Kidnapped Back Home

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Wings of Hope

Why is it when everything seems to be going the right way, something bad happens and life becomes a misery again. It feels like I was being punished. I did not understand this, as I considered myself a good girl and I forgave Mary for kidnapping Mr. Teddy and promised to try and adjust and not be such a problem.

I just now felt so alone again. Wendy was now at a boarding school which meant that I was alone at school. I was still being bullied by the others for reasons I did not understand. At home, it was not all that better. I had Andrew that seemed to understand me, but he was nearly afraid to stand up to Mary. I knew Mary loved me, but it was like she was forcing me to accept her as a mother. She was a major thorn in my life, a pain that could not be avoided.

I tried not feeling sorry for myself. I continued praying and appreciating the good things in life. I was grateful that I had a home and family. I knew other children were far worse off than me. This being said, I felt alone! The problem is that I missed my parents so much and could not understand why they were in prison. Without Wendy, my life was now unbearable. It seemed like everyone that meant something good to me was taken away.

Andrew must have noticed this, as one day he sneaked in my bedroom and told me to wake up. I was tired and confused, but I got up and got dressed. He told me that we were going out on a trip and warned me to be quiet, as Mary was still asleep. I didn’t ask what he was up to. When he said that I would not be going to school, I was happy as anything would have been better than going to school. So we sneaked out of the house and he started driving out of town

After we were an hour on the road, I asked him where we were going?

" Mary and I love you!” he started, ” I do accept that this has been hard for you and things were getting a lot better until Wendy was sent to boarding school. Mary and I have been trying our best, and so have you. This has not been enough! You miss your friend and you miss your parents. I know that the others at school treat you bad. It seems like the whole world is against you! I admire your courage. Many a child at your age would not survive this.”

I tried holding back my tears. He was telling me what I already knew. Still, he showed me that he understood me

“So,” Andrew continued, ” We are going to do what is best for you. We are going to visit your parents in prison. I do not know what will happen, but it will give you a chance to meet them and see that they are well and not worry about them.”

If Andrew was not driving, I would have jumped on his lap and give him the biggest hug I could. I asked him what Mary would say. He smiled and said we would have a battle there, but it would be worth it. Mary would go on a warpath when she found out.

My heart was beating fast as I knew I would soon be reunited with my parents after such a long time. What would I say? Why did I not dress better? Will they be in chains? So many thoughts, despite I have been dreaming about this day for the last few weeks.

We arrived at the prison. We had to wait in a waiting room for some time. I did not say a word. My head had so many thoughts! Then we were led through some checkpoints and an officer even body checked us to make sure we were not hiding any files or something like that. A guard dog even sniffed me, which was a bit scary. In the end, we were told to sit at a table. Mom and Dad would be there soon.


Flashback: One day, I was doing my chores. I was dusting the furniture and wondering where the dust came from. Dad was at work and mom was helping me do the housecleaning. It was a sunny day, and usually, I would beg to go out and play. However, today I was quite happy just doing housework. I was nearly done when Mom stood behind me and hugged me so hard that I could not breathe. I often got hugs from mom and dad, but this one was unexpected. Was my dusting so well done? Mom explained that she just thought I was the best thing that ever happened to her!


At last, my parents came in. They were wearing orange jumpsuits. I could see them give each other a hug first. Andrew whispered in my ear that they missed each other as they were obviously split up in prison. This made me feel sad. My mood was strange. It felt like it was Christmas Eve and a funeral put together. I could hardly sit.

When they sat down, Andrew left the table to give us some privacy. This left me alone with my parents. At first, we just looked at each other, not knowing how to start. Then I burst into tears and could not control them. Mom soon joined in.

" I would imagine that it has not been easy for you lately,” Dad said

" You kidnapped me!” I sputtered, ” Now I live with people that I do not remember.”

They told me how sorry they were. They knew it was wrong to kidnap me and they explained why they did it. Mom finished by saying that they will always love me and I will always be a daughter for them.

“What you did was wrong!” I shouted at the top of my voice, ” You still stole me from my real parents. You did not care how they felt! You were selfish and stole me! You are not my parents. You destroy people’s lives! Who even says I love you anymore?”

The prison guards came and suggested that it was enough. They started leading my parents from the table. I was in tears and could not believe what I just said. I knew what they have done was wrong. They did not seem like that remorseful and only wanted me to continue being their daughter. Maybe my harsh reaction was a result of the frustrations and the hardships I had to go through. Yet they were my parents. They took care of me for 9 years. I knew they loved me.

I ran towards them, and shoved my way past the prison guards and gave them a hug. I told them that I love them and I would try to come again. The prison guard told me it was time to go. I went back to Andrew and watched them go out of the room. The visit did not go as I planned, but at least they knew that I still loved them.

When we got home, Mary was so angry. She yelled and yelled that it was forbidden to see those evil people. She told Andrew that he was heading for a divorce, and she did not know if she could forgive him. We just stood there like two school children being scolded. I said nothing but deep inside I was happy that I have seen them. I was also sad because now the normal day life would continue with Mary and Andrew, and I did not even have Wendy around. I missed her so much!

After Mary calmed down, she told me a friend was waiting for me in the family room. We all went in, and I was delighted to see that it was Gabriel!

Gabriel asked us to sit on the sofa, as he wanted to tell us all something. I could see that this confused Mary and Andrew. They were most likely thinking why a boy has told them to sit. I must admit, that I was confused as well.

" My name is Gabriel,” he started, ” and I ask you to open your hearts and listen to what I say. God is with us now and he brings his love and peace! This family has received more trials and hardships that most families.

Andrew, you have supported Ariel the best you have could. You tried to keep sanity in this house and be a bridge between mother and daughter. You have put other people’s feelings before your own. God has seen this and smiled.

Ariel.. your life has been torn upside down. You love your parents in jail and desperately want to remember Andrew and Mary. You feel that you are split and the worse is you feel lonely. This is especially when Wendy started at boarding school. Being lonely is one of the worse pains that can be found. You are afraid to love Andrew and Mary, in case this means you slowly forget the people that took care of you. You have been given a task that is impossible for anyone, and definitely not a child.

Mary... You lost your faith in God when Ariel was kidnapped. God still hopes you will come back to him as he misses the discussions you once had. You did nothing wrong when your daughter was kidnapped. You must know this and have peace in your heart. Ariel needs you now! She needs a mother that will help her through the troubled waters. She does not need a mother who forces her love upon her daughter. God will help you with this task. Have faith, pray and trust in him.”

We were all silent for some time, and just looking at each other and then Gabriel. Mary uttered the words “Who do you think you are, you are just a small boy” when the room suddenly lit, and it was like Andrew was glowing. Then slowly we saw these beautiful white wings come out in his back, as he just looked at us and smiled. Gabriel was an angel! He was sent down from God to help us! The three of us got on our knees and closed our eyes and prayed. I apologized to God that I was mad that he did not answer my prayers or think he was not at my side. When I opened my eyes, Gabriel was gone.

Later that night, Mary came into my room to say goodnight. We really did not speak together since Gabriel spoke. I suppose we had a lot of thinking to do. She told me she spoke to Andrew and she had 3 presents for me. She put the first one down. It was a picture of herself and Andrew. I smiled and said in a polite way thank you. Then she put a picture of Mom and Dad. It was not a prison one. It was one she found on the Net. I was so confused.

" Gabriel was right,” Mary explained, ” Hatred and blame do not help. It takes a lot of energy to hate! You know that Andrew and I are your parents and that we love you so much. This being said, these two people have loved you for 9 years and raised you to be a great girl! You are at a crossroad in your life. You do not need to feel split or forced to love someone or hate someone. In a way, you have two sets of parents. This is why I gave you the two pictures. You can visit them any time you want to at the prison and you can visit us when you have holidays.”

" What do you mean I can visit you during the holidays?” I asked confused.

" Andrew and I have one final present for you,” Mary smiled, ” You can stay here and continue and we can have a great family, or you can go to boarding school. You can go to the same boarding school that Wendy goes to! She has an important place in your life, as you have an important place in her life. Maybe this way you will have a neutral place and your friendship with Wendy will help you.”

Seven weeks after.....

The boarding school was great. Wendy and I had a bed next to each other and we were like sisters. We did everything together. Many thought we were cousins and we let people believe this. The school was also run by nuns, so I felt so close to Gabriel and God. I never did see Gabriel again, but I knew he was around or busy helping someone else.

I visited my parents in prison and told them that I forgave them.


Flashback: I was at the park with mom playing in the sand. I loved when mom took me to the playground. She usually was with me in the sand, helping me bake some sand cakes, but today she was on the cell phone. I could not speak at that age, but I understood when mom said “kitten”. This made me smile, as kittens were so cute and I wanted one with all my heart. This nice lady that I never met came and lifted me up. She started running away as mom was on the cell phone. I was not afraid though, as I thought she was taking me to see some kittens!


I remembered Mom!

Wendy and I were on the phone at school. I rang home. It was Mary that answered the telephone.

" Mom,” I asked, ” This weekend we are allowed to go home. I want to come home to you and Dad. I just want to ask if Wendy can also come and stay with us the whole weekend?”

" Of course she can” Mary answered, ” I am so happy that you are coming home. We miss you so much....... wait....err... Did you just call me mom?”

The End

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