Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 13 (edited)

When I woke up, I was feeling a little better than I did yesterday. My head wasn’t pounding, but my nose was still running and felt clogged up. I took more of the medicine that Mystery Man bought me since it didn’t make me sleepy and I could get through my whole day. By the time I was done taking my medicine along with eating, Remy was awake and waiting to go outside and get fed himself. After three days, me and Remy were getting on a schedule that worked for both of us.


Arriving at work, I headed upstairs to my floor. As soon as I got to my desk, there was a small gift with a note waiting for me. Mystery Man must have dropped it off at my desk before he left last night, which means he works later than I do. Then again he could have dropped it off earlier this morning. Why can’t he just tell me or show me who he is? Am I ready to find out though? I sort of like the mysteriousness of the whole letter thing, it makes me unsure if I want to know his identity just yet. I guess it’s because I’m afraid he’s going to be some old creepy pervert. That or someone playing a cruel joke on me, because they get a good laugh out of the situation.

Looking at the gift on my desk, it became the best one yet, besides Remy himself. Even if Remy’s not with me physically, he’ll still be with me on my keychain.


At the end of the week, I felt a hundred times better than I did at the start of the week. Mystery Man had more soup delivered to me a couple more times for lunch that had little notes attached to the bowel. These notes would be random facts or what national holiday it was that day.

Today was different though, today I had steak, with mashed potatoes topped with gravy, and fresh green beans sent to me.

Since you seem to be feeling better I ordered you what I was having for lunch. Another meal from my Uncle’s restaurant.

Hope you enjoy it. Get used to it because I’ll be spoiling you more often.


Prince Charming

He always seems to make me smile more and more every day. Everything was going good for the day, that was until Bella came in demanding to see Mr. Black.

“Get me, Xavier, now.”

“I’m sorry, but Mr. Black is at lunch...”

“I don’t care. You get him now, or I’ll have you fired. Don’t make me say it again.”

I’m not sure how she can get me fired, but I complied anyway and did what she wanted me to do, page Mr. Black. He responded to my page quicker than I expected him to.

“Yes, Miss Parker. Is everything okay?”

“Sir, Bella is here demanding to see you at once. I told her you were at lunch, but she wouldn’t listen to me.”

I heard him sigh heavily, before he gave me an answer, “Just send her in please.”

No sooner she was in his office, there was yelling on her end. I couldn’t make out everything that was being said, but I did hear the words, “You can not break up with me.” This was not good, if he was breaking up with Bella, she was going to be on a rampage. Next thing I know, I hear ugly crying. Oh no, this is never good, Bella is going to cause a scene.

“Is there someone else? Because if there is, there will be hell to pay.” was the next thing I heard. I really should be typing notes right now, but I was a little curious about what was being said. I can always type the notes at home.

I tried listening to Mr. Black’s response, but he wasn’t speaking loud enough for me to hear. Next, there was a loud thud, in which I’m assuming she threw something at the wall. ”It was fake. This whole time we’ve been together, it’s all been fake. I don’t love you.” I was a little surprised when I heard Mr. Black’s voice raise with his response. “You knew from the beginning Bella, that it was fake. It was for the press, and my mother told you that. Hell, I even told you that.” Okay, wow! I was not expecting that at all. Why would it be for the press? Maybe I’ll find out later on.

Yea, you should also get back to work before you get caught.

There was more ugly crying before the office door opened up to reveal a crying Bella and an annoyed looking Mr. Black. Her makeup was running down her face, but at the same time, her crying looked fake. Almost like she didn’t even care what was happening. It was probably more for a show, so people would feel sorry for her.

The ding of the elevator let me know she was leaving and hopefully making it peaceful on the floor again. With one final glare directed at Mr. Black, she was no longer seen, as the doors to the elevator closed.

Mr. Black then turned to me and said, “Sorry for all of that, Miss Parker. You didn’t need to hear all of that.”

“It’s alright Sir, no worries.”

With a small smile directed towards me, he turned around with a heavy sigh and went back into his office. I could only imagine whats going on in his head.

Mr. Black wasn’t seen for the rest of the day, he was holed up in his office. I did hear at one point, him yelling into the phone, but didn’t know what was being said. I wanted to go check on him to make sure he was okay, but I didn’t think that was very professional of me. To top things off, we weren’t friends, nor did we know each other that well. He would probably yell at me next for asking. It wasn’t any of my business to know anyways.

When I was finished with my work for the day, I still had an hour left before I could leave, so I decided to write Mystery Man, or should I say, Romeo.


Thank you, for the key chain, but seriously no more gifts. You give me to much, and I can not afford to give you as many back.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know I’m still mad at you, but I’m going to write to get to know you better. My walls will still be up and I really hope I’m not making a mistake doing this again.

On to other things, I remember some of the things you told me last time in the letters. So with that, tell me something no one else knows about you. Okay, family is an exception, so let me rephrase that. What is something only your family knows about you?

I remember I still want to try your baking so maybe as a small gift you can bake me something. I’d cook you something, but I’m not sure how’d you get that unless we meet. I’m still waiting for that day, so I can put a face and name to you.

Until next time,


P.s. I like Chocolate chip cookies.

When I was finished writing, I had another ten minutes before I could leave. I took that time to gather my things up and shut down my computer. I wanted to stop at the coffee shop on my way home to drop off my letter. Double checking that I had everything, I left.

As the elevator doors closed, I got a glimpse of Mr. Black standing in his door smiling my way, or at least I think it was my way. With a small wave to him, he was no longer in sight. Why would he be smiling at me? Why am I overthinking this? God, I’m so confused. Too much has happened and things are crazy. I need a vacation.

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