Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 6 (edited)

I couldn’t believe I scored the interview so fast and it was in two days on my off day. I was extremely nervous but at the same time excited. There was a chance I could get this job and I'd be better off financially. I was bursting with excitement I just had to call Matty right away.

Ring Ring Ring

“Hey, baby girl what’s up?

“Omg Matty I got the interview for Blank Inc. I’m so nervous what if I don’t get it? Ugh, I’m so excited at the same time, what am I going to wear..”

“Babygirl calm down”

“What if I don’t fit into their world and being the newbie they’ll be out to get me. Wha..”


“Huh? What?” I think at this point I was just a rambling mess and didn’t know what I was saying to Matt anymore.

“Okay I want you to take deep breathes and let it out and I’m on my way with some drinks so we can celebrate the first step to a new job. The interview.”

“Thanks, Matty I love you. See you in a few.”

With that, we said our goodbyes and I went straight to fixing dinner. Since it was was a small celebration I decided on making steaks with seasoned potatoes and some fresh green beans. No sooner I had it all cooked and ready to eat Matt showed up with a bottle of Champaign and we began the mini celebration to what hopefully will be a new start.


Today work seemed to drag and go extremely slow, I wasn’t sure if it was because tomorrow is my interview and I was a heap of nerves or just the day in general. My to-do list seemed to be growing long as well but first and for most I needed to decide what I was wearing tomorrow. I have a pantsuit in my closet but I’ve never worn it and not sure if it even fits me anymore.

As the hour's tick by two o’clock hits and I was off and surprise surprise another single rose with another letter. This guy was not giving up what’s so ever, it looks like even with ignoring him he’s still being persistent. I’m still not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing. I’m not going to lie my heart flutters every time I get one.

Silver Haired Beauty,

I was glad to see you smiling today and any other day as well, it brings out your inner beauty. It is also contagious when you smile it makes other people smile as well and that’s what I like the most about it. Most of the time you radiate happiness around you and that’s what makes you special.

Anyways I heard from a little birdie that you had an interview at Black Inc. Okay, so I overheard you telling a couple of people at the cafe. I promise I’m not a stalker. I wish you all the luck and I’m sure you’ll land the job. The CEO is a very close friend of mine, as well as a person I work with kind of so if you land the job he’s easy to work with.


Your Prince Charming

P.s. don’t stress too much I’m sure you’ll nail the interview.

I’m speechless. I don’t know what to think anymore, he knows about my job interview. How? Well, he has my jaw dropped to the floor for knowing so much about me. Not only does he know but he works there as well, ugh I wish I knew who he was. This would be so much better if I just knew who he was. Why can’t I get rid of him already? Ugh. I need to take a long nap and prepare for tomorrow. Maybe I should google what types of questions are asked for a secretary job so I can go in at least prepared. If I get the job hopefully he’s not an arrogant asshole who thinks highly of himself, I don’t think I could last working for someone like that. If all else fails at least I still will be working at the cafe, I don’t think I could leave that place.


Mystery man's p.o.v

To say I was surprised that she applied at my office was an understatement. I know I can’t just hire her because I want her closer to me, so I’m hoping she nails this interview. I’m not going to lie its defiantly going to be harder than I thought to sit through this watching her answer questions from the HR. I don’t think ill get much work done if she’s hired and is sitting at the desk outside my office taking calls all day. Listening to just her voice has me focusing on that and nothing else. All I can say is I’m whipped by a girl who doesn’t even know who I am yet.

There's just something about her that draws me to her. From what I have seen at the cafe she has that special personality that has everyone getting to know her, well the regulars do at least. I haven’t even considered if she has a boyfriend now or is talking to someone else. Maybe that’s why she’s ignoring me.

Maybe its the fact that you were an ass yo her in your letter you moron. Great now my own conscience is against me, but it is true I was an ass and I wish I could take it back.

I was an ass to her in my one letter and wish I didn’t have to do that. My father wanted more press on me and the company and to do so he thought I needed a girlfriend so my mother found me, someone. I couldn’t stand it, she was too clingy, and she hated going to the cafe that I fell in love with. All she cared about was money and shopping, I mean I’m all for spoiling the one I’m with but I’m also not careless with my money.

Once the press caught wind of me and her I had to stop writing her so no one would catch me in the act, but after a month I couldn’t take it anymore. Luckily my so-called girlfriend isn’t going to be around for a while and I need to make it a priority to cut ties as soon as she’s back. I don’t care about the press on my social status and business. They're doing just fine without people knowing every single detail. I’m ready to settle down with a girl I love and not someone my parents pick for me to be in the spotlight.

Knock knock

“Come in”

“Sir the interviews are about to take place if you would head to the conference room.”

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