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The Broken Girl (ON HOLD)

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He looked at me and threw me against the walls. I cried out and he hit me. Next thing I know, he's being thrown off of me and someone is checking to see if I'm okay...He pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me. I don't know what to do. My instincts say to kiss him back so I do. When we come up for air he starts kissing down my neck and I moan softly...

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Chapter 1

I’m Sierra. I’m 15 years old. I have a secret. I’m a werewolf, but that’s not all, I’m a very rare hybrid. I have blood from relatives and I’m so many different things. I’m a wolf, vampire, witch, Legen, and an angel/devil. My oldest ancestors were an angel and a devil, they fell in love and had a baby. They got in big trouble and they got mad and ended up fleeing to earth where they raised their baby. After that, my family just kept getting with different species after so long I had ancestors from everything that I told you earlier. My mom is a witch and my dad is a wolf. My grandma is a witch/Legen and my grandpa is a wolf/vampire. It can get confusing and hard to keep things under control. My witch powers aren’t limitless though. I get 3 powers and an element when I’m 17 for being a Legen. Having witch powers is frustrating because you can only use so much until you pass out, and sometimes if you use certain magic you can be punished...Also, I can’t do everything. I don’t know exactly what I have for being a witch because I have to be 16 to get my powers in and I find my mate when I’m 16.

I am going to a new school now. My parents moved to get me closer to my family. We now live in California and we used to live in Louisiana. Today is my first day of school and I can’t wait! I’m kind of a nerd. Well, I used to be, just because I get good grades doesn’t mean I’m a goody-two-shoes. I can be badass. I’m going 2 months into the school year already. Now that I’m a bigger wolf I’m better. I’m a Beta wolf by the way, which means I’m pretty powerful, not as much as an Alpha, but close, a Beta is second in command.

For school today I am wearing a dark purple crop top with spaghetti straps and a black leather jacket. I have on black skinny jeans with rips in them and black studded ankle boots with a heel on them. My blue-grey with golden specks eyes are sparkling and my dirty blond hair that looks browner with teal tips is hanging down to my waist. I got in my 2018 Silverado mustang and drove to school. I didn’t eat breakfast because I would probably puke it back up with all these nerves. I turn 16 in a week, that’s why I have a car, and as long as I don’t break the law, they won’t know I’m driving early. I then remember that I didn’t put on my make-up. Since I’m a Legen I get 3 powers, well, one of them is telekinesis. I use my telekinesis to put my makeup on fast and clean. I then get out of my car and grab my purse and backpack.

As I get out of my car, I realize that everyone is staring right at me. Then I hear an engine rev behind me. It freaks me out and I jump. The people in the car behind me start to laugh. I turn around and see 5 guys hanging out of a truck. They are all laughing and it looks like they’re having some trouble breathing. I look at them, glare, and strut away while holding my middle finger up to them. When I get into the building people are staring and already whispering. I smirk when some girls are staring and talking about what happened outside. Then I walk to the office.

After getting my schedule, I go to my locker. I see the guys that were in the truck and they just stare at me. I smirk as I walk up to my locker, which they are standing in front of. I look up at them and say, “Please move.” I am trying to be nice but two of them snicker while the one in front just smirks. I am getting pissed so I just say, “Look, you can move, or I can MAKE you move.” Then they all laugh out loud. Now I am seriously pissed so I walk up to the one in front, because he is the one standing right in front of my locker, and push, hard. He ends up getting pushed back a bit and then they’re all confused. The one in front yells, “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO TO ME!” and I respond automatically with, “Nothing.” He glares at me and I just smile innocently and open my locker. I get all of my shit that I need out and I put the rest in my locker. Then I close it and turn on my heel to walk into my first class.

Then they run in front of me with inhumane speed and pull me into an empty classroom. I look up at the guy that was in the front, who pulled me, and yell, “WHAT THE HELL?!?!??!” His eyes are darkening and I smirk as I say, “Wolf, or in this case, puppy.” They all growl at me and the one in front says, “You know about us, what’s your name?” I say, “I’m Sierra, and I now need to know your name or I might have to kill you.” My face is completely serious as I say this. Some of them look freaked and the others are smirking. The guy in front has dark brown hair, very dark chocolate brown eyes, and is built as hell. He is tan and kind of cute. He says, “Jace, that’s my name.” The one to his left looks at me and states, “Ryan.” He has black hair and emerald green eyes. He is kind of pale and is built, but not as much as Jace. The one on Jace’s left looks at me admiringly and says sweetly, “Hi, I’m Tyler.” He has blue-grey eyes that are sparkling. He is tan and also very well built. The guy behind Jace to his left says, “I’m Liam” He has dirty blond hair and bright green eyes. He is not too pale but not tan, either. He is also built. The last guy, to the back right of Jace, says, “I’m Mason, I have a twin who is usually here, her name is Noah, some reason. My parents thought she would be a guy, I guess. She’ll be here later though."

I smile and say, “Nice to meet you all.” Then I correct myself and say, “Well, most of you, that is.” Jace scowls and Tyler and Liam start chuckling. I smile to myself for my accomplishment. I turn to Jace and say, “Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to get to my class before I’m even later.” Liam smiles and says, “Cya later, and you should totally sit with us at lunch.” I smile and say, “Ok, I’ll think about it, cya!”

Then I hear Jace getting mad at Liam for inviting me to lunch and talking about how I’m probably a traitor to get close to them and get information. I just smirk and walk to my first class. I’m 15 minutes late. The teacher stops mid-sentence and all eyes are on me. He says, “Do you need something, ma’am?” I smile and bat my lashes saying, “Um, I was told this would be my class, I’m new here.” Some kids start snickering because I’m sucking up to him. He says, “Ah, ok, introduce yourself to the class please.”

“Hi, I’m Sierra. I’m 15, I’ll turn 16 next week. I moved here from California. I like to read and I’d like to meet new people. So far I’ve only met a dipshit and his friends.” Some people start snickering while others just stare at me. Then, the guys walk in and I say, “Great, the dipshit is here.” I roll my eyes. Everybody looks at me like I’m crazy. The same introduction happens in every class.

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