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Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 2 (edited)

The following day was the same, wake up, shower, and get dressed. I choose leggings again with my work shirt and my hair into a bun. Typically I’m not a makeup person so I don’t worry about putting any on. I slip on my shoes, grab my purse as well as my phone and made my journey to work. Today I was working a double shift since we were short-staffed. That didn’t bother me, I could use the extra money anyway.

Arriving at work I noticed it was exceptionally busy for some reason. We get busy here and there but never this busy. I was trying to keep an eye out for anyone who may be Prince Charming but I was swamped with work.

By the time things did slow down, it was 6:30 and it was time for me to leave. The good thing was I didn’t have to work tomorrow so I could sleep in and be lazy. As I was clocking out another note was sitting in the same spot as yesterday. A smile automatically made it on my face.

As soon as I made it into my apartment, I took my shoes off and went straight to reading my letter.

Silver-haired girl

Once again you looked perfect, and once again I didn’t get to sit at one of your tables. Today I was able to hear your voice and hear your laugh and it was music to my ears. I know I sound like one of those cliche romance guys, but I guess that's who I am. My mother always said to follow your heart and don’t be afraid to show your feelings. My mother is a wise woman and always took what she said serious. Now I’m rambling on in this note and sound like a girl, in which I am not. But a little about myself is, my favorite color is red. I’m a dog lover an I work at a business. I hope I can know a little about you some time but until then I’ll see you around.

Yours truly

Prince Charming

P.s. sorry, it’s short. I could write you more but work is calling xoxo

After I read the note I came to the conclusion of not being sure about what to think about this guy. Maybe I should respond to his note and leave it in the same spot as his. That's exactly what I did for the rest of the night.

Prince Charming

You’re still a mystery to me and I think that's what excites me. I really hope you aren’t some creepy old man. Thank you for the compliments, no one has told me those before. A little about me is my favorite color is blue, I also like dogs but I like all kinds of animals and you already know I’m a waitress. Not a big deal type job but it works for me and pays my bills for now. But anyways I hope to get to finally meet you one day but until then I’ll be looking forward to your notes.

Yours truly

Silver-haired girl

P.s. what do you do for fun?

I labeled the letter to prince charming and sealed it up. Before I got too comfortable I decided to head back to work and drop off the letter in case I was too late tomorrow. Once the note was dropped off I went back home and heated up leftover pasta. After I ate I cleaned up the few dishes I had and went to bed.

The next day I didn’t get up until noon, it was nice sleeping in for a change. When I got up and moving around I ate some food and put some music on the stereo, and got busy doing my cleaning. I try not to let it get too messy for one person but sometimes I get lazy, I mean who doesn’t.

After cleaning the whole apartment I jumped in the shower and threw some clothes on so I could do some food and hygiene shopping. I go major shopping once a month and then just get the small items each week.

As I spent the next hour and a half getting everything I needed and then some, I was hoping to see the guy who bought my items the other day. With my luck though, I didn’t see him, which was a bummer he was good looking and I wanted to repay him somehow.

When I got home I put everything away, then went and relaxed on the couch to watch some movies all night.

A week has passed since I wrote prince charming a letter and I haven’t heard a reply from him. Maybe he didn’t get my letter or maybe I scared him away. I mean I don’t have the best-paying job compared to his. All of these maybes were making my head hurt. On top of things, we are again overwhelmingly busy today. I liked the busy days since it made the time seem to pass quicker, but at the same time, I wasn’t used to it. Then it didn’t help that I wasn’t feeling good. I felt like my head was going to explode.

When 3 o’clock came, I finished up attending my customers and headed to clock out. At the register sat a bouquet of flowers and a note addressed this time to My silver-haired angel. Upon seeing that made me smile and I feel a little better. After clocking out I grabbed the note and the flowers and then headed home. On my way, I couldn’t stop smelling the roses. They were white, my favorite.

Once inside my apartment, I put the flowers into some water along with a vase and opened the letter.

My Silver Haired Angel

First I want to apologize for not writing sooner. I was away on a business trip. Yes, I did get your letter. To answer your question I like to draw for fun or to swim. I also like to bake but don’t tell anyone, my mother taught me how. Also another thing, I will compliment you every time I write you a letter just so there's a smile on your beautiful face. And yes one day we will meet but until then I’ll be a mystery for you to figure out.

I hope you like the flowers I got you. I noticed today you didn’t have your usual smile on your face, so I hope this helps and fixes that. If I’m honest I don’t like it when you’re upset or feeling down.

Anyways work calls again, Until next time.

Yours truly

Prince Charming

P.s. What do you do for fun?

He was right it did put a smile on my face. After reading the note I went and took some headache medicine, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, and started writing back.

Mystery man

Since you changed my name I thought I change yours up as well. But you were right the flowers did bring a smile to my face. I love them, white roses are actually my favorite flower, so thank you. And nothing to worry about me, just a really long day at work with a massive headache. Nothing a little medicine and a nap can’t fix. I like to read books and do a little photography once in a while. But I love to cook and bake. Your secret is safe with me and I would love to try some of your baking sometime. I can’t wait to meet you! But until then.

Yours truly

Your silver-haired angel

Ps. What's your family like if it's not a touchy subject?

P.p.s how old are you? I am 20

After writing his letter I went and cooked dinner. Tonight I made chicken and some Mexican rice. I hated cooking for one person, sometimes it gets lonely and wished I had someone else living with me. I mean I’m only 20 and still have a life ahead of me, but some days I wish I had someone. In high school, I was the shy girl that no one paid attention to. I didn’t mind then because I was focused on graduating and no I wasn’t your typical straight-A student.

After finishing up eating and cleaning up I called it a night and headed to bed early.

The next morning I was feeling a lot better with a little pep in my step. I did my usual routine and then headed to work. I left the note by the register and started my work. Today I was also helping in the back because we were short-staffed again. We didn’t need any more workers but everyone seemed to need today off.

I tried keeping an eye out for who the mystery man was but haven’t noticed anything. What caught my eye was the guy who paid for my groceries. He was with a guy and a girl, they looked to be in a serious talk. I thought about going over to him, so I could thank him as well as repay him, but I was getting swamped with my work since I was needed in the back as well.

When we slowed down, I looked at the register and seen a note for me there. I was upset that I had missed who had put it there. I once again waited until I get home to read the letter. Not because I don’t want to read it but because I don’t want anyone else reading it.

My silver-haired angel <3

For starters, I am 23 years old. I’m glad the flowers brought a smile and I hope your feeling better today. From what I saw of you, you did look to be feeling better.

Maybe you can make dinner for me one night and then we can make dessert together. A little about my family is my parents are retired leaving me to take over the family business when I turned 20. I have a younger brother and sister who I just had lunch with today. My brother works with me and my sister is working on a fashion line. That’s pretty much it really. So until next time love.

Yours truly

Mystery man

Did he just call me love? Oh my gosh, I am hardcore fangirling right now.

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