Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 24 (edited)

Today marks a year. A year that me and Xavier have been together. So much has changed in that year.

Bella had her baby boy a few months after the disaster of a wedding, then was sent to jail. She ended up getting out early due to good behavior, and a restraining order was set in place. She was not allowed near me nor Xavier. She wasn’t even allowed near his office building.

I no longer worked as Xavier’s secretary at Black Inc. After everything that went on with Bella, I stayed there for three months before I quit. It allowed Xavier to find someone to replace me, and for me to train them. I now only worked at Deb’s.

When it became confirmed that I was dating Xavier, and working as his secretary, rumors began. I took it hard at first because I have never been in the spotlight before. A month after the rumors started, I learned to not let the tabloids bother me and to keep going with my head held high.

I remember the first article published about us. It was about the confirmation of us dating. I was at work when my phone rang and seen it was my sister. The phone call only lasted for maybe five minutes before I hung up. Her and father found out I was dating someone with money and assumed I’d have money for them. They’re my family, but I won’t support there money spending, especially money that’s not mine. Plus, I’d never ask Xavier for money, he worked hard for it, therefore it belonged to him.

At one point, Xavier brought up the idea of me not working at all because he had the money. I wasn’t someone who would abuse that power, though. I wanted to work and help provide for things. Maybe when we have kids, I’ll stay at home, but for now, I want to work.

Matt and Rob moved their relationship to the next level and bought a house together. I was happy for both of them. Rob also surprised Matt and proposed on the porch of their new house, which was right next door to mine and Xaviers.

When Matty announced he was moving out, I offered Xavier to move in with me and to sell his apartment. It was an iffy step in our relationship, but we both knew, in the end, we’d always be together.

A Few months into us living together, Xavier surprised me and Remy with another dog. This one being a girl, so Remy had a girlfriend and wasn’t lonely while we went to work. Her name was Lulu, and she also was a husky. The two of them are now inseparable.

To this day, Xavier still leaves me letters at the register when I’m working. Every time it makes me smile. He even signs them Prince Charming or mystery man. Still to this day, I haven’t been able to catch him leaving the notes, and he won’t tell me how he does it.

In the end, my love for him has grown over this past year. We struggled at the beginning, but now we’re succeeding. I can only hope we don’t have any more bumps along the way like we did with Bella.


These last couple of days, I’ve barely seen Xavier. He’s been so busy with what I’m assuming is work. When I get home from work, we eat dinner, and then he is back in his office working until bedtime. This only happened when he had a new contract he was trying to get. Although, he hasn’t mentioned anything to me about it yet.

Today I worked a little longer at the coffee shop than usual. Deb was getting to the point of wanting to retire, so I was learning her job. I was shocked she came to me asking if I wanted to take over the place. I never imagined I’d be the one owning her shop. I assumed someone in her family was going to take over.

By the time I got up and ready to head to work, Xavier was already gone.


He always waits until I leave for work before he heads out. Maybe today was a contract signing, and he was so busy he forgot to mention it.

Not thinking too much into it, I grabbed my car keys and headed out.

Arriving at Deb’s, it was busy.

It seemed everyone wanted to stop by for lunch. Lately, we’ve been getting more business. I didn’t mind though, it made my long days, go by faster. Sometimes, I think Xavier brags about this place to his colleges.

Right as I was about to clock out for my lunch, a flower delivery man came inside.

“Miss Parker?”

“That’s me.”

“Sign here, please.”

“Thank you.”

In my hand were two dozen white roses. The smell of fresh flowers floating all around.

Noticing the note attached to them, I headed for the back room to read it.


I know I’ve been busy these last few days and I’m sorry about that. To make it up to you, we are having a date night. Meet me at the beach at 7 o’clock. To find me, just follow the trail of flower petals.

With love,

Your prince Charming.

Whenever Xavier got to busy with work, he would make it up to me with a date night. The only thing was they were never this big. Maybe he got some type of big deal at work and wants to celebrate?


It was now 6:30, and I was on my way to the beach. I wasn’t sure how to dress, so I went with a maxi dress paired with sandals. It was cute and perfect for the beach.

The weather was perfect for a night on the beach. Many others were out enjoying this night as well.

When I stepped out of my vehicle, I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to go from there.

Looking all around, I noticed some lights making a walkway to my left. I decided to check them out and go from there.

Following the trail of lights and flowers lead me to a platform with a table set for two. Xavier was standing next to it, waiting for me with a smile on his face.

“You look beautiful.”

I couldn’t help but blush. “Thank you, but you didn’t need to do all of this to make it up to me. I would have been fine staying at home with movies.”

“I know babe, but I wanted this to be special.”

He helped me sit in my seat and then opened up the food. It was homemade spaghetti, and for dessert, he made us a cheesecake. The night was perfect, we were laughing and talking.

As I looked off into the distance, a group of people was heading our way. As they got closer, I noticed it was Matt, Rob, and Xavier’s parents. I was so distracted by them, I never noticed Xavier get down on one knew in front of me. Just by this gesture, I was already crying.

“Ava, from the first time I saw you in the coffee shop, I was mesmerized. From then on, I just had to get to know you. For being a businessman I was a to shy to just approach you. I wasn’t sure if you would like me because I was always in the media. That’s when I decided to write to you in hopes of you responded. I was glad you did. I know we’ve had our ups and our downs, but I wouldn’t trade you for the world.”

Taking my left hand in his, he pulled the ring out of the box and said the four magic words.

“Will you marry me?”

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