Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

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When Kayla gets abducted by ruthless gang member Jason will she survive the horrors that will happen to her after he chose her to be his personal slave? Will she ever escape from him or did being at the wrong place at the wrong time ruin her forever?

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1

AN: I know this is not the best book ever written. I first wrote this book when I was 14 and it was even worse than the edits I made a few years ago. Just decided to keep it up to show my progress as a writer, so please bear with me and try and keep the hate comments/bad reviews to being constructive.

My friend Gigi and I were on our way to Las Vegas. We were both 18 years old, and this was our first vacation alone. I lived in New York, and the plane ride was around 5 hours. For the first two hours, we watched a movie, too excited to sleep. However, after the movie was done we were starting to get tired from waking us so early to catch the plane.

Finally, we were being woken up by the flight attendant telling us that the plane was about to land. We excitedly put our bags under our seats and watched the plane land through our windows.

After landing we took a taxi to our hotel which was only a five-minute car ride away. Once we arrived Gigi gave her name to the guy at the front desk, and he handed us our room keys. The hotel room was actually really nice. It was very clean and had two queen-sized bed. It had a beautiful view of Las Vegas. I could tell that it would be breathtaking at night with all of the lights. After we unpacked our bags I looked at the hotel map.

“Hey Gi, I think that I want to explore the hotel do you want to come?” I asked her.

“The only thing I want to explore is the pool for cute guys, but you go ahead Kayla,” She said winking at me.

When Gigi when into the bathroom to get changed I decided to leave after telling her that I had my cell phone if she needed me. I made my way down the hallway just whistling a song I had heard on the radio earlier.

I looked at the map and decided to check out the casino first, after all, I now legally could. I saw that it was three floors below us, so I pressed the down button on the elevator. Once it came up I hopped inside of it.

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