Right Place at the Wrong Time

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When Jason returns for Kayla will he be a different person? Or will he be the same cruel man who had kidnapped her?

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1

I felt my heart racing as I looked at Jason he had somehow gotten more buff, and seemed more attractive. Nik saw me waved hello and then ran upstairs to take a shower.

“Define missed,” I said trying to not seem weak in front of him. He walked over to me slowly and looked at Elle I could see his eyes light up as he looked at how big she had gotten and then he looked back at me.

“You didn’t come to visit,” He said trying to test me.

“I didn’t want your enemies to see me visit and then use me as a target,” I said lying through my teeth.

“I think you didn’t want to see me because you didn’t want to admit that you may actually have feelings for me,” He said giving me a smirk. I didn’t want to admit that he might be right so I stayed silent.

“So is all of the security to keep me out? or my enemies?” He said giving me a wicked smile.

“Both,” I said trying to be honest.

“Fair enough. Now let me hold my baby” He said reaching for Elle. I cautiously gave her to him but he held her very softly.

“Now I have to say I was a bit disappointed when she wasn’t a boy, but then I realized how adorable she was and all was forgiven. Plus there is still time for you to give me a boy” He said looking at me with hunger in his eyes.

“I think I am all babied out for now,” I said blushing at the idea of having sex with him again. He came over and whispered in my ear.

“You could be babied out and I can show a very pissed off Len the safe that Vicky is hiding in right over there, or you could want another and I will wait until tomorrow when he has calmed down a bit to tell him,” Jason said giving me a wild smirk. I gasped at how he knew and felt my face get red. I sighed and lead him to the bedroom. I felt frustrated that he had power over me still, it was like I never was going to win.

I took Elle’s crib and I rolled it to Eve’s room, Jason followed me and set her down in the crib and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I gave her a bottle and then went back to my room. I was attacked by Jasons kiss and couldn’t help but kiss back. He laid me on the bed and got on top of me he started removing my clothing and I shivered as he brushed his hand across my body. I couldn’t believe how easily my body gave into him.

We finished having sex and he cuddled me and I fell asleep hoping this was really just a nightmare that I could wake up from.

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