Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 23 (edited)

Tomorrow was the day I was dreading.

I wasn’t sure what to think yet. I didn’t even know if I was attending the wedding. I should just put on my big girl panties, suck it up, and go. I said I’d be a friend to him, and friends go to their friend’s wedding. If he’s happy, then I need to be happy for him. Put my feelings aside and be supportive.

Easier said than done. You love the guy, and that’s worse than just liking him.

The little voice inside my head was right. Loving someone was harder than just liking someone. You couldn’t put those feelings off to the side and still be okay attending their wedding.

Sighing, I got back to work. Today was an easy day at the office. I only had to worry about calls and changing Mr. Black’s schedule around since he wasn’t here. I was relieved that he wasn’t here, but at the same time, I was sad. These last two weeks, Xavier was all smiles. Every time I was around him, there was a smile on his face.

After the office, I had enough time to go home, change my clothes, and make it to Deb’s to work a night shift. I was doing everything I could to keep myself busy and not think about tomorrow. I had until 1:30 tomorrow to decide if I was going or not.

When I arrived at the coffee shop, there was a bouquet of flowers by the register along with a note. It was addressed to my fall haired beauty.

I learned my lesson the last time and decided to wait to open it, no matter how bad I wanted to.

The night was slow, but I didn’t mind it at all. It allowed me to talk to some of the older people there. I haven’t been able to do this in a long time, and I missed it.

Five hours later, I was now sitting on my couch, reading this letter.

My fall haired beauty,

I know tomorrow will be a struggle for you, but I promise everything will be okay. If you show up, you’ll know, but if not, I’ll come find you. There are things I want to tell you. Instead of telling you in this letter, I want to tell you face to face. If you do come, please wear the dress I bought you.

Just know, this is not a goodbye. You’re not getting rid of me anytime soon.

Until we meet in person,




Today was the wedding, and I was still in my pajamas. I hadn’t made my mind up if I was attending. I locked myself in my room because I knew for a fact, Matty will come in here and make me go.

On one hand, I want to attend this wedding, but on the other hand, I don’t.

Do I need to take a gift? It would probably get thrown away, besides, I can’t afford anything fancy nor name brand. Ugh, this was so confusing. I’m not even sure why he wants me to attend anyways.

Suddenly there was a knock on my door.

“Baby girl, it is now 11:30, and you need to get ready. If you are not ready by noon, I will bust this door down.”

“I’m not going, Matty. I don’t think I can.”

“You can and you will Ava. Show them this doesn’t bother you.”

Maybe Matt was right, I need to show them that their wedding doesn’t affect me.

“Fine, I’ll be done in an hour.”

“I knew you would agree.”

Reluctantly, I got up and started getting myself ready for this torture. Slipping the dress on, that Xavier had bought me, made me feel beautiful. It hugged me in all the right places.

How he got my size, was beyond me.

Next, I needed to do my hair and put on a small amount of makeup. There was no need to go all out I would never compare to Bella.

Right at 12:30, Matt was banging on my door.

“You better be done in there.”

“I’m coming, hold your horses.”

When I walked out of the room, Matt was standing there, tapping his foot.

“It’s about time. Let’s go, baby girl.”


Walking into where the wedding was being held at, it felt like my airway was going to close up. I wanted to turn and leave this place, but Matty held me and took me further into the building. As we approached the doors to the room, a man was standing there ready to seat us. I guess they had it mapped out of who sat where. It didn’t surprise me that Bella had me sitting up in the front row.

Thankfully, Xavier wasn’t at the front standing, just yet. I don’t think I’d be able to look at him if he was. It was already hard for me to sit here.

That didn’t last long though, Xavier, along with the priest, came out of a room. We made eye contact as he sent me a small smile, but I looked away, not returning one.

Another five minutes passed when the bridesmaids walked down the aisle alongside the groomsmen. It was finally happening. They were getting married. I had to hold back the tears, in my eyes, otherwise, I wouldn’t make it through the whole ceremony.

Next, everyone stood up as Bella walked down, and if I’m being honest, her dress was hideous. She made sure she showed a lot of skin, even with her baby bump. It was more like lingerie than a dress.

When she made it up to the makeshift altar, the priest began his speech on marriage. I started drowning that part out and came back in when they were to say their I do’s.

Bella was quick to say I do, but what surprised me more was when Xavier said I don’t.

The only people surprised were Bella, her guests, and me. It was like everyone else knew this was going to happen. I looked over at Matty, who was wearing a giddy expression. As I said, he lives for drama, and this is it. I’m surprised he hasn’t started recording.

Xavier turned and looked at everyone with his charming smile.

“I know some of you are shocked as to why I said I don’t. To be honest, I don’t love Bella, and the baby she’s having isn’t even mine.”

“What! That’s a lie, Xavier. You know this baby is yours.” Bella yelled out. She was throwing a mini tantrum.

Some man I have never seen stood up from the crowd. He looked to be around Xavier’s age, but he was nowhere near him in looks.

“He’s right, I am the father. I’m sorry, Bella, but I want to be able to call the baby mine.”

As Xavier and this mystery man were talking, I could see out of the corner of my eye, news reporters. Bella must have wanted it all over the papers that she was marrying the owner of Black inc.

“Bella has been blackmailing me. She wanted me to marry her so she could try to have part ownership of my company. Bella and her boyfriend, who is the baby’s father, are broke. If I didn’t comply with what she was saying, she was going to make up lies to put me in jail. As well as forging my signature, to turn the company over to her. She also threatened to hurt someone very close to me. So for the last couple of months, I have been trying to find a way out of all this. I’ve had lawyers and investigators digging up dirt on her. It took a while, and I thought I wasn’t going to find anything. I was starting to believe I was going to be in a loveless marriage. That was until Bella messed up. She never knew I kept all the messages shes sent to me, talking about this plan of hers. I was also able to find other people she has scammed for money. All in all, there will be no wedding, but you all are welcomed to stay for the food we have provided.”

After Xavier’s speech, he motioned to a few officers standing by the doors. They pulled out handcuffs and started cuffing Bella. I wasn’t sure what was happening.

Before long, Xavier rushed over to me, embracing me in his arms. This all felt like a dream that I would wake up from any minute.

I pulled away from him just to see a big smile on his face.

“What’s going to happen to her?” I was eager to know. Even though I couldn’t stand her, she was pregnant and would not last in jail.

“She’s put on house arrest until she has the baby. Once the baby is born, she goes to jail for six months. Now, we can have the date we never got. I want there to be an us. I want everything I said to you in my letters because I am madly in love with you, Ava Parker.”

I couldn’t help the smile that began to grow on my face. This was it, we were finally going to, maybe get our happily ever after.

“I love you, Xavier Black.”

It was nice to finally tell him I was in love with him. There was no holding back.

His lips then met mine in what seemed to be a magical kiss. He then pulled away and said, “I told you there was a show.”

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