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Morabad begins an investigation into the likelihood of insurgents hiding in Maria's village. The war has just ended, He gets acquainted with Maria in the most compromising of situations, and falls for her while disguised as a teacher in her school. Jean and Luc, two of his trusted soldiers, are his aid in the mission. They masquerade as Morabad's sons. They soon discover that their mission doesn't limit them to only locating the insurgents......

Drama / Humor
Shobana Gomes
Age Rating:


Set in Paris in the 1960s, at a time when France was electing a new President, when tensions were rife among friends and foes alike, the story highlights the tender moments that occur between two unlikely people who fall in love.

Inspired by a poem that goes by the same title, it tells of love, hope, and of courage. It brings with it an infectious humor that will more than likely, endear the reader to the characters of the story.

The dialogue in certain instances are in French, given the location.


Please note that all the characters are fictional, and the story is purely for reading pleasure. It bears no resemblance to anyone, past or present.

Here’s the poem, for thoughtful indulgence:


I took a walk in Paris one night,

And watched the lovers there charm the sights,

I watched a Frenchman and his lady love,

They kissed with hot love, their passion sizzled.

As they gazed into each other’s eyes,

I could see that they were oblivious to a staring world,

He got on his knees with a rose in hand,

And proposed to her with a tender heart.

She looked at him from the height of her stilettos,

Her racing heart I hear from as far as Syros,

I guess it was a liaison-Francais,

A twosome passion that showed each other’s love.

A "yes" it was, to the man who dared,

To set her heart racing with a burning fire,

Ah, the French, they love their women with fervor,

They speak the language of romance for sure,

Their passion is much sought after,

Someday, I shall have me Frenchman as a lover...


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