Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 10 (edited)

My first week working at Black Inc was pretty laid making everything easy to handle. I received little things like flowers and chocolates that were attached to little notes from my mystery man. It was a sweet gesture from him, but I’m still iffy on the situation. I’m ready to find out who this man is. I want to be able to put a face to the person writing me all these letters and sending me these gifts.

Being Friday, we were busier than any other day. Everyone wanted a meeting with the boss before the end of next week. Today, I wasn’t able to get all the notes typed out from the multiple meetings Mr. Black had. Considering they were all back to back, I had a lot of work to do this weekend, on top of my shifts at Deb’s on Saturday and Sunday. I thought about picking up a shift on Friday nights, but I’d be pushing myself too far. Maybe, later on, I can.

Walking into the coffee shop on Saturday morning, made me realize how much I missed working there during the week. Although I was making my living situation financially better, I still missed it. I’m not sure if I could ever quit working here at the coffee shop. It was like a second home to me.

Some of the customers were asking where I’ve been, they didn’t know I got a new job. They just assumed I was on vacation for the week. While I was enjoying my time catching up with some of the regulars that come there during the week, I didn’t notice someone placing a stuffed bear by the register. With the weather being nice, for a fall day, we seemed to be getting busier. Everyone must have wanted to get out of their houses today.

At 2 o’clock when my shift ended, I noticed the white stuffed bear holding a red heart and an envelope. I picked them up, heading to the back to grab my purse when a scent hit my nose. It consisted of men’s cologne and it smelled heavenly. It wasn’t like those colognes that smelled like they wore too much. The scent was more masculine, but soft and I loved it.

On my way home I couldn’t stop myself from smelling the bear, it just smelt so good. He was going to become my cuddle buddy at night from now on. I shall call him Lucifer.

Maybe this will help me find out who Mystery Man was, by the scent of his cologne. How weird would it be for me to smell the air around men that came into Deb’s or at Black Inc? Would they get a restraining order against me?

When I got home, I made myself comfortable on the couch with the bear and opened the letter.


Yes, sunshine, because you make bad days brighter for me when I see your smiling face. I know it probably sounds cliche or maybe even cheesy, but it’s true.

I hope you like the bear. I wasn’t sure if you like stuffed animals or not. I guess if you don’t then you can do whatever you want to it. We aren’t dating or anywhere near that right now and, nor do you know who I am. I guess I just wanted you to have something for your bad days. Maybe to remind you of me, Mystery Man or Prince Charming. Unless you have a different name for me.

You brighten my bad days up, maybe I can brighten yours in return.

Onto a different topic, I noticed you survived your first week of work and I’m positive you figured out that it’s not hard. I hope the boss is treating you well and is not harsh on you. You can tell me if he is.

Until next time Love.

Your one and only,

Prince Charming

P.S. I’ll give you a hint on who I might be. We have personally talked in person multiple times, throughout our writing.

The cologne on the bear is one of the many I own and rarely wear. I wasn’t going to make it easy for you to try and figure out who I was.

His letters seemed to always make me smile. Especially when he’s being this cheesy and sweet it’s hard not to. On top of things, I’ve talked to him, but where? I don’t have the slightest clue. There’s been a lot of men I’ve talked to between both jobs. Quite a few of them were young, but none of the men I’ve talked to stick out. If the cologne is rarely worn, then that won’t help me either.

Why can’t he just tell me who he is, or better yet show me? I have to remind myself to be patient because I’m still back and forth on wanting to know who he is. I’ll be nice and respond to him, thanking him for the bear and small gifts from this past week, then leave it at that.

Don’t get to attached Ava.


Thank you for everything you’ve given me this week. The small gifts, the flowers, and now the bear. Who I’ve named Lucifer. But I must say, this is all too much, considering I don’t know who you are. One day I will repay you, in person, as long as you don’t screw up again.

You’re making it hard to stay mad at you. I guess that’s a good thing for you, but kind of bad for me. Better yet, more confusing for me. I still want to be mad at you, I really do, but I can’t. It’s the type of person I am. I forgive too easily, and you can obviously tell since I’m not yelling at you.

I’ve talked to you? But where? I mean, I know you know me from the coffee shop, but is that where we’ve talked? Have we talked at the office? You truly are a mystery to me. Until the next time, I write to you.

Your Sunshine

Folding up the letter and putting it into my purse so I could leave it by the register tomorrow, I headed to the kitchen to make me some food. I wanted to get a start on typing the notes for Mr. Black. Maybe I can relax tomorrow after my shift at Deb’s if I get the majority of them done. Eventually, I was going to wear myself out from exhaustion, but it’ll all be worth it. Once I buy the house of my dreams, my exhaustion won’t matter.


It was a quarter til 6 when there was a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone to come over because Matty was busy and I didn’t have anyone else as a friend. I’m antisocial and awkward.

Opening up my door, no one was there, but a small yelp caught my attention. Looking down at the ground, sat a small husky with the brightest blue eyes. Picking the small puppy up, I noticed it was a boy. Attached to his collar was a bow along with a letter.

Thought you could use another cuddle buddy and friend. His name is Remy. I made sure he has everything he needs. Look to your left and it’ll all be there.

xoxo Prince Charming

Okay, this guy really needs to stop, this was way too much.

Looking to my left, there really was everything he needs. There were two dog beds, bags of food that would last for days, dishes for the food, and water, a box of toys, and treats.

I needed to draw a line on the gifts. It was all too much. Looking at Remy, my heart melted, and I was a goner. There was no way I could be mad at him for getting me this puppy. Especially when he’s this cute.

Setting Remy down, I brought everything inside and started setting him an area up in the apartment. Once that was finished, I pulled out the letter I wrote, adding a p.s. to it

P.S Please no more big gifts, it’s all too much, but thank you for Remy. NO MORE! I mean it. You don’t need to spoil me.

Folding it back up and shoving it back into my purse, I gathered up Remy and we sat on the couch.

While I finished typing notes for most of the night, he was curled up next to me sleeping.

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