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chapter 22 (edited)

Chapter 22

Waking up this morning felt amazing. I was able to sleep until 10 in the morning without any interruptions. It was nice for a change, not having to get up early.

Remy was still able to fit through his doggy door, which made things a little easier for me. Plus, I bought him a food and water dispenser, so he was always filled.

Walking downstairs to the kitchen, Matt was already up and cooking breakfast.

“Morning. Need any help before you burn it?”

“Morning, baby girl. That would be great. Can you make the eggs?”

“No problem. So what’s on the agenda today?”

“Lazy day. Me, you, junk food, and movies.”

“Sounds amazing, Matty.”

We finished cooking breakfast, and sat down at the kitchen eating, catching up on each other’s lives. Even though we were close friends, we both have been so busy that we didn’t have time to catch up.


Lunchtime hit, and we were still laying around in our pajamas. We were also running low on snacks that were laid out on the coffee table. As I got up, to grab us some more snacks, the doorbell went off. With me already halfway to the kitchen, Matty said he got the door.

When I went back into the living room, Matt was holding a box in his hands.

“This came for you, baby girl. I’m sure we can figure out who it’s from.”

There is only one person who would send me this, and he should be the last person on my mind. He shouldn’t be sending me anything now that he has Bella.

I stared at the box for a little bit before deciding I should open it. Inside was a gorgeous maroon dress.

Pulling it out of the box, I held it up, noticing the front was shorter, and the back was longer. The front of the dress looked like it would stop about mid-thigh. Then there were the sleeves, they were thick straps that would sit off of my shoulders.

Along with the dress was a note. Picking the note up it read;

Can’t wait to see you wearing this. Please wear it to the wedding. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.


I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if I was even attending the wedding. Why would he want to buy me a dress anyways, for his wedding day? It shouldn’t matter what I looked like, it was about Bella and him.

Breaking me out of my thoughts was Matty was admiring the dress.

“Girl, now we are defiantly going to that wedding. He bought this for a reason, and now I need to know what that reason is.”

“I don’t know, Matty. I can’t watch him marry someone else like everything is okay between us.”

“Maybe he’s not marrying her?”

That had me thinking, but I was positive he was marrying her. We didn’t talk about Xavier anymore that night. I wanted to have a day with my best friend and not think about the lack of love life I had.


Returning to the office on Tuesday was a little weird. It seemed that everything was back to normal. Everyone was live and upbeat again. That tells me that Xavier is in a good mood.

When I arrived on my floor, the first thing that caught my eye was the new set of flowers placed on my desk. It caught me off guard because I haven’t had flowers there for a while now. As I was walking over to my desk, I noticed Xavier standing by his door, watching me with a smile on his face. It was nice to see his smiling face, but also weird at the same time. I mean, I’ve barely seen him in the last two months or so. Smiling back at him I asked;

“Is there anything you need, Mr. Black?”

“No, not at all, Miss Parker.”

He gave me one last charming smile and went inside his office, leaving the door opened. I was officially weirded out by his behavior. It’s like it took a 360 since last week. Maybe things are going good with Bella now, and they managed to work things out. I guess since I was a nice person, as well as his secretary and I would be seeing them all the time, I could be a friend to him. Or would we be acquaintances? I’m sure Bella wouldn’t like us being friends.

All-day, Xavier was out of his office more and walking past my desk. Every time he passed, he would smile at me. It made me think I had something on my face, and he was trying to hold in a laugh. When I would check, there was nothing there.

Maybe I’m missing something? I really need to focus on work and not why my boss is in such a good mood all of a sudden. Maybe him and Bella finally did the deed.

Nope don’t go there, girl. It leads to dark places.

Shaking my head to get rid of the thought, I tried to get back to typing out my notes. I was almost done with them when the phone rang.

“Good afternoon. Mr. Black’s office?”

“Yes, is Mr. Black in at the moment. This is a very important matter.”

“One moment and I can check. May I ask who’s calling?”

“Mr. Ferguson.

“One moment, please.”

Placing the man on hold, I went and check to see if Xavier was in his office. Knocking lightly on his door to grab his attention, he looked up and smiled at me. What is with him smiling today?

“Sir, a Mr. Ferguson would like to speak with you. Says it’s important.”

“Send the call through, please.”

“Yes, sir.”

Returning back to my desk, I sent the call through to him, and at that time, he finally closed his office door.

Whoever Mr. Ferguson was, put Mr. Black in an even better mood. I swear he was acting like a kid on Christmas.

By the end of my shift, I have seen Xavier more times than I have in the last few months.

Xavier’s P.O.V

Everything was falling into place the way it needed to. The phone call from Mr. Ferguson confirmed that. I just need these last two weeks to go by smoothly, without any problems.

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