Coffee Shop Letters

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chapter 17 (edited)

Christmas was just three days away, and Matty and I were spending it together again, but this year we had Remy as well as Matt’s boyfriend, Rob. My apartment was decorated, along with the tree that already had gifts wrapped underneath. There weren’t many, but that wasn’t what it was all about. To me, it was about spending time with family.

Xavier and I were still ignoring each other. Some days, I caught him looking my way. When I’d catch him, he would hurry into his office and not come out until he had a meeting. There was a rumor that Bella was pregnant. She’s been hanging around the office a lot more lately, but only when Xavier is there. The other days, Xavier works from home to meet Bella’s demands. Those were just rumors at the moment. Now that I knew he was the one writing me, he could have talked to me. He could have explained the situation that he was going to be there for her, rather than, let’s pretend we weren’t talking. Maybe then, I would have been more understanding of the situation, or maybe things wouldn’t be tense and awkward between us. We could of been friends.

The second rumor that’s been going around was, the baby’s not even his. Apparently, the times don’t add up when she would have conceived. She was away for work when she would have ended up pregnant, but that was none of my business. I had other things to worry about.

After the holidays, I was moving into my new house. It needed a little work done to it, along with some updating, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It was a four-bedroom house, with a big back yard that had a fence around the border of the property. There was even a built-in swimming pool with an attached hot tub. I couldn’t pass this house up, it had a lot of potential to it, for an affordable price. I see it being a forever home for Remy and me.

One of the rooms I offered to Matt so he could save money for his own place in the future. Plus, I could use the company around and now that I had the room, it was the perfect opportunity.

We were given the whole week off at Black Inc, and we’re still getting paid. That was our Christmas gift from Xavier and the company. It allowed me to work a few mornings at Debs, to put money back for the house. When I do work at the coffee shop, I’ve noticed Xavier hasn’t been there which tells me he’s distancing himself from me. Some days I catch myself wondering if he’s doing everything he wanted us to do with Bella instead. Is he taking her to his cabin? Did he buy her a dog to tag along with them as well? Maybe they were baby shopping.

Stop thinking about that asshat and keep decorating. I had to scold my self multiple times. God, I’m so lonely.

There was no time for thinking about something that wasn’t there anymore. So back to decorating I go.

I didn’t have much left to decorate, just last-minute items I found at the store when I was shopping for Rob’s gift. He was the hardest to shop for. I wasn’t sure what to buy him since I didn’t know him all that well, but I did get a couple of ideas from Matt. Rob was into painting, so I bought him things he needed.

I was so into cleaning the apartment that I almost missed the knock on the door. Opening up the door, I noticed no one was around, but sitting right in front of the door were stacks of wrapped boxes. There had to at least be thirty or so of them. There was only one person who could have done this, and I wasn’t sure if I should accept them. Why was he even sending things? Maybe I can set them on fire.

Xavier may be an ass, but that’s just mean.

Maybe it was because I was a nice person, but I decided to bring them inside. There were some addressed to me, Remy, and Matt. A few of them were even for Rob, which was strange because how would he know about him if he wasn’t keeping tabs on me. This guy made no sense to me what so ever. One minute he’s hot then the next minute he’s cold. Maybe it’s just a game he likes to play. After he left me at the diner that day, I decided I wasn’t wasting my money on buying him a gift for Christmas. That may be a bitch move, but at this point, we weren’t even friends, just boss, and employee. I don’t owe him anything.



Everyone’s favorite time of the year and holiday. I woke up at five this morning, to be able to get everything ready by 4 o’clock for dinner. Even though there will only be three adults and Remy, I was still pretty excited. I invited my dad and sister, but they came up with an excuse to not show up. This happened every year, but I still invited them. They did send me a gift card to go buy myself something. I’ll save it then use it to buy something for the new house.

As a tradition, Matt and I wear matching onesies for Christmas. This year we did buffalo plaid. We were able to find a set for Rob and a dog version for Remy. I couldn’t wait to set my camera up and take a picture with all of us together. Matt and Remy were my family and now add Rob into the mix. Besides, I needed a new photo for my desk at work and what better than a Christmas one with matching pajamas.

This was our last year in my apartment, and then we’ll be able to sit by the fireplace inside my new house to make new memories.

At 9 o’clock the front door opened up to reveal Matty himself. He wanted to come over and help me cook this year. I had to laugh because it was just to impress Rob more than anything. He wasn’t a very good cook, so he wasn’t any help.

When it was time to open up gifts, I saved the ones from Xavier addressed to me, for when everyone left. I was having a battle with myself on whether I should open them.

Matty and Rob were in love with what he bought them. It was a little creepy how he knew what they liked. Maybe he had Mac do some digging? Remy also loved his new dog bed and toys he was given.

Attached to one of my gifts was a letter. I wasn’t ready to read it, and I don’t think I ever would be. The more I sat and stared at them, the more I gave in. Slowly I opened them one by one. There were many different things ranging from house decor to jewelry. The only thing I have left to open was the letter. With shaky hands, I opened the letter and began to read it.


I’m scared. I don’t know what to do.

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