Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 21 (edited)

This whole week at Black Inc. was a long one. Xavier stayed in his office pissed off, so the whole building was on edge in case he blew up. No one knew why he was mad, and no one dared to cross him.

There were a couple of days where Bella came to the office. What hurt me more was the fact she left with a smile on her face. That told me, Xavier wasn’t mad with Bella. I would like to think, maybe it’s all a show and that her smile is fake.

I wanted to see him at least once, but he made sure he was there before me and left after me.

I felt myself sinking in a hole of depression after getting attached to him again. At this point, I wonder if his letter at Christmas was all a lie. He hasn’t tried to reach out to me since then. I want to believe its real, but actions speak louder than words.

To keep myself occupied, I picked up a double shift at Deb’s both Saturday, and Sunday. It will also help me put money back after taking those few weekends off.

Having a bigger place to live in, I didn’t have much to decorate my walls with. I needed to save up to be able to buy more things.


When I went to work on Sunday, sitting by the register was what I thought was a letter waiting for me. Being impatient, I decided not to wait and read it after my shift. I wanted to know what he had to say now. Was it going to be more lies?

I regretted opening up that envelope. It felt like my heart had stopped.

The moment I opened it, I wished I waited until I got home. Right in front of me, was a picture of Xavier and Bella along with the wedding date and time.

Two weeks.

In two weeks, they were getting married. That’s when it’ll be final, and then there’s nothing I could do to stop it. This was the icing on the cake for me to break.

Yes, we really didn’t go on dates, but there was a connection between us in those letters. Maybe it was all in my head, and I trusted too soon after the first time. Maybe Bella put him up to this as a sick joke. I guess I’ll never know the truth. It’s time to move on and find a job where I don’t work for him. It’ll be better for both of us.

With my head held high, I went out onto the floor and started waiting tables.

After lunch hour, we slowed down and were a little dead. I took the time to start refilling things and making sure everything looked nice.

The ding of the bell above the door went off, and I made the mistake of looking up. Coming into the shop was none other than Bella and Xavier. She wore a smug look, while his face remained straight. She knew what she was doing to me and did everything she could to rub it in.

Bella’s baby bump was starting to become more visible. She looked further along than what she was claiming to be. The way they walked in made them look like a real couple. Maybe they were together.

I stood there frozen, not able to move. Xavier and I made eye contact, but he was quick to look away. I wanted to break down right there, but I wouldn’t let them see that. I was already damaged by getting that invite to the wedding.

Thankfully, they weren’t in my section, but Matty’s instead. I don’t think I could handle taking their orders at this point.

Forcing myself back to work, I did my best to not look over at their table. I had to be strong and not hurt myself anymore.

Looking at Matty, he gave me a sad smile, knowing exactly how I was feeling.

Right before they were leaving, Bella called out to me.


I stood there, debating whether I should act like I didn’t hear her call my name. Me being a nice person, I answered her back.

Yes, Bella?”

“I was wondering if you got our wedding invitation today?”

I notice Xavier go stiff at the mention of the invite, but I chose to ignore him. So with a fake smile, I replied;

“I did, thank you.”

“Well, we hope to see you there.” With a fake smile, they left. I couldn’t move, from my spot, I was afraid I might go and attack her.

Breathe in, breathe out, Ava. She’s just getting under your skin.

“You okay, baby girl?” I was pulled away, from me trying to calm myself down by Matty talking to me.

“Yea, I’m fine, or at least I will be. Thanks for asking Matty.”

“Anytime. Tonight will be me, you, and Remy eating takeout and movies. You’re also calling in tomorrow. No, if’s, and’s or buts.”

I was grateful to have Matty at times like these, and it was even better now with him living with me. I decided to call Mac on the way home. I wanted to let him know I was using a personal day tomorrow and that I’d be back on Tuesday.

When we arrived home, I went to put on my pajamas, while Matt ordered the food. As I was exiting my room, there was a knock on the door. Opening it up, there stood a delivery man holding a box and a clipboard.

“Are you Miss Parker?”


“Sign here, please.”

After signing the form and thanking the man, I was then handed the box. I was a little stumped at what it was. I never ordered anything recently, and not many people knew my new address.

“Who was at the door?” I heard Matt yell from the kitchen.

“It was a delivery man. Someone sent me a package.”

I stared at the box a few more seconds before I opened it up. Inside were two dozen white roses. The aroma of the flowers was strong, letting me know they were fresh. There was only one person who could have sent me these. The question now was, why? He’s ignored me ever since the letter he sent me on Christmas.

“Is there a card?”

Looking at the roses, there was indeed a card sitting on top of the stems. I grabbed it and slowly opened it, not ready to see what it said.

Please be patient love. Everything will be okay.

Come to the wedding for the big show. You won’t want to miss it.


Your Mystery man


I handed Matty the card. As he was reading it, a small smile formed on his face.

“What’s that smile for?”

“We are going to a wedding.”

That made me frown.

I did not want to go and see the man I’m more than in love with marrying someone else.

“Why do I want to go and see them get married?”

“Well, my dear friend, I don’t believe they’re getting married. He obviously has a plan, and I need to see it unfold. You know I live for drama.”

That was true. Matty loved romance with a little drama in the mix.

The rest of the night consisted of eating food and sweets while watching movies. It was the perfect way to end a long week and not having to worry about waking up early tomorrow morning.

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