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Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 3 (edited)

A month has passed by since mystery man and I started writing back and forth. We’ve learned a lot about each other to maybe be considered friends even we haven’t met. He hasn’t asked me about my family and I’m glad. It’s a little bit of a touchy subject for me. I don’t talk to my dad or my sister anymore. When my mom passed away last year, her life insurance, as well as what she had saved was allowed to be touched, they became money hungry. They were still my family and I loved them but I chose to separate myself from them. My dad has offered me some money but I refused to accept it. I wanted to do this myself and using my mother's hard-earned money like they were was not happening. My dad spent most of it on useless things and my sister thought she could shop every weekend.

Today was a slow day at work. At about 2 o’clock the man that paid for my groceries walked in. He was wearing a suit, so I’m assuming he was on lunch break. He wasn’t alone either, he had a brunette hanging on his arm who didn’t seem to want to be here. When we made eye contact, he didn’t give me a smile like the day at the store. Maybe it was because I was in a lower money class than they were. The two of them radiated power. His date was looking around the place with disgust and of course, they just had to sit in my area.

“Hi, welcome to Debs. What can I get you?” They both looked at me, her like I was gum on the bottom of her shoe and him with a blank look.

“Yea I’ll have the vanilla latte and a salad. Babe, what do you want?”

I turned and looked at the guy and without looking at me he said: “I’ll have the chicken salad sandwich and a black coffee.”

I faked a smile at them and told them I’ll be right back with their order. After I took their order to them, I attended my other customers, I then went to check on them but they were already gone. They only thing left was a 20 dollar bill on the table to pay for their food and drink.

At the end of the day, I was expecting a note waiting for me but there was nothing. Maybe he was on another business trip. I shouldn’t let it get to me because we’re not dating. Maybe he found someone else. Or maybe he realized I wasn’t anything special and was someone lower than he was. With all these thoughts I went home and took a long bath and waited for Matt to come over for our bi-weekly dinner.

Another week went by and I still haven’t heard from mystery man. I started to give up on him, I just knew it was too good to be true. I mean I wasn’t someone with money like he was.

Throughout the week though, the power couple that was in here last week came in a couple more times. The brunette even made sure to pack on some PDA in the shop which was disturbing, and not just for me but everyone else. Luckily they weren’t in my section and I didn’t have to deal with them sucking face. I learned from Matt that they were Xavier Black and Bella Cook. He was a big businessman and she was some model. I couldn’t care less because every time she came in her face was always scrunched up. I don’t even know why they came in if she felt that way.

When my shift ended I was surprised to see a note for me at the register. I was even more surprised to see it was addressed to silver-haired girl. I had a bad feeling about what it was going to say. So when I got home I went and sat on the couch to read it. My stomach started churning, this was not good.

Silver-haired girl

Sorry to say this but I will no longer be writing you letters when I come in. It wouldn’t be fair to my girlfriend. Yes, you read right, I have a girlfriend. I’m sorry if I lead you on and made you feel like we would start dating once we met. You’re better off moving on from me because I am in love with her.

Mystery man no more

p.s. don’t reply back

By the time I was done reading the letter I had tears running down my cheeks. I knew it was a joke. I got too caught up in his words, I let my heart feel and it got crushed in the end. I took the note along with all the other notes and ripped them up. I didn’t want them around anymore, what was the point in having a reminder of something that wasn’t real.

The rest of the night I cried over a man I never met. I sat and named everything that was wrong with me and would cry harder.

At work the next day I knew I looked like shit. My eyes were puffy and my hair was in a not so good looking bun. My customers that were regular knew something was wrong and would ask me if I was okay. The truth was I wasn’t. I was wallowing in self-pity for myself.

When 10:30 came around Matty finally came in. “Baby girl, you look like shit. Who’s ass do I need to kick?” Just as he said that the power couple came in. They looked so happy together. Why couldn’t I have that happiness? Why couldn’t I find a man that loved me for me?

“No one since I don’t know who wrote those letters. But don’t you worry. I won’t be receiving anymore, it wasn’t meant to be.” I was holding back all the tears but I knew I had to be strong. I wasn’t going to let him win.

“Oh baby girl I’ll come over with ice cream and you can explain.” With that, he kissed my forehead and went to work. When I looked up, the man I learned who was Xavier was frowning at me. I didn’t know why but I left it all alone and got back to work. For my down in the dump mood, the day went pretty fast and I was now at home waiting for Matty. He let himself in this time with his key.

“Talk to me, baby girl.” And true to his word he had ice cream. So while we shared the container, I told him all about the note I got yesterday.

“When we find out who he is I’m kicking his ass. But I have a crazy idea of who it might be.” I was all ears when he said that.

“Who Matty?” I was desperate to know at this point.

“Well, you know the power couple that's always in?”

“Yes, who doesn’t with their PDA,” I said not sure where he was going with this.

“Well today Xavier keeps looking at you with a frown but when you would smile or show a small laugh, he’d smile a little.”

When he said that I laughed, and I mean a full-blown laugh. “Your right that is a crazy idea. He probably felt pity for me. I mean come on I looked like shit today.”

When he finally realized what he said, he laughed along with me. “No offense baby girl but you’re right. You’re too good for him if it was him. Actually, you’re too good for whoever it was.”

“Thanks, Matty”

The rest of the night Matty and I watched movies and he would make me laugh. I was glad I had Matty in my life to cheer me up. Since it was getting late I had him stay the night so he didn’t have to drive all the way in the dark.

What woke me up the next morning was the smell of bacon. After my morning routine, I went to the kitchen to see Matt. He had made us breakfast and since he wasn’t a morning person, we ate in silence. After we were finished, we cleaned up and headed to work.

Today was a rare day that we worked the same shift but Matty made sure we did. I was smiling and laughing the whole day. He wanted to show Mystery man that I was fine without him in my life. He even went as far as making the customers laugh and right then I was thankful for him keeping my mind occupied. I’m so thankful to have Matt in my life. We are like brother and sister.

As a song came on the radio, Matt grabbed my hand and started dancing with me. I was a giggling mess. Once in a while, we did this just to add a little spice to the place. Luckily Deb didn’t mind. Mid dance, I looked around the place and saw Xavier staring at us. He was all alone, but not for long because in walked Bella.

That's how the rest of my shift went. Matt making me and the customers laugh and mystery man was long gone.

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