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Ava is just a normal girl working at a coffee shop when she receives a letter from a mysterious person. She decides shes going to respond to this person. But is it a joke? Is it an old man, or even a creep? What happens when she replies to the person who refers to themselves as Prince Charming. Will they fall in love when they meet or will someone​ get in the way. Or will they even meet each other in person?

Drama / Romance
Ashlee Martinez
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Chapter 1 (edited)

Beep Beep Beep

Groaning, I rolled over, shutting the annoying alarm off. It was only 6:30 A.M and I needed to be to work by 8. Ten minutes later, I was washing my silver, shoulder-length hair, and scrubbing my body in the shower. After getting out and drying my body off, I rubbed lotion on my skin, then proceeded to put my work uniform on. The uniform consisted of black pants, in which I wear leggings instead, and a white t-shirt that had the logo on it. The logo was a cup of coffee with steam rising out of the cup and the words Deb’s Coffee Shop on a pocket. I was a waitress at the small coffee shop that sat on the corner, and I have been working there for a couple of years now.

The walk to the coffee shop was less than 15 minutes from my apartment. The area wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t the nicest. The sidewalks were always busy with loads of people

I live in a small one-bedroom apartment where the living room and kitchen were pretty much one room and a standard bathroom. The walls were a soft gray accented with white trim. It was similar to a studio apartment.

Since it was only me living there, it was a perfect size, but it was also all I could afford working at the coffee shop. I liked working there though because Deb’s was laid back and the pay was decent, as well as the tips I made. Although, I know one day I’m going to need to find a better job, something that pays me better. I didn’t plan on staying in my little apartment forever. I had dreams of owning the perfect house.

The coffee shop opened up at 6 A.M, but I never had to be there that early. I always went in at 8 a.m., but I would show up 15 minutes early to buy a muffin and a bottle of water.

I gathered my purse along with my phone, then threw my wavy hair into a top knot. The weather was perfect today, it wasn’t too hot, and it wasn’t chilly either. Fall was approaching us in the next few weeks.

When I arrived at work, there were already a few people sitting down eating or ordering coffee before they needed to be at their jobs. Once in a while, we got new customers, but mostly we had our regulars that consisted of businesspeople that worked nearby.

Upon arriving, I ordered my usual, which consisted of a pumpkin spice muffin with a bottle of water, and yes, we sell pumpkin items all year round. They were some of our highly requested items, and they always sold out quickly.

Once I was finished eating, I went into the backroom to drop my things off and got to work. After greeting my manager Deb, I took over the floor for her while she attended to the kitchen with another coworker. That left me working the floor by myself until 10:30 when Matt, another co-worker, came in. He was a close friend of mine. We went to high school together and have been friends ever since. He was my rock, as I was his.

The morning went by pretty fast and before I knew it, Matt was coming in for his shift.

“Hey, baby girl. How’s it going?”

“Hey, Matty. Pretty good, times flying for the café being slow.” I gave him a wide smile and went back to tending my tables. Around 11:30 we started to pick up with customers seeing as how it was lunchtime and a lot of people liked our lunch sandwiches. No matter how tired I was, I always wore a smile on my face. Not to be greedy, but I couldn’t afford to get a small tip, so wearing that smile was at least something.

When 2 o’clock came around, I was ready to clock out, but something caught my eye, it was a letter addressed to “The Girl with Silver Hair.” I asked all my other co-workers if they had seen who would have left it there, but no one did. I knew it was for me, seeing as I’m the only one with silver hair who works here. When Matty saw me with the letter in my hand, he gave me a wide grin and said: “Looks like you got a secret admirer.”

I rolled my eyes at him and replied: “Yea, probably one of those old businessmen that are always in here. You can never be too sure with them”

“Hey, get yourself a sugar daddy. I’m sure he’ll buy you whatever your heart desires.”

Leaving it at that, Matty sent me a wink and went back to work.

I decided I was going to wait until I got home to read my letter. Walking to the back room to grab my things, I then headed home.

Its always quiet when I get inside, but that’s expected when you lived alone. After unlocking my apartment, I made my way inside and took my shoes off. I then went into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich, as a snack, and read my letter. Whoever this person is, has really nice manly handwriting. As I read the letter it brought a smile to my face.

Silver Haired Beauty,

Sorry for the name, but I wasn’t able to catch your real name on the name tag you were wearing. Anyways, I Couldn’t help but watch you work. Wow, that sounds creepy. Let’s just say, you caught my eye the moment I saw you. I’m glad I choose to try this place out for lunch otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen you. I promise I’m not some creepy stalker. Although, me saying that probably makes me sound even more like one.

I believe it was your smile that caught my attention and the way your eyes shine bright when you talked to your customers. It made me smile which doesn’t happen very often. When you have a job like mine, you tend to have what’s called a hard look marring your face.

Maybe next time I’ll hear your voice or maybe see your smile up close, but for now, I’ll admire from afar.

Yours truly,

Prince Charming

p.s I hope you’ll respond back sometime.

The smile stayed on my face the whole time I read the letter, but then it dropped when reality set in. What if it was an old man or some creepy stalker. I know he said he wasn’t, but can you trust someone you’ve never meet by what they said in a letter. I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out and see if I can figure out who prince charming really is. People that came into Deb’s don’t seem to be creepy, but you can never judge a book by its cover, they could be good at hiding the fact they’re creepy.

Once I finished eating my food, I cleaned up my mess then went and changed my shirt, so I could run to the store. Matty was coming over for dinner and I needed to get some things to make spaghetti.

I put the letter in my nightstand and headed out of my room to put my shoes on. Grabbing my purse and car keys, I headed out to my Jeep.

On my way to the store, all I could think about was that letter. I know Matt will tease me about it when he comes over. I just don’t know how to feel about it. No one has ever written to me before.

When I arrived at the store, I made sure to get what I needed for the pasta and some drinks. When I got to the checkout, there was an extremely good looking guy in front of me. He had multiple tattoos running up and down his neck and arms, which in my opinion made him look hotter. He had brown hair that was slicked back and shaved on the sides. When he turned and looked at me he gave me a warm smile and that’s when I noticed his bright green eyes. I was polite enough to smile back, then went back to placing my items on the belt. When I went to pull my wallet out and pay for my items the cashier stopped me.

“No need ma’am. That young gentleman paid for yours already.”

I was surprised, no one has ever done that for me.

“Oh wow. Um okay then.” How long was I not paying attention for him to pay for my items and I not know it? Grabbing my items I headed to my Jeep and made my way home.

Once I arrived home, I began working on making the pasta because Matty will be here after he gets off of work. After I got everything cooked and mixed together, I let it simmer in the crockpot while I watched some T.V and waited for Matt to show up.

At 5:10 there was a knock on my front door and I knew it was Matty. The moment he was inside my apartment, he started shouting off questions about the letter.

“What did it say? Who is it from?” he said all in one breath.

“Slow down their speed talker,” I said as I laughed at him.

I continued telling him all about the letter and how they refer to themself as Prince Charming. Matt’s a sucker for romance stories, so this is his cup of tea.

While we ate dinner, I also told him about the mystery man who paid for my groceries at the store. His only response was “Look at you, winning over two men’s hearts.” While chuckling and wiggling his eyebrows at me.

We spent the rest of the dinner catching up on each other lives. We do this about once every two weeks. After Matt left, I headed to bed thinking about who prince charming was and the man at the store with the green eyes. I needed to find a way to pay him back for buying my groceries. With those last few thoughts, the darkness took over and I was out.

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