Coffee Shop Letters

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Chapter 9 (edited)

Today was my first day at Black Inc. I wasn’t nervous yet, but I’m sure I will be once I get in there. I’m just hoping I don’t mess up, I do not want to be on the bad side of Mr. Black. I need this job to give myself a better lifestyle. I mean how I live now wasn’t the worst, but I would love to have a house someday.

Those who are patient are usually the ones with a good outcome.

Today my outfit consisted of a blue high waisted, wide-leg pant jumpsuit romper that I accented with a belt. The sleeves had little ruffles, and I paired the outfit with some black heels. I wasn’t much of a heel person, but for this job, I assume it was what was best to wear. I just hope I look decent enough, I wanted to feel like I belonged even without designer clothes. Most likely, I’ll be an outcast.

The clock read 7:15, which meant I needed to leave. I wanted to get there a little early because I wasn’t sure how traffic was in the area, nor did I know how the parking situation was. I’m sure they have an underground parking garage.

Grabbing my purse, phone, and keys, I made my way to my car and headed to my first day of work. Along the way, I gave myself a little pep talk. You’ll be fine. You got this. The people there will like you.

Then I remembered the words from Matty’s text: “Don’t stress baby girl, you got this. You wouldn’t have gotten the job if they didn’t want you. So go and kick some ass on your first day.”

His words of encouragement helped more than anything.

After I found a parking spot, which wasn’t to difficult to find as I had thought, I made my way into the building. The same receptionist was there from when I came in for my interview.

“Good Morning, Miss Parker. I have instructions for you on where you need to go. If you go up to the fifth floor, and then make a left, there will be a room that has your employee badge. They will explain a little about how to use it.”

“Thank you so much.” With a retreating smile, I made my way over to the elevators and up to the fifth floor as instructed. After grabbing my badge and getting a brief explanation on how to use it for certain things, I headed to my rightful floor, where I would meet Mr. Black’s assistant. When I reached the 20th floor, a middle-aged, tall built man was standing by an unoccupied desk, he must be the assistant training me.

“Good morning Miss Parker, I am Mac Davidson, Mr. Black’s personal assistant. I will be showing you how to do things today. Everything is fairly simple, so I’m sure you won’t have any trouble.”

“Good morning Mr. Davidson.”

“Please call me Mac.”

“Alright, Mac”

With that, we got down to business. He showed me a few things on the computer, like where I would find important documents, and where my personal email was. They had a whole system on how to set up Mr. Black’s schedule and how notes needed to be typed out from the meetings. It didn’t seem that hard and I’m sure I wouldn’t have too many problems with it. As for answering the phones, I was a little iffy, I mean I had to say the same greeting over and over again every time someone called. Mac was nice enough to write it down for me, so I wouldn’t forget what to say if I panicked.

So far this morning has been fairly easy, there weren’t many phone calls, and I had no notes, that needed to be typed up.

I sat at my desk, checking over everything I had and organized it to my liking. It was weird, I haven’t seen Mr. Black at all this morning. Maybe he’s not in? He is the boss an all, so he can come and go as he pleases. Maybe I can be my own boss one day. Pfft. Who am I kidding? I’m not that capable of starting a business.

When lunchtime arrived, I decided to go to this small little cafe named Logan’s that was across the street from the office. This place is a little more classy than what the coffee shop is. Logan’s had a modern look and resemble more of a lounge.

Deb’s was only a 15-minute walk, but I didn’t want to rush and get back late on my first day. I get an hour for lunch, but knowing the staff at Deb’s, we’ll get to talking and I’ll lose track of time. Resulting in me staying there for hours.

My whole lunch break flew by, and when I made my way back to my desk, there was a bouquet of white roses mixed with sunflowers. Attached to the flowers was a letter that could only be from one person. Unless I have another secret admirer here at the office. Opening up the letter it read,

Silver Haired Beauty,

I hope you’re having a pleasant first day and that the boss isn’t giving you a hard time. If he is let me know, he may be the boss, but I know him personally. The flowers are for you to decorate your desk with, I figured with it being your first day, you wouldn’t have much on it other than papers. Be prepared for more gifts being sent from time to time. You’ll never know when you’ll get them either.

If you ever decide to write me back, just leave it at Deb’s. I don’t trust prying eyes around this office for you to leave it somewhere. One day though, you’ll come to know who I am, but until then I want to keep it this way. I guess my biggest fear is that you won’t like me once you find out who I am. Who am I kidding, you probably don’t like me now since I was an ass to you. I like being mysterious to you, you kind of get to know me as a person in a weird kind of way.

Anyways, I guess this is long enough otherwise, I’ll keep rambling on, and on about nothing of importance.

Yours truly,

Mystery Man

P.s. You look beautiful today.

He wasn’t wrong, he did like to ramble. Something about that made me like him even more. Maybe its because he’s someone that can keep a conversation going no matter what. Plus, he could always make me laugh or smile when he rambled. I sat there smiling like an idiot after reading that letter and I didn’t take notice that Mr. Black was standing right there, watching me.

The clearing of his throat is what brought me back to reality.

“Good afternoon Miss Parker. I see your first day is going well. How are you liking it so far?”

“Good afternoon Mr. Black. Things seem to be going pretty well for me. Today seems less hectic, but I’m sure things will get busier with time. As of right now, I like it.”

“Indeed, it will. If at any time you need any help, do not hesitate to ask myself or Mac. I’ll see you around, Miss Parker.”

“Thank you, Mr. Black, I will keep that in mind.” With a smile sent my way he headed to his office and I got back to work. Phone calls started picking up this afternoon, everyone wanting a meeting with Mr. Black. By the time things slowed down, Mr. Black’s schedule was completely full for the next two weeks.

As I was finishing up my work for the day, I heard the ding of the elevators go off. Out stepped none other than Bella Cook, Mr. Black’s apparent girlfriend. I tried giving her a warm smile, but in return, I received a glare.

“Is Xavier in?”

“Yes, he’s inside his office. Just give me a second to let him know you are here.”

“Kay, thanks. Just tell him its Bella.”

With a small smile sent her way, even though she was rude, I hit the intercom button that was directly connected to Mr. Black’s office.

“What’s the problem, Miss Parker?”

“Miss Bella is here to see you, sir.”

There was no response back from him, but he soon came out of the office. Bella ran straight to him for a hug, but by the look on Mr. Black’s face, he was not happy to see her. He looked annoyed.

With all my work done, I gathered up my belongings and left the couple alone. Technically, I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to leave, but I wasn’t going to stick around and wait. I wasn’t taking the chances of hearing things I shouldn’t be hearing.

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