Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 7 (edited)

The interview at Black Inc was in a couple of hours, and I was on edge. I woke up early to get myself ready. I didn’t have plans on wearing any makeup, I just wanted to do something nice to my hair. I’m going for a more natural look, rather than caking my face with makeup.

It was only 8 o’clock, and my interview wasn’t until 9:15, which gave me time to grab a quick breakfast. Deciding on a pop-tart that I found in my cupboards, I ate it quickly and was on my way. The closer I got to the company, the more my anxiety kicked in, and I felt like I was sweating. I’m really hoping I don’t smell by the time it starts. That would be embarrassing and look bad on my part.

After finding a parking spot, I made my way into the building where a receptionist was sitting.

“Welcome to Black Inc. What can I help you with?”

“Hi, I’m here for an interview. The ones being held for the secretary position.”

“Yes, if you could follow Drake, he will show you the way.”

“Okay, thank you.”

With one last smile to the girl, I was on my way to the elevator and upstairs to the waiting area with the other interviewers. The waiting area that held the potential hires was beautiful. All the walls were made of clear glass, excluding the offices which were frosted over, making it hard for anyone to see inside. Accent colors consisting of red and black were used to decorate the lobby. The chairs we all sat in were squared off and were made with suede red material, while the tables were all black.

As I was gawking at the waiting area, I took notice of the ten other girls that were to be interviewed as well. A few of those girls weren’t even dressed properly and had their face caked with makeup, while the rest of us kept it clean.

One by one, we were called into the conference room. The few girls that weren’t dressed properly were coming out as soon as they went in. You can only think it was from the way they were dressed. They surely weren’t there for the secretary position. Before long, it was my turn. They had me in the middle of the group.

Okay, Ava, you got this. Just go in and be confident. Taking deep breaths, I entered the room. Four people were sitting at the table. I was more surprised to see Xavier Black sitting there as well. It was weird seeing him here as to when he comes into the coffee shop. I should have known he was the owner. Matt did tell me who he was, but I didn’t put two and two together. Here he was in business mode looking more intimidating.

I was broken out of my thoughts when the panel of people greeted me.

“Good morning, Miss Parker.”

“Good morning.”

I then proceeded to take a seat in the chair that was right in front of them. In the corner of my eye, I caught Mr. Black staring at me with a faint smile. Strange, I thought. He probably only smiled because I wasn’t dressed like it was a Friday night and I was going clubbing.

The longer I was in the room, the more relaxed I became. They wasted no time firing all their questions at me. What interests you do you have to become a secretary for this company, and how would you rate your computer skills, were just a few of them.

I was maybe in there for about a half-hour, so I assume that was good news. I wasn’t kicked out right away like a few of the other candidates were.

once I left the company, my whole body relaxed. I was told if I got the job I would hear from them by the end of the week. I wasn’t positive I’d get the position. I’m sure others were more qualified than I was.

Before going straight home, I stopped at the coffee shop to grab some lunch. I was surprised when one of my coworkers handed me a letter that was left by prince charming. I wasn’t going to wait until I got home today because I needed to go to the store and pick up a few grocery items. I was starting to run out of food and I didn’t want to eat out all the time.

As I sat there eating my food, I opened up the letter.

Silver Haired Beauty,

First, I want to say good luck with the interview, and I hope I’m able to see you there even if you don’t see me. I wasn’t positive if you would be in the coffee shop or not today, but I took my chances leaving this letter for you. Even if you didn’t get it until tomorrow.

I hope to hear from you sometime in the future, I know right now you’re still mad at me, but as I said, I won’t give up. So until then, I’ll keep writing these letters to you.

Yours Truly,

Prince Charming

Ugh! I want to cave in so badly and write him back so I can tell him everything that’s on my mind. But, at the same time, I want him to keep trying for my forgiveness. If he truly means it, he’ll keep trying.

Asking my coworker for some paper I caved in and wrote him back.

Dear Mind games,

Yes, you read right mind games because that’s what it seems you’re doing to me. I really shouldn’t be writing you this, but at the same time, I want to yell at you. Actually, no. I want to smack you and call you names to your face.

Honestly, whatever you say in your letters from now makes it really hard for me to trust you. What you did was a dick move. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to forgive you for what you did, but at least you know you messed up.

I technically don’t have a right to be mad, we weren’t dating, but I refuse to be a toy in someone’s game.

On a happier note, thank you for the flowers you have been leaving me sometimes with my letters. Well, this is it, for now, don’t expect a response every time you write because I probably won’t. I just needed to get a few things off my chest.



Folding up the letter, I addressed it to Mystery Man and left the shop. I wasn’t sure if he would be showing up at the coffee shop later today, but I needed to leave before he saw me.

Maybe I shouldn’t have responded so quickly. I should have let him write a few more times to see what all he has to say. Maybe this was his plan all along, get me to forgive him so easily and then BAM hit me with a nasty letter again. Great, now my minds all over the place again, can’t he make up his mind. It’s either you like me or you don’t talk, and if you just want to be friends, then say so.

I just need to get my grocery shopping done so I can go home and sleep for the rest of the day.

Why? So you can go home and dream about this Mystery Man.

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