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The Life of Meghan Donald

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When Meghan's mom dies, she has to live with her aunt, uncle, and five cousins. They move to Topeka, Kansas, causing the entire family to be upset. What will happen before the move and would their life be stable by the time they get to another state?

Drama / Other
Rachael Fry
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Meghan's alarm went off. She woke up and sat up on her bed.

"Good morning, Meghan. Your mother left you a note!"

"Thank you Alexa! Go ahead and read it," Meghan said.

"Okay,” She said. “‘Good morning sweetie! I made blueberry pancakes; they're downstairs on the kitchen counter. I went to work early this morning because there's some crazy things going on at my job. I love you Meghan and have a great day at school!' That's all that she said," Alexa answered.

"Thank you! Can you tell her thank you and that I love her too?"

"I will!"

Meghan got up from her bed and starts getting ready for school. When she is fully dressed, she goes downstairs and starts eating the pancakes in the living room. She sat on the couch and watched TV.

When she was all done, she ran outside and hurried herself into the bus.

After school, she got off the bus and walked into her house. Meghan grabbed her favorite snack, gummy bears, and plopped down on her couch. She turned on the TV. The channel turned straight to the news.

"There was an accident on the highway. A car was flipped over and on fire! The ambulance and fire department to the burning car. A woman named Aurora Donald got into a car accident, running off the road. She is in the hospital right now," the anchor explained.

Meghan started to cry, tears running down her cheeks. Her phone started to ring. It was her aunt, Leslie.


"Hello Meghan! It's me, Aunt Leslie. Did you see the news?"

"Yeah, how did this happen?” Meghan asked.

"She was trying to come home to you. Your mom accidentally ran off the road and her car flipped over on the side of the road,” Aunt Leslie explained.

"Can we go see her?"

"Of course! I'll pick you up as soon as possible."

When Aunt Leslie picked up Meghan, she drove her to the hospital. They walked in and started to walk towards the front desk lady.

"Hello, we're looking for Aurora Donald," Aunt Leslie said.

"Oh, she is in recovery right now. You can just sit in the lobby right now.”

Meghan noticed that the front desk lady's name is Helga.

"Thank you Helga," Meghan said.

They sat in the lobby chairs, waiting to see Meghan's mother.

Fifteen minutes later, Helga looked at her screen and to the girls.

"Aurora is out of recovery. You can go see her now. She's in room 526."

"Okay, thank you so much," Aunt Leslie thanked her.

"Your welcome!"

They walked to the elevators and went to the fifth floor. They entered Aurora's room.


The doctor was in the room with his nurses.

"She's weak and in pain. She'll have to stay the night to regain her strength and energy. Aurora's heart pressure is okay. Her heartbeat is beating a little slow, but right now, try to stay quiet," Dr. Richards explained.

Dr. Richards and his nurses walked out of the room. Meghan and Aunt Leslie walked towards Aurora.

"Hey mom! I can't believe you're here right now. I might say, this is the first time I've seen you in the hospital since I was two. I hate seeing you like this. Please get better," Meghan stated.

Aurora opened her eyes and held Meghan's hand. Meghan smiled and started to cry. One of the machines started beeping like crazy! Dr. Richards and his nurses rushed into the room.

"Her heartbeat is beating fast," Dr. Richards yelled.

Aunt Leslie escorted Meghan out of the room. Meghan and Aunt Leslie sat in the fifth floor lobby.

"Am I the one that got her heartbeat fast?" Meghan asked.

"No Meghan. She just loves you very much and got her heart beating too fast. She was very happy to see you."

"You think so?"

Aunt Leslie nodded. They waited for someone to tell them what happened to Meghan's mother.

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