing from Meghan, I reluctantly got up and I could see his eyes began to fill with excitement. Meghan gave me a wink as I followed behind him. When we hit the floor, I started to grind all on him. It'd been awhile since I danced but it wasn't something you forgot. Not for me anyway. I could tell he was enjoying my dance moves and when I adjusted my focus I realized so was everyone else. After the song ended, we hugged and I went back to the table Meghan was still sitting at. She had a grin plastered on her face as I sat down. "Damn, you got a little freak in you girl!" "Shut up! " I said as I sipped my drink. "Girl it’s jumping in here tonight!" She said as she danced in her seat. I had to admit it though, to my surprise I was actually having a pretty good time. As I scanned the crowd, my great night had turned into a total disaster as I noticed my ex Drake standing near the back of the club with his friends. I already knew my night was officially over. Drake was the main reason I couldn't see myself dating another dealer. I had to leave before he saw me because I wasn’t trying to hear anything he had to say. "I'm about to go, I'll call you tomorrow." Meghan begged me to stay but once I told her why I wanted to go she understood.

Making sure I kept myself from his view, I walked out a side door and headed towards my car. As I got closer, my phone started to vibrate and I almost jumped out of my skin because it startled me. I pulled the phone out and opened the notifications tab. It happened to be the same number Meghan sent of the guy she was trying to hook me up with. I should have known she was going to send him my info as well. Shit she probably assumed I wasn’t going to even hit him up. Maybe she was right.

Looking back on that night ,I never could have imagined it was the beginning of a romance that had me and him both crazy in love. The way we connected was undeniable. A part of me was glad that I took a chance on love again. But, what I believed was love had turned out to be no more than the ingredients to a recipe that left me with emotional scars from being betrayed, feeling broken and being bitter. Not once did I see myself standing with a gun clutched in my hand, aiming it right at Shaun’s head. It didn’t matter how much I loved him, or how deeply we connected, none of that mattered now. I knew there was no turning back. Unspeakable lines had been crossed and I could only see one solution. And the only solution was eliminating the exact thing that sparked the turmoil my life was now in. When you allow yourself to fall hard for anyone that was affiliated in the street life, those were consequences that came along with it. Their problems become yours and when they have enemies, those become your enemies. I never wanted to live this life. But I was in it now. Being a ride or die had so much more meaning when it came to hood love. It’s what you live by and once someone pulls your card, you either fold or you show them your strength. Just be prepared to deal with everything that comes at you. And remember the game loves no one!

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